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Driving in Farragut has been and continues to be a topic of interest.

With the recent tragic loss of Megan Birkel on Virtue Road and reports of others involved in accidents in and around Farragut, the state of driving in Farragut prompts scrutiny.

Each afternoon between 3 and 6 p.m. Kingston Pike is a literal speedway. Itís 45 mph speed zone is ignored not only by the teenage drivers exiting Farragut High School but adult drivers as well.

With driving speeds on the pike regularly approaching 70 mph and more, a left-hand turn onto the pike is foolhardy at best, not to mention hazardous.

Drivers at any hour may been staging their entrance into traffic along the pike by pulling into the central turn lane. And as farragutpress has reported, itís long been a fact that the center turn lane on Kingston Pike is not a legal staging lane to enter the traffic flow. In fact, itís a violation of state traffic laws and a ticketable offense.

Who is to blame, if blame can be leveled, for the lack of respect drivers in Farragut have for the safety and well-being of others?

Where have these offenders received their instruction in driving?

Most would say driving instruction is learned from high school driversí education courses.

In reality, an examination of driversí education courses reveals that what is in fact taught are the fundamentals of driving, not the art.

Driversí education must be supplemented with guidance from seasoned drivers and parents and furthered by good examples from other adult drivers in the community, including police officers.

As for the adult drivers that continue to offer bad examples of the driving art, heavy fines and mandatory safe driving courses with possible jail time should be the medicine prescribed by law enforcement.


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