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• In regards to the Campbell Station Road expansion project, isn’t it interesting to look to see who owns that land behind the Kohl’s and coming on down into the Turkey Creek area? That part of it belongs to Mayor (Eddy) Ford and part of it belongs to some of Mayor Ford’s family, the Bittles. I think that’s why all that land’s getting opened up for future subdivisions and some possible expansion. It’ll benefit the mayor and his family.

• In reading some of the comments of presstalk in the Thursday, Feb. 3 edition, it’s come to my attention that the Eddy Ford property is going to become a shopping mall. Is that why, maybe, the mayor and his little band of triplets are keeping a sign ordinance? So other businesses can’t come in, so that, wow, his property will be worth a lot more when he wants to sell it to a developer to make a mall? Unbelievable. People of Farragut, get involved in this election. We need to get these people out of office. They are one for all, and all for themselves. They don’t believe in Farragut, they just believe in themselves, just like the person said about the restaurants in front of (the former) Kmart looking shabby and ugly; yet, they make the Icearium, way out in the middle of nowhere, change their paint scheme. What kind of idiotic leadership do we have that it’s coming to this? Unbelievable.

• Once again, it is so sad that we had so many uninformed people going to the polls. People that voted for this Wheel Tax, so that they could be safe from a property tax, did you not look into your crystal ball to see that by passing the Wheel Tax, that still leaves open the chance for them to raise our property tax? Remember, they’re politicians, they lie like a Persian rug. It doesn’t matter what you do or what you say, or how you remind them how they promised that they’re not going to raise property taxes because of this new school, because of all this new stuff going on down Concord Road, the Campbell Station connector. They’re going to find a way to raise property taxes. So, it’s really good to see in this paper that other people are concerned about that Wheel Tax. It was stupid for us to vote yes because they’re still going to get us from both ways. So, when it comes to the next election, people, get involved. Get rid of all these people who said that we had to have it. Just like with the president’s State of the Union address, get rid of all those Democrats who say no to privatizing Social Security money. That’s your money, that’s not their money. When you retire you should be able to have it in some fund where you can spend it or you can (bequeath) it to someone else. Forget the government running your life. People, grow up, you need to take responsibility for yourselves.

• This is in response for all the people who are so concerned about what color buildings are painted. I think they need to get a life and realize that there’s more to things than just what color they’re painted or how they look. It should be the quality of the food inside.

• In regards to the poll about dress codes and whether children ought to have uniforms, personally I grew up in a school where we wore uniforms and it was very nice. And now my own children attend a school that has mandatory uniforms and I absolutely love it. It makes it easy, they do not have any problems coordinating what outfits they’re supposed to wear every day. There’s no question about what has to be worn. And there’s no arguments in the mornings, either, because it’s already laid out. I think uniforms are great and I think if people would at least give ’em a try they’d realize how wonderful they really are.

• I’d like to comment on the letter in (a recent farragut)press about First Utility District and the historic home. Perhaps that person should visit the library or the Farragut Folklife Museum, and they’ll discover that the historic home is Calloway’s Landing, which was built in 1854 by Shadrack Calloway. And incidentally, Concord is a rather old town, 1880 to 1930. It was a boon town with a thriving railroad and marble business. And incidentally, there are a lot of dilapidated new homes as well as historic ones.

• I have a child who is a student at Farragut High School and I absolutely agree that there needs to be a uniform for students to wear to school. I am so much in favor of this that I have volunteered to be on the committee. And it is obvious — I volunteer at the school, so I see what the children wear. It’s obvious that the students have no respect for the current dress code, and that the principal does not enforce it by what I see and what the students wear. School is not supposed to be a fashion show or a pick-up place, but you might think of that idea if you went to the school. I totally agree with (Knox County superintendent) Dr. (Charles) Lindsey and I hope that there will be an improvement in the very near future.

• Is there anyone else in the town of Farragut that hates the bicyclists on Turkey Creek as much as I do? They’re so dangerous, I’m just waiting for somebody to get hit. (Recently one morning) you should have seen the backup caused by a woman who was out riding her bike down Turkey Creek in the s-curves over there by Virtue Road. It’s dangerous, I don’t think they should be there. Make them a bike trail somewhere so they can go safely ride their bikes and not be a hazard to motorists, who the roads were originally made for anyway — motorists.

• We live in Fox Den and we wanted to remind everybody to keep your doors locked. If you have an alarm, turn it on. If you have parked cars, lock them. A man came through our door that was left unlocked at four o’clock in the morning. It scared us to death. We just want people to remember to lock their doors.

• I just went to the “green” restaurant that everyone’s been complaining about and they have the best vinegar-pepper barbecue in this area. If you missed Ott’s, you’ll really like it.

• I want to thank the couple who recently moved from Wisconsin, Sharon and Bruce, for cleaning up the litter along Harvey Road and Boyd Station Road. It looks so much better. It’s a shame that people can’t wait ‘till they get home to dump their trash. Welcome to Mallard Bay, you’ve made a big difference in everyone’s life.


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