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Walk-In Clinic offers sick, injured another option

Now that the flu bug has taken a bite out of Knox County, Farragut Walk-In Clinic wants to remind the community that it is able to treat minor illnesses and injuries with an average wait of less than 15 minutes.

After extensive renovation to a former cell phone store, Drs. Rodney Dunham and David Petty opened the clinic located at 11408 Kingston Pike in July 2004.

“Business is getting progressively better each week,” said Dunham. “Last week we saw approximately one hundred and fifty patients.”

Dunham, who said he is “very into numbers,” has charts and graphs marking the progress of the clinic.

The two doctors are also the owners of Athens Walk-In Clinic, which has been in business for more than eight years. They alternate schedules working two days at one clinic and four days at the other. The clinic employs three associates in addition to the two doctors.

Treating everything from poison ivy to the flu, the staff is able to take X-rays and develop them on sight, perform lab work and issue prescriptions.

“We make the initial evaluation for the patient and refer them to a specialist if necessary,” Dunham said.

The clinic does not accept patients younger than 24-months. Dunham said the majority of his patients call their primary-care physician and have been asked to wait for an appointment.

“Sometimes a patient doesn’t want to wait for two or three days,” he said. “If they come here, they can be treated right away.”

Farragut Walk-In Clinic accepts most commercial insurance plans. The staff will file insurance forms and after the insurance company makes a payment, the patient will be billed for the balance.

The clinic does not accept Medicare or TennCare, but offers a 20-percent discount for patients who pay cash for their medical services.

Dunham has worked on having an “almost paperless office.” Patients’ charts are computerized and updated during the visit.

If the patient requires a prescription, the attending physician types it into the computer and it is waiting for the patient upon checkout.

“Pharmacists love this computerized system,” Dunham said. “They can actually read what is written, no questions asked.”

Dunham said the average patient who visits the clinic encompass the same demographics of Farragut.

“We have parents with their kids, elderly, young children,” he said. “Most are healthy and just need to be seen for a minor ailment. They are in and they are out.”

Dunham has advice for all who aim to avoid the flu.

“This is the best weapon against viruses,” Durham said while holding a bottle of antibacterial soap. “We also need to remember that every time we touch a doorknob, we have the potential of catching the flu, so wash your hands, and avoid touching your nose or your eyes.”

In addition, Dunham said taking a multiple vitamin to supplement the diet is a good idea.

The clinic is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturdays and holidays. For more information, call 671-6026.


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