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Farragut election rolls on

Farragut’s charter, adopted at incorporation 25 years ago this month, is what gives residents the right to elect their leaders.

The form of government chosen was a Board of Mayor and four Aldermen that adopts all ordinances, town policies and sets the annual budget. They appoint townspeople to committees such as: leisure services, parks and athletics and board of zoning appeals. These committees, with approval from the FBMA, affect what the town looks like, what services and recreation it offers — nearly every detail affecting the lives of Farragut citizens.

It’s the mayor’s sole responsibility to appoint the nine-member Farragut Municipal Planning Commission, (made up of the mayor, seven citizens and one alderman) which, again with the approval of the FBMA, controls and drives town development and sets ordinances. FMPC seats are two-year revolving terms with no term limits.

While the FBMA do not have term limits, both the mayor and aldermen are elected to four-year terms. Aldermen are elected, two each from two wards, to staggered terms. The board elects a vice mayor among its members to a term of one year.

As Farragut’s community development coordinator, Mark Shipley is one member of town staff who will work to ensure election rules are being followed, specifically in terms of political signs. In short, candidates’ signs must follow the following guidelines:

• One non-illuminated sign is allowed per candidate per lot

• Signs are not to exceed 12 square feet in size, 6 ft. in height

• Signs should not be placed on public rights of ways (ie. parks, public facilities) Signs should be placed at least 12 feet from the curb to be out of the right of way, but the distance can vary.

• Signs can’t create visibility problems

• Signs should not be placed more than 30 days prior to the election and must be removed five days after

• Signs out of compliance are subject to being picked up.

“Most people are just unaware of the requirements,” he said. Staff will give those not in compliance “ample time” to remove the signs before issuing a citation to municipal court.

For candidates wishing to contact voters, they can acquire maps of their ward from the Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission. For a fee, candidates can order lists, mailing labels or computer diskettes of registered voters in wards from the Election Commission.


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