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FMPC approves Grigsby Chapel Road site rezoning

The comprehensive development plans for Farragut parks were unanimously accepted at the regularly scheduled Farragut Municipal Planning Committee Meeting Thursday, Jan. 20.

Sue Stuhl, leisure services director, presented current updates and additions for Campbell Station Park, Anchor Park and Mayor Bob Leonard Park, as well as the proposed Capital Improvement Plan projects for fiscal year 2006, which have not yet been adopted by the Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

“Campbell Station Park is the most used and most visible of our parks. People are out walking no matter how cold it is,” Stuhl said. “We are planning to add trails and a picnic shelter with a design similar to the one already there.”

Construction bidding is scheduled to begin May with actual construction expected to be completed by fall. The project will be partially funded by a $90,000 grant from the State of Tennessee Recreation Trails Program, Stuhl said. The tentative CIP projects for 2006 include the cost of the picnic shelter.

“We are also continuing our “Plant A Tree” program, where folks can donate money to have a tree planted in the park to honor or memorialize someone,” Stuhl said. “ Two trees with plaques were planted recently. We’ll be taking applications through August for the 2005 planting.”

Stuhl said, “All three parks now have at least one heated restroom during the day, which is a nice addition,” adding that The Smoky Mountain Wheelmen, a local bicycle club, contributed funds for the heated restroom at Anchor Park.

“Anchor Park is the most popular picnic area of the three parks with the biggest playground, and it stays very busy,” Stuhl added.

Renovations and maintenance are planned for Anchor Park, but not any major CIP projects for 2006, she said. “We’ll be doing things like replacing the roof on the concessions building, replacing a shelter and irrigating the soccer and softball fields.”

The whole walking trail system for Leonard Park will soon have lights, Stuhl said.

“The last two segments are expected to be completed by March 15, which will make the trails safer and nicer,” she said.

One of the soccer fields will be closed for 2005 while it is re-graded and a new Bermuda grass surface is allowed to grow, she added.

Tentative CIP projects for 2006 include replacing the lights on one of the soccer fields. Stuhl said, “out of five soccer fields and one open area in the park, only two are currently lit.”

One problem is the lack of field availability for all field sports at both Anchor and Mayor Bob Leonard parks, Stuhl said. “At a recent meeting of the Parks and Athletics Council, 15 groups requested more than 550 hours of use time. We currently only have about 375 hours available at the two parks.”

Commissioner Edward St. Clair said, “The parks are the crown jewels of our community. It’s good to know what’s going on.”

• The Commission voted unanimously (7-0) to approve a request by Pinnacle Manage-ment Company to rezone Parcels 100 and 101, Tax Map 142, located on the south side of Grigsby Chapel Road between Wyndham Hall subdivision and St. Mary’s Medical Clinic, 9.58 acres, from R-1 to R-4.

Wyndham Hall residents who attended the meeting were dissatisfied with the decision. Maria Elena Wallace, president of Wyndham Hall Homeowner’s Association, reiterated concerns about a buffer zone, aesthetics and loss of privacy, possible blasting at the site and traffic problems on Grigsby Chapel Road before the vote was cast.

“I’m not happy with the decision, but we’ll move on from here. We’re considering filing a text amendment application,” Wallace said. “The traffic problem is still not being addressed and we’d like to have a traffic study.”

The matter goes before the FBMA on first reading, Thursday, Feb. 10.

In other business, the Commission voted:

• Unanimously to approve (7-0) the concept plan and several variances for Sheffield subdivision requested by Lake Ventures, LLC, Parcel 52, Tax Map 152, located on the north side of Turkey Creek Road and bounded by Kingsgate, Turkey Creek Woods and Brixworth subdivisions, Zoned R-1 and OSR, 126.7 acres, 204 lots, subject to certain items.

• Unanimously to approve (7-0) a request for a resubdivision by Pinnacle Management Company of Parcels 100 and 101, Tax Map 142, located on the south side of Grigsby Chapel Road between Wyndham Hall subdivision and St. Mary’s Medical Clinic, 9.58 acres, Zoned R-1 and Floodplain, to dissolve an interior property line, and a variance request from the 10 percent open space reservation requirement be-cause a plat note has been added that will reserve the land upon further subdivision.


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