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Fox Den water drainage still at forefront of FMPC

Drainage in Fox Run subdivision continues to be an issue as the Farragut Municipal Planning Commission sends a developer back to the drawing board at its Thursday, Feb. 3 meeting.

The plan by applicant M & M Partners, which called for an amendment to revise the drainage plan of Fox Run’s Unit 13 preliminary plat, zoned R-1 with 13 lots and 11.16 acres, required drainage pipes to make several sharp turns to follow property lines, including two 90-degree turns.

Darryl Smith, town engineer, said, “My biggest concern is the several hard turns for the pipes. There’s a loss of energy through those turns and water could come out of the grate instead of going into it.

If you follow the existing contours and pipe it down through natural swells, you’ll get the best results.” Smith also suggested that the pipes would have to be anchored down. “When you have pipes with a steep grade, the best thing is digging a trench and filling it with concrete so it won’t move. Back fill dirt is not enough,” he added.

David Harbin, representative for the applicant, said part of the problem the subdivision had last summer with mud slides after heavy rains was that the original plan used swells and ditches instead of pipes, which has since been corrected.

“The best plan is to get the water into pipes and keep it there. We don’t want surcharging. We can make the pipe sizes even bigger. We have adequate building area and square footage,” Harbin said.

Fox Run resident Gary Bishop said, “We went through all the problems last summer with rivers of mud in the streets and in our yards. I’m trying to make sure they don’t create a new problem for the new people.”

The developers also requested that lot 175 be subdivided into three lots. The Commission and town staff expressed concern about whether all of the lots could be built upon because of the drainage pipes and concerns about maintenance if there should be a problem with the pipes.

Ruth Hawk, town community development director, said, “There’s been a lot of error up there; we’re trying to leave a fair amount of margin of error on these steep slopes and for the future homeowners.”

The Commission deemed the plan was unsatisfactory and sent it back to be workshopped again at the next FMPC meeting, Thursday, Feb. 17.

In other news, the Commission voted:

• Unanimously (6-0) to accept the 2004 Annual Development Report after it was presented by town development coordinator Mark Shipley.

“The past year has been extremely busy in overall development in the town of Farragut. Development activity continued to be strong, and actually exceeded the record levels of the previous year in some categories,” Shipley said.

The major indicators of development activity examined in the report were building permits, subdivisions, site plans and rezonings.

Shipley said building permits and site plans dropped from record levels in 2003, but an analysis of the past several years demonstrates these numbers often fluctuate.

“Building permits were almost exclusively for single family detached units, almost ninety-four percent,” he said.

Shipley said the McFee Farm was one of several tracts rezoned in 2004 to the relatively new OSR Overlay District.

“This is probably the biggest residential development in the town’s history, and could spur more residential and commercial growth for the western part of town,” Shipley said.

“Out of sixteen rezonings reviewed, ten were requests to be rezoned to this type of district. The O-S-R Overlay District lets development be clustered while leaving a greater amount of property as open space that can be protected,” Shipley said. “The interest in this type of district helped to produce a record number of rezoning requests during the past year.”

In the workshop, the Commission:

• Discussed a request by Shiloh Homeowner’s Association to accept the private street in Shiloh subdivision as a public street. The Commission agreed to move it to a vote at the next meeting.


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