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Wyndham Hall, Chapel Point residents meet with Grigsby Chapel Road developer

Several concerns about future development at a Grigsby Chapel Road plat facing residents of Wyndham Hall subdivision were addressed when members of the subdivision’s homeowner’s association met with developers at Fox Den Country Club, Tuesday, Jan. 11.

Concerns stemmed from a request at the Farragut Municipal Planning Commission meeting Thursday, Jan. 6, by Pinnacle Management Company that a 9.62-acre plat — located on the south side of Grigsby Chapel Road between the Wyndham Hall subdivision and St. Mary’s Medical Clinic, near the intersection of Campbell Station Road — be rezoned from R-1 to R-4.

Maria Elena Wallace, president of the Wyndham Hall Homeowner’s Association, said information given at the Jan. 6 FMPC meeting was “very confusing and it was very late. About twenty of us came to the meeting, but half left when it took so long to get to our item on the agenda. I’m a school teacher and I have to get up very early in the morning, but I stayed.”

The Pinnacle workshop item was heard at about 12:30 a.m. Friday.

Wallace said residents’ main concerns were about population density, a buffer area between the properties and the traffic problems between Grigsby Chapel and Campbell Station roads, particularly for those turning toward Farragut Primary School during drop-off and pick-up hours at the school.

“I left my house at seven a-m the other day and it took fifteen minutes to go from the entrance of Wyndham Hall to the Interstate ramp. We don’t need anymore traffic on that road,” she said.

Joyce Zabo, treasurer of the Wyndham Hall Homeowner’s Association, said the Fox Den meeting with developers garnered attendance from about 25 out of 60 Wyndham Hall homes, in addition to Alderman Connie Rutenber, who is also a planning commission member, and Mae Barlow, a representative from Chapel Point subdivision.

Zabo, who co-coordinated the Fox Den meeting along with Wallace, said the meeting went very well.

“We had heard so many different things about how many units they were putting in — anywhere from 60 to 20 — and possibly a number of two-story units. We were concerned about keeping Wyndham Hall secluded,” she said.

“When we heard sixty apartments, we saw one hundred and twenty cars.” Zabo added.

Gene Rudesill, president of Pinnacle Management Company, said he and engineer Larry Bulliner gave a presentation on a preliminary concept plan and held a question-and-answer session with the residents.

Zabo said, “Some people were concerned about looking out their back patio and seeing into someone’s home. But I think the developer will buffer the area densely. His plans call for a twenty-five-foot buffer, and he said he’ll put in a fence if we want it.”

“Larry shared the results of his meetings with the town staff, and it was very well received. [The residents] had a lot of questions and we answered their questions,” Rudesill said.

Rudesill said he has plans to build 32 residential units on the 10-acre lot with mostly single level condominium units.

“We are designing these units for the fifty-five plus age group, and will be using all brick or stone exteriors. Our goal is to complement Wyndham Hall’s homes and property.”


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