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• This is in response to the reader who requested other consumer complaints with Charter Communications.

We also endur-ed five nights of countless phone calls and letters to Charter in an effort to get them to bury a new TV cable in our yard. Finally in frustration we cancelled both TV and Internet services. We discovered there are other alternatives for Farragut residents. We now have DSL Internet service through our local phone company and satellite dish TV. The monthly cost for both is comparable to the price we paid for Charter, but there is no comparison with the service we’ve received. We’ve been very pleased with the courtesy, promptness and quality of service given by our new Internet TV provider. So you do have a choice in Farragut if you’re dissatisfied with their service or lack of, your actions will speak louder than your words. Dump Charter.

• I’d like (to) call and complain about the people on Old Stage Road coming out of the subdivisions, like Fort West, and at McFee Road, and at Rockwell Farms. Never stopping at the stop sign at the end of the road before they enter Old Stage Road. They just continue on like there’s no stop sign, and it’s become very dangerous to the people going down Old Stage Road trying to avoid these people that never stop at the stop sign. So, they may want to reconsider stopping at the stop sign looking both ways before they enter Old Stage Road.

• Why must we lose another young life on Virtue Road before we can talk about how safe the road is? It’s time for the (Mayor and Board of Aldermen), the town council, to finally do something about Virtue Road. It doesn’t need to just be resurfaced, it needs to have a study done where somebody can come in and fix the safety issues. Re-line the road, put reflectors (down), anything to be done to warn people about the curves, the big trees that are too close to the road. Something, anything needs to be done because one loss of life is too many, and the same tree has killed at least two young people that I know of in the last two to three years. And it’s time, time to do something to save our children, especially with the fact that you’re adding new neighborhoods off of Virtue Road. There will be twice or three times as many young drivers on the road and it’s hard enough for experienced drivers to handle. And it’s time, it’s time to stand up and do something instead of waiting for your seven-year-plan to take care of Virtue Road. It’s time now to evaluate the entire road and see what we can do to save lives. It’s a shame that nothing’s been done to take care of the road as of yet.

• I was calling to find out if anyone else has had any problems with the bridge at Turkey Creek and Virtue Road. (Recently) we were traveling down Virtue Road to turn onto Turkey Creek and there was a Ford F-350 sitting there at the stop sign with a trailer behind it, and we were unable to pull our Ford Taurus across the bridge at the same time that the truck was there with its trailer. I think that bridge is very unsafe. People stand there trying to fish with their children and there’s not enough clearance for cars to get through there safely. And now I’m concerned with the possibility that there will be a new subdivision coming into the Galbraith Farm, that we will not have — with another 200 homes — there will not be enough space on that bridge for all the additional traffic. The traffic that lives here now has to be careful going across that bridge. How will we even be able to have more traffic with the dangerous area that it is now? If anyone else has had problems there at this bridge, I would like to know. I think the town of Farragut needs to know also.

• What constitutes injury from exhaust from a school bus? Certainly anyone who has ridden behind a vehicle with diesel exhaust knows that you can hardly breathe and you can get a headache. Small children that are growing certainly would be injured by ingesting those fumes.

• In regards to the poll about dress codes and whether children ought to have uniforms, personally I grew up in a school where we wore uniforms and it was very nice. And now my own children attend a school that has mandatory uniforms and I absolutely love it. It makes it easy, they do not have any problems coordinating what outfits they’re supposed to wear every day. There’s no question about what has to be worn. And there’s no arguments in the mornings, either, because it’s already laid out. I think uniforms are great and I think if people would at least give ‘em a try they’d realize how wonderful they really are.

• I’d like to comment on the letter in last week’s (farra-gut)press about the First Utility District and the historic home. Perhaps that person should visit the library or the Farragut Folklife Museum, and they’ll discover that the historic home is Calloway’s Landing, which was built in 1854 by Shadrack Calloway. And incidentally, Concord is a rather old town, 1880 to 1930. It was a boon town with a thriving railroad and marble business. And incidentally, there are a lot of dilapidated new homes as well as historic ones.

Editor’s Note: farragutpress published no letters last week.

• I have a child who is a student at Farragut High School and I absolutely agree that there needs to be a uniform for students to wear to school. I am so much in favor of this that I have volunteered to be on the committee. And it is obvious — I volunteer at the school, so I see what the children wear. It’s obvious that the students have no respect for the current dress code, and that the principal does not enforce it by what I see and what the students wear. School is not supposed to be a fashion show or a pick-up place, but you might think of that idea if you went to the school. I totally agree with (Knox County superintendent) Dr. (Charles) Lindsey and I hope that there will be an improvement in the very near future.


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