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• I’m calling about people wondering about the rate increase on Charter cable.

The reason is because Charter cable is owned by Paul Allen, who is the co-founder of Microsoft with Bill Gates, and one of the richest men in the world. And he is trying to build the cable company to equal Comcast, which is owned by the Roberts family, multi-billionaires. He needs their $2, $3, $4 increases so he can build the company up and get on the same level with Comcast. It’s a little sideline of his — something to do to build up his income. He needs it.

• Forty million dollars on a second (presidential) inauguration extravaganza. Why not celebrate more tax cuts for the rich? Why not celebrate more cuts in Medicare, education, jobless benefits and workers’ rights? Why not celebrate the exporting of more jobs overseas? Why don’t we go ahead and dismantle Social Security while we’re at it, and replace a working safety net for seniors with another tax preference for the wealthy when it all it really needs is for people earning above $90,000 a year to pay the same rate as everyone else who earns below $90,000 a year? Let’s celebrate record deficits. Let’s celebrate a weak dollar. Oh, by the way, why don’t we celebrate when we have 150,000 of our brave men and women in harm’s way in a misguided war based on daddy’s revenge? Let’s be sure and celebrate with millions of tsunami victims without shelter, food or basic health care. Oh by the way, let’s celebrate while millions of Americans are without food, shelter or basic health care.

• The only reason the Wheel Tax passed is because our county government presented us with a threat. Either the Wheel Tax or a property tax increase. I’m looking forward to the next election, where I can vote against each and every incumbent, no matter what their party. That also goes for our county sheriff (Tim Hutchison), who spent over $90,000 of the taxpayers’ money to fight a $300 fine. What arrogance.

• In regards to the person who is wanting more comments about whether (Comcast) cable will come here, let me give you a suggestion: Find someone to run against Eddy Ford as mayor. As long as we have Eddy Ford and his “Band of Merrymen” running the city of Farragut, Farragut will never grow. They continue to make it rough on businesses. They continue to make it rough for anyone to move in here. And if you don’t cater to them, you will never be in Farragut. We need someone who is going to realize that they cannot stop Farragut from growing. We need more businesses; we’ve lost Wal-Mart to Turkey Creek; Turkey Creek is growing. We have no hardware stores; we’ve lost Kmart. We have so many empty buildings it’s pathetic. Let’s find someone to run against Eddy Ford who will put Farragut back on the map, and then we can have another water company, we can have another cable company; and who knows how good life could be for people in Farragut. Get off your butts people. Let’s find out when the election is and get involved.

Editor’s Note: The election is April 5. TDS Telecom is progressing toward providing cable TV service to Farragut. Though its not technically in Farragut, the Ace Hardware store, established by Knick and Noah Myers and then sold, is still operating on Kingston Pike.

• I find it continually interesting to see the farragutpress (write) and editorialize about the legal issues when they don’t understand the political landscape. For instance, not knowing recently when you talked about the Wheel Tax issue, that the city of Knoxville pays no money to our school system — that all the schools, including the Farragut schools, are paid for purely by Knox County property taxpayers; and, of course, now some of our Wheel Tax money will go to build a new high school. What caught my attention was the fact that you let a full-page political ad about a new mayor candidate run in your newspaper without a political disclaimer. That is the newspaper’s responsibility, to ensure a political disclaimer accompanies every political ad. Obviously, you did not do so with this full-page ad by Bill Johns.

Editor’s Note: The farragutpress is fully aware that Knox County schools are funded by county property taxes and that a new high school will be constructed with some of the money generated by the new Wheel Tax increase. The farragutpress was a leader in the dialogue about using Wheel Tax money for a school in place of a new downtown public library. Also, according to sources at the Knox County Election Commission, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that requiring a political disclaimer on candidates’ print advertising was un-constitutional.

• Last week, someone called about motorized scooters in the parks. The use of these unlicensed vehicles is becoming a major problem in Farragut. Not only in the parks, but in living areas as well. Motorized scooters are illegal on all city streets and in all Farragut parks. In addition to being a public nuisance that make it hard to enjoy the parks and living areas, motorized scooters are a danger to pedestrians — and even more of a danger to the children riding them. Every year dozens of children are killed or seriously injured on them. The county needs to start enforcing existing regulations. The Farragut city council needs to pass stronger penalties for their use. If public officials fail to take action, they should be held legally accountable when the next accident happens. And it is certain that it will.

• In reference to your (Jan. 20 Through the Lens) about (State Sen.) Tim Burchett (R-District 7) and his vote for John Wilder, I think it’s very important that anybody vote their conscience, no matter what it is. I admire this man tremendously for being able to vote for the person that they think’s best for the job rather than the party.

• I’m extremely pleased that (State) Sen. Burchett is not voting along party lines, but is really thinking about the candidates. It makes him a more well rounded person, and I don’t believe that when you vote somebody in that they should vote straight party lines. They should vote for who they think is the best person.

• I’m calling in regards to the presstalk (Jan. 20) posed about the new civility that has come to the Knox County School Board, and the comment about the west high school being approved. I’d like to remind the caller who called in that the west high school has not been approved as of yet. And also, civility was abandoned. It’s interesting that that piece would be printed on Thursday after the school board bungled the whole issue of land for a new high school on Tuesday (Jan. 18). And I’m curious as to whether the school board members are planning to take the lady’s house and home away from her, when the chairman of the school board admitted in the paper that he clearly misspoke and that they were telling people they were going to condemn the 50 acres of land because there was no house on them. And suddenly, one of the pieces of land suddenly has a house with a woman that has lived in it for a number of years. I wonder where Karen Carson is on this issue? Is she going to take the lady’s farm and the lady’s home away from her?

• I followed the articles about FUD expanding the Waste Water Treatment Facility with interest. The last article (maybe in the Knoxville paper) stated an agreement was reached. FUD would acquire most of the land. The remaining land with a “historic” house would remain with the family. The house was built in early 1900’s. I question the term “historic”. What historic event occurred at that house. What event that influenced history. The term “historic” is overused when any group wants to prevent removing old structures. We must realize that old does not equate to historic. As a side some “historic preservation” groups will resist removing old delapidated buildings, but never help finance restoring them. Thus we are left with old buildings that are falling apart.


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