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Second Harvest director sets record straight on presstalk

Dear Editor:

As the executive director of Second Harvest Food Bank, I am writing to respond to an incorrect statement made in the presstalk section of the Dec. 23, 2004, edition of the farragutpress regarding Second Harvest.

The presstalk stated that Diane Jablonskiís husband was on our Board of Governors and mentioned that Second Harvest buys all of its trucks from Ms. Jablonskiís husbandís company, Landmark International. That is an erronenus statement. It also states that Mr. Jablonski is presently on our board. That also is an error. Mr. Jablonski rolled off our board in June of 2003.

Second Harvest presently has eight vehicles and only two of those have been purchased from Landmark International. One was purchased in 1998 and one was purchased in 2001. The reason we chose Landmark International to purchase the vehicles is very simple. They were the company who submitted the lowest bid, as Second Harvest Food Bank procedures state that we always get three bids from any company when we have a purchase over $1,500. That is not only good business. It is also a procedure our Board of Governors implemented in 1997.

I wanted to clarify this information as we receive much support from the Farragut community and it bothered me greatly that the presstalk message indicated that we are not good stewards of this communityís food bank. Our eight vehicles are utilized to pick up and drop off food that has been donated or purchased and then distributed to 350 agencies that serve the needy in our 18 county service area.

I have no understanding why someone would choose to make such an inaccurate statement towards an organization that helps the less fortunate, but it certainly indicates an almost infantile and ignorant lack of judgment on their part. I am from the old school that appreciates honesty instead of an obvious attempt to slander someone in the community with dishonest statements. If it has to be confrontational, at least make sure it is correct.

I welcome anyone to Second Harvest to review the invoices on our eight vehicle purchases. Please come visit our warehouse and see all that we do.

I again want to thank the community and the farragutpress for its incredible support. I do hope the above answers any questions that might have arisen from the presstalk comments


Elaine Machiela

Executive Director

Second Harvest Food Bank


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