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• Jan. 25: A Wells Fargo Drive woman reported to police that a plasma-screened TV had been stolen from her van. The victim was unaware of when the theft had taken place. Entry was made by breaking out a window.

• Jan. 25: A Kingsridge Drive woman reported to police that the driver of a red Saturn forced her off the road at the intersection of Kingston Pike and West End Boulevard causing her to have two flat tires and body damage to her vehicle.

• Jan. 25: A Loudon woman reported to police that following an argument with the suspect her vehicle sustained damage to its rear window, truck and rear bumper after the suspect allegedly pummeled the vehicle with a 50-pound rock found next to the vehicle.

• Jan. 25: A Franklin representative of Enterprise Rent-A-Car reported that one of its vehicles had been stolen. The vehicle renter told police that he was transported to T.A. truck stop on Watt Road by the suspect, who was driving the rented vehicle and was to return it to Enterprise. After dropping off the renter, the suspect and the vehicle had not been seen.

• Jan. 26: A Laurel Avenue man was arrested at the First Tennessee Bank branch on Parkside Drive after allegedly attempting to withdraw $455 from a person’s bank account without his permission. Bank officials were alerted when the account came up with a red flag advising them that unauthorized withdrawals had been previously made on the account.

• Jan. 26: A representative of Lu, Inc. reported to police that a 3,000-pound tank air compressor and pneumatic post driver was missing from a job site near the Turkey Creek greenway and walking trail. The complainant said the compressor had a towing system and would require a large vehicle to pull it. Tire tracks from a rear dual-wheeled truck were visible at the scene.

• Jan. 26: Police notified officials at Enterprise car rentals that a vehicle reported missing from its renter at a truck stop on Watt Road had been recovered by the Oak Ridge Police Department.

• Jan. 27: KCSD officers responded to a forgery call at a Spinnaker Road address. On arrival, officers were told by the victim that someone had stolen her credit card checks and forged her name. The suspect went to three different stores and passed the checks.

• Jan. 27: A Dundee Road man reported to police that his home had been burglarized. Missing was a jar filled with money. No other items were taken.

• Jan. 27: Police were called to a Comblain Road address in response to a domestic matter. The victim stated that she and her husband were arguing about her husband’s ex-wife’s medications that are still in the house.

• Jan. 27: Police were dispatched to a Triple Crown Boulevard address in response to a child custody dispute. The victim told officers that her children were supposed to be returned home by the children’s’ grandfather at 7 p.m. This time was agreed upon in mediation prior to a court order between the victim and her husband, the suspect. In accordance to an order of protection, the grandfather transports the children for the suspect. The children were returned to the victim’s home at about 7:45 p.m.

• Jan. 27: Police were advised by a Nubbin Ridge Road woman that her checkbook had been stolen from her place of work in the 10,000 block of Kingston Pike. The victim stated that three of the checks had been forged with her name and the suspect’s name had been written on the top of one of the checks. The victim stated the suspect had been in her place of work for an appointment on the date the check was written. The victim stated that so far about $300 had been written on her account.

• Jan. 27: Police notified a victim who had reported her vehicle stolen from the Cotton Eyed Joe parking lot Jan. 10 that her vehicle had been recovered in Alexandria, Va., and that three suspects were in custody.

• Jan. 28: A worker at the Pilot convenience store on North Campbell Station Road reported the theft of $8 in fuel.

• Jan. 28: A worker at the Weigel’s Farm Store at Old Stage reported to police that a white male with blond hair walked into the store and took three 24-ounce cans of Ice House beer and stuck them down the front of his pants then left the store without paying for them.

• Jan. 28: A worker at the Weigel’s Farm Store on North Campbell Station Road reported the theft of $42 in fuel. Owner information was obtained the vehicle license plate.

• Jan. 28: A report was filed by a worker at the Pilot convenience store on North Campbell Station Road that a woman had pumped $10 in fuel and told the clerk that she had left her wallet at home. The worker said the woman left her driver’s license as collateral and promised to return to pay her bill. A report was filed when the woman did not appear within a 24-hour time frame. Police were later notified that the woman had paid her bill.

• Jan. 30: A Fox Den Drive woman notified police that she was awakened during the night by her dog barking at an intruder inside her home. The suspect left the home when he saw the victim.

• Jan. 30: Police were dispatched to a Summerdale Drive address on a domestic standby. On arrival, the complainant told police that he and his wife, the suspect, were going through a divorce. The complainant had requested a standby while the suspect moved her belongings. During the event, the complainant contested items that the suspect wanted to take. The suspect agreed to leave when the complainant continued to argue and caused a disturbance.

• Jan. 31: A representative of Residence Inn in Farragut reported to police that a resident was approached for using a credit card that did not belong to her and without the card owner’s permission. The suspect, a Townsend woman, indicated she would pay her bill with cash but left the business without paying. Police took into evidence several garment bags and credit card receipts.

• Feb. 1: Police were called to PSC Safety & Health Services on Kingston Pike to investigate a vehicle burglary. The complainant told police that the burglarized truck was parked in the business’ parking lot and had not been driven for approximately two weeks. Workers on the morning of the report discovered a back window on the truck broken out.

• Feb. 2: Police were called to Baptist Hospital West in response to a report of threatening telephone calls. The victim stated the suspect called the hospital and left a message with his nurse stating he better be careful when he walks out to his car in the morning. The victim stated he believes the suspect is the spouse of a patient that left upset earlier. The victim stated the patient’s spouse had returned demanding to know the attending physician’s name.

• Feb. 2: Police were notified by officials at the U-Haul store in Farragut that a vehicle that had been reported “not returned” Jan. 31 had been returned by the renter Feb. 2 and all fees paid.


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