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• I’m appalled that a greedy landlord should force a small, independent, family-owned and run business out of Farragut.

I’m speaking of the Slice of Life bakery where many of us went to enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee and perhaps a treat or two in a friendly, homey atmosphere. It seems a very large rent increase has made it impossible for them to remain where we’ve known them for many years. We’ll miss all the good breads, pastries and we’ll miss seeing the beautiful wedding cakes carried out the door to set the stage for some happy couple’s reception. We’ll miss the friendly proprietors who made us feel so at home and didn’t mind how long we stayed and chatted with one another. We wish Becky and Glenn and all their staff the very best in whatever venture they decide to undertake. You will be missed.

Editor’s Note: As reported in farragutpress last week in our Jan. 6 issue, Becky Bishop stated that she hopes to continue baking cakes in the future.

• A resounding yes to citing pet owners who do not pick up after their dogs. And the fine should be stiff, too. I pick up after my two dogs and expect everyone to do the same for their dogs. I have often seen dog waste at the Farragut parks. Last Saturday I saw at least three dog piles left for dogs, kids and other owners to step in at the new dog park, where one of the rules is to pick up. These people will ruin it for all of us and we won’t have any place to walk our dogs if they keep it up. So yes, absolutely, give them a citation and keep our parks dog waste-free and our children healthy.

• Regarding the concern of pets in public places, I definitely agree that pet owners should be held responsible for cleaning up after their pets and that they should be cited. And it is a health concern. I have a toddler who I’ve taken to the parks many times, and they don’t understand the health risks, and they can’t walk or ride their bikes without trying to avoid the mess. And I do think it is a waste of taxpayers’ money for the public works employees to be cleaning it up. So, I definitely agree with your (Though the Lens question/concern) and I hope that they will put tighter restrictions on the people who own pets.

• I just wanted to reply to some comments made about Bettye Sisco (Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce president). I know she’s in your paper a lot, but I think she deserves it. I think she does a wonderful job for the community. And if she had her own calendar, I would probably buy it.

• Is it just me, or have we just been seeing an awful lot of Diane Jablonski in the farragutpress as of late? It concerns me as a parent of children in Knox County Schools that she may try to make another run for office, even though she’s been defeated twice. Just seems like she’s in the news a lot lately in the farragutpress and this is a concern to me as a citizen and as a taxpayer.

• Regarding the (farragutpress Through the Lens) on pet potty facilities, I truly appreciate the freedom of walking my two golden retrievers in local parks. And with any freedom comes responsibility. I gladly accept the responsibility for ensuring that my canine companions are well trained and socialized, as well as the responsibility to ensure that the canines do not damage or deface public property. In this regard I really appreciate the initiatives of the town of Farragut to provide pet way station facilities.

• I’m glad that the caller in last week’s issue has enjoyed playing “count Bettye Sisco” as much as I have. I took the caller’s suggestion and have added Emily Lenn to my game. Thanks for the suggestion. Though I was at first disappointed that last week’s farragutpress only had one photo of the omnipresent yet personable Ms. Sisco, my chagrin soon turned to elation when I opened the pages of the full color 2005 Farragut (Farragut West Knox) Chamber of Commerce Membership Directory, and discovered that she graced those glossy pages three more times. And thanks to the wonders of modern color copiers, a 400 percent enlarged photo of Ms. Sisco now graces the wall of my office. Keep cuttin’ those ribbons, Bettye.

Editor’s Note: Where else but in the 2005 Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce Membership directory would one expect to see the president of said organization?

• I’m a Farragut resident and I noticed — I just got my new information from Charter cable — that they’re going up on our Charter bill two more dollars a month. I thought Charter had a contract with Farragut? Is there nothing the town of Farragut can do to control their every year price increases where we don’t get anything back in return for the increases? Somebody should look into that.

• I’m calling about Karen Carson and this recent controversy about smoking, and the students at Bearden High School wanting to keep us teachers from smoking out of view of students during our planning time. I’m quite concerned to Ms. Carson would compare an alcoholic to a smoker or a smoker to an alcoholic. And for her to be someone who supposedly has a medical degree — that’s supposedly a nurse — and for her to make such an outlandish statement in the minutes of the school board meeting, on TV, in front of everybody, and report it in the paper, shows inept(ness) and incompetence on her part as a nurse. And certainly, whoever she practices as a nurse for, they really should consider getting her re-certified and making her go back through the process. It’s outlandish she would compare a smoker to an alcoholic.

Editor’s Note: Karen Carson is an emergency room nurse at Children’s Hospital in Knoxville.


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