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The power of the vote.

Most residents in Farragut of voting age don’t realize that in a county of more or less than 393,000 persons that the power of the vote lies mainly in Farragut.

A recent example of this power was the Wheel Tax/property tax referendum on the county-wide ballot last year.

A look at the figures detailing which community voted for and against the measure clearly showed that Farragut and its immediate surrounding communities were the deciding votes that resulted in the Wheel Tax victory — a sum of about four or five communities. The remaining communities in Knox County voted against the Wheel Tax.

With this said, Farragut residents should realize that leadership at all at-large positions in this county could be determined by the will of the people of Farragut. All that it takes is a strong voter turnout.

If schools are not being built to your satisfaction, if law enforcement needs improvement, if taxes are being levied unfairly, then the people of Farragut have the power to change.

Here locally, an election is nearing that could result in change or maintaining the status quo of Farragut. Up for grabs are two alderman seats and, most important and key to the community, the mayor’s seat.

Over the past six weeks, farragutpress has brought its readers Page 1 stories about each of the six candidates — two for each seat — running for office. A forum is forthcoming sponsored by the Farragut/West Knox Chamber of Commerce, the Farragut Kiwanis Club and farragutpress at 7 p.m., Monday, March 7, at the Farragut Town Hall.

Here, candidates will answer prepared questions posed by moderator and Chamber President Bette Sisco, with more questions from the audience following. Only about 130 seats are available in the Town Hall assembly room. So come early.

The bottom line is that if life in Farragut is good, you must vote to keep the present administration. If life in Farragut needs to be better, then vote for change.

Like the Wheel Tax, most of the 300,000-plus were against it, but Farragut voters were more against a higher property tax. You won.

You have the power, so use it.


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