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• I love following Bettye Sisco (Farragut/West Knox Chamber of Commerce president) as she goes from ribbon cutting, networkings, speakers breakfast and all the good things the chamber is doing for Farragut and the business community.

Keep up the good work Bettye and I look forward to reading the farragutpress next week to see what’s happening at the chamber. Go girl.

• Just want to ask the park commission when they’re going to start enforcing no motorized vehicles allowed in the parks like scooters and these little, fast, new scooter motorcycle things? All the little kids riding bikes in the park on the sidewalks present a real danger to senior citizens, especially when they come up behind them and scare them as they go whizzing by. Time to stop this before someone gets badly injured.

• I’d like to comment on all the Bettye Sisco bashing that’s going on in the presstalk. As a member of the Farragut/West Knox Chamber of Commerce, I’d like to say that Bettye Sisco is a wonderful lady, very personable, and has helped our business very much. And (she) shows genuine concern for other businesses in this area. Maybe these people who are (calling) in about counting the number of pictures that Bettye has in the farragutpress have nothing better to do. Or perhaps, maybe, they’re jealous and would like to see themselves in the pictures of the paper. I certainly hope that they’re just poking fun in a cheesy sort of way and don’t really mean any harm against Ms. Sisco. Again, she’s a wonderful lady and does a good job.

• The spirit of cooperation and civility on the school board has improved immensely since Karen Carson took office in September. And the community is much better served by it. A new high school in West Knox is approved. There’s a clear path forward in renovating the Cedar Bluff Schools. A new elementary school in West Knox is planned. Perhaps the ad hominem against Karen of a few food fighters in presstalk, people who enjoy irresponsibly mouthing off, will remind the voters of what school board meetings in the past few years were like and how it hurt progress in our schools. Thank you, Karen, for being above the food fighters who have nothing more to contribute to our community than running off at the mouth to an ads machine at the farragutpress.

• This past week, we went to buy our new car tags. Having to pay out this extra money made us look forward to the next election. This money could have been used for medical use on prescriptions or doctors. In the next election, Mike Ragsdale will be — he had been — in the same class as Al Gore.

• “Fahrenheit 9/11” was a riveting movie. Watching footage of the killing and destruction caused by our warmonger president brought the audience to tears. Only those who did not see the movie will bash it. The camera does not lie. Too bad ignorant people are allowed to vote.

• I’m calling in regards to the (caller) who (called) in about complaining about Charter (Cable’s) $2 increase. I got a letter in the mail from them saying they’re going to go up $5 on mine. What I’d like for us to all do is get together and complain to Charter about their rate increase. I would love to see Comcast come in here ’cause I would quickly change who I do my cable business with. Any other comments out there on Charter? We would love to hear it.

• This is in response to your (Through the Lens) questions concerning “Fahrenheit 9/11.” This is one of the few films that I went to see last year, and it did change my mind about who to support in the presidential election this past November. While “Fahrenheit 9/11” painted George Bush in a very negative light, it’s my belief where there’s smoke there’s fire. While everything may not have been true in the movie, but there was a lot that was true and I would have voted for it as best film of the year.

• In response to (Through the Lens question) “Is the People’s Choice Your Choice?” Absolutely not. I think “Fahrenheit 9/11” should have won best propaganda film of the year. I think that award shows make the actors feel better about themselves. All it does to me is when I find out how liberal they are, I do not go to their movies. So they’d make more money if they would just act, do their jobs (and) keep their political opinions to themselves.

• I wonder why in the world Knoxville has limited the McGhee-Tyson airport to having only one restaurant? It is such an inconvenience to travelers, you can’t stay with your loved ones while you’re waiting for your flight. One small restaurant cannot keep up with the demands of the business travelers. And the airport’s not going to grow. It is such as an inconvenience. You cannot get service. We have an airport that is not user friendly in the capacity that it can’t provide food. When you’re a business traveler, you need, sometimes, to grab a bite at the airport. That’s not possible at McGhee-Tyson — it is not user friendly.

• I think The People’s Choice Awards was a bunch of baloney. It was fixed for that fat slob, Michael Moore (“Fahrenheit 9/11”). All awards ceremonies are a bunch of fixed baloney. It’s all prejudice against Republi-cans and the Christians. It’s all a bunch of (omitted) Democrats.

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