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ē Iím calling in reference to your (March 3) Through the Lens. Yes, I think itís very, very important to vote. Also, I have an idea about the people that live across the railroad tracks in Knox County who are really not in Farragut. I wondered if the people out here would be willing to start a volunteer fire department? It would be easier if they were on this side to get to us. And also, I canít believe you people that voted for the Wheel Tax. Our property taxes have already gone up. So has my insurance. And theyíll go up again. I just canít believe you played into that game.

ē Everyone should plan on voting and making their voice heard. And although I donít agree with Mr. (Bill) Johns on everything, I think heís at least willing to listen to some of us before making a decision, unlike Mayor (Eddy) Fordís attempts currently at safety, ícause all it appears that heís doing is making an election-year play, when common sense says he should have been doing that the whole time. So, how much money are we spending for the Campbell (Station) Road extension? Shouldnít we have spent that for the betterment of existing roads before building a new road that impacts our schools and businesses negatively? Mayor Ford, Iíd like to hear.

ē I went to and I could not believe the picture of Eddy Ford standing outside the Town Hall and pointing to the Campbell Station Connector. This was a $9 million waste of money. My family has to make a left turn many times each day from Everett Road to Kingston Pike, and the town of Farragut tells us there is no money for a traffic light. We should have used that $9 million to fix Everett and Virtue roads and put a traffic light at each one. I will not vote for Eddy Ford for mayor.

ē Itís seems as if the business and commercial development industry has banded together once more, and are out to roll back decades of homeowner rights in Farragut. Read between the lines and youíll see a replay of the 1997 election, whereby challenging candidates set out to water down our signage and trees ordinances in order to make our town more like the rest of Knox County. Preserve Farragutís unique residential character, and keep this town focused on homeowners and not the profit margins of developers and commercial business interests. We beat them in 1997, and we can do it again by voting for Mayor Ford, Alderman (Mike) Haynes and Alderman Ward I candidate Tom Rosseel.

ē In Mondayís (March 7) the Candidates forum at the Farragut Town Hall, Mayor Eddy Ford said he and his miniature schnauzer, Mollie, counted the businesses between Lovell Road and Campbell Station Road. They stopped counting after 130 businesses. (Recently one) morning, I got in the truck and took my border collie, Jed, to count those same businesses. We only came up with 57 businesses. Of course, everyone knows that the border collie is the smartest dog there is. Jed and I only counted the businesses that charged sales tax. I donít see that Jed would want me to vote for Mollieís owner, Eddy Ford, to be our next mayor, since even Jed knows that the town of Farragut gets its money from the local sales tax.

ē I watched the Meet the Candidates forum last night on Channel 3, and Iím concerned that Mayor Eddy Ford does not understand the difference between a commercial business and a retail business. He said that Farragut had over 130 businesses between Lovell Road and Campbell Station Road. The problem is that most of these businesses are not retail businesses and they donít contribute any sales tax to the town of Farragut. The Metro Pulse stated in the Dec. 2 issue that Farragut sales tax revenues dropped nine percent from fiscal 2002 to fiscal 2003. Doctors, accountants and lawyers offices do not contribute any money to the town of Farragut. When Mayor Eddy Ford said that the Parkside Drive development would be commercial, he should have said it would be doctorís offices. Iíll be supporting Bill Johns.

ē I watched the Farragut debate last night and I couldnít understand a word Eddy Ford said when he started reading off numbers and statistics. He never made eye contact with people and he seemed uncomfortable. We need a mayor that can communicate. I was very impressed with Bill Johns. I especially took note of the way he handled two Eddy Ford supporters that ignored the rules of the forum. I felt (a Ford supporterís) antics were poor, and I hope no one will encourage that type of behavior.

ē Mayor Eddy Ford really has the gray panthers ready for battle, doesnít he? He resorted to desperation at the debate Monday night (March 7), as two retired residents attacked Bill Johns. Wonder why the moderator allowed that form of hate? I had not planned to vote until I saw the debate. It seems like the town has too many problems. It was clear to me that Bill Johns was the best candidate.

ē I saw the debate with my parents last night and I liked Bill Johns best. Since I just turned 18 this will be my first election (eligible to vote). I canít eat lunch with my friends at school because we are on different lunch shifts. Some of my other friends were transferred to Karns. When Mayor Ford said Farragut wasnít in the school business, he lost my vote. Itís not fair to have so many kids at Farragut High.

ē Last night I was watching Channel 3 and I caught the very end of the mayoral debate. And I was very surprised that the moderator allowed (a) retired woman to give her opinions the way she did. In most debates that Iíve ever seen that kind of commentary hasnít been allowed. I thought that Bill Johns was very respectful but very firm in the way he handled that situation. I was going to vote for him before the debate, ícause I think that Farragut needs to reevaluate its priorities, and I see Bill Johns as the best man to do that. However, after watching how he handled that difficult situation, I am still convinced, very much, that I have selected the right candidate.

ē I want to speak about (Monday, March 7) and the debate with (Mayor) Eddy Ford. Eddy Ford said two things that upset me: He said the town of Farragut was not in the school business or in the law enforcement business. Every day when I take my children to school, I have to travel on unsafe roads with no law enforcement and take my kids to overcrowded schools. After voting for Eddy Ford two times, I am going to vote for Bill Johns. Mr. Johns won my vote (March 7) when he said that Farragut is in the school business because Farragut is the cause of the overcrowding, and we have to share the responsibility.

ē Mayor Eddy Ford spoke about Virtue Road being an adequate road if the speed limit is driven. That makes no sense at all. You can only control your vehicle, you cannot control what other drivers do. Virtue Road is an unsafe road and needs to be redesigned. Why did the town of Farragut spend $9 million on the Campbell Station Connector when Virtue Road and Everett Road clearly needed more attention? The town of Farragut has ignored safety long enough. I donít want to hear it from the mayor that the town of Farragut is not in the law enforcement business. It is in the road business, and the priorities need to change. I took offense to the two pro-Eddy Ford questioners at the end of Monday nightís (March 7) Meet the Candidates forum. The retired schoolteacher said Eddy Ford had been here for three generations. Eddy looks good for someone 150 years old. After her questions were answered, she ignored the answer and implied that Bill Johns was too young to be mayor. He is 34 years old. For some reason, (someone) got to ask two questions. And (in his) second question, he gave a long Al Gore sigh, and treated the candidate Bill Johns very rudely with an inane question. The two questions he asked were of no value, but I was impressed by the way Bill Johns handled the situation. This man should not have been allowed two questions.

ē A lot of us are wondering what all the digging is around the town center and up along the hills and going down behind the community center and the town hall. Wonder why thereís no talk about that? Could that be part of (Eddy) Fordís property getting ready to capitalize on Campbell Station (Connector) passing through? Iíd like some comment on that, and some more information.

ē As a new resident of the Farragut community, I find the articles about removing trees along Virtue Road to make it safer very interesting. After driving Virtue Road for one week, I quickly realized the problem is not the trees but the drivers. Virtue Road has prescribed speed limits designed for safe travel along the road. Iím totally amazed at the disregard for the speed limits along the road. Furthermore, the aggression towards those who are following the speed limit is frightening. It is the individuals and large SUVs and minivans loaded with children exhibiting hostile driving tactics, such as flashing of lights, tailgating, passing on a double yellow line almost forcing the drivers who are obeying the speed limit into a ditch. Where is the law enforcement? Maybe Farragut should entertain police services rather than the services of a tree trimmer.

ē I resent the comment referring to A.L. Lotts principal Emily Lenn (in March 10 presstalk). Sheís done a great job. My son is a fifth-grader. There is nothing to fear in fifth-graders, he is an honor roll student, heís an athlete and heís a Christian. And if anything he would be an asset on that bus with your child. However, the bottom line is parents need to leave earlier, they need to make time for their kids and not worry so much about their busy schedules. You get there earlier and youíre fine. When youíre in a hurry and everybodyís going crazy because theyíve got a some place to be, thatís when the problems happen. Get there earlier.

ē I was the one that called in a week ago and mentioned that there was never a police officer on Old Stage (Road), and I see a comment in the paper (March 10) from someone saying that I need to be aware that Farragut does not have a police department. I am aware that they donít. I am in favor of property tax on residential property so we could form our own police department. And Iím also in favor of a property tax so we could get some of these empty buildings full, including the (former) Kmart and now I see the Europa Cafť is out of business and Greensboro Antiques is going out of business. And all the other empty spaces that are empty in Farragut.

ē Absolutely hate the green building. Absolutely love the (Cookís) barbecue. Letís help this guy make enough money to paint his building. The barbecue is fantastic.

ē Iíd like to respond to the person who had the audacity to suggest that bicyclists practice their rights somewhere else. We have a right to free speech in this country. Perhaps that person wouldnít feel upset if I told them they should go practice their right to free speech somewhere else.

ē I donít know what happened to presstalk, but it seems in the last few months the editor has felt the need to correct or amend the views of the public with his or her own opinions. I thought this was an open forum, not one in which the presstalk editor has final word on any topic. I donít care for it. These are only opinions just like those called in by the public. This is a paid employee of (farragutpress) pushing their agenda on West Knoxville. Iíd liked it better when all the opinions were welcome and not corrected by whoever this very opinionated person is. The correction last week about the color of Cookís restaurant was a prime example. There have been numerous calls about this topic, but the editor felt it was necessary to say that not that many people were upset by it. Says who? Iíd bet my last dollar this opinion will not be printed, or at the very least corrected.


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