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Brentwood reader endorses FairTax, Kudos for Farragut Chess team, Glass says vote for Ford, Johns offers advice for newly registered voters, Girl Scout endorses Ford, Town signage laws too restrictive, resident says, Farragut resident backs Ford, Schlank for Ford

Brentwood reader endorses FairTax


Chairman Greenspan’s testified before the President’s panel on tax reform this week and explained that a consumption tax would be the best tax reform alternative to promote economic growth because it would encourage saving and capital formation. But there is another important economic benefit of FairTax proposal (HR25/S25) of which the public may not be aware.

Because of the way that corporate income and payroll taxes accumulate in our own domestic production chains, our own producers pass along those costs to consumers of U.S. products wherever they might be.

Economists have estimated that those costs account for approximately 22 percent of the prices paid for U.S. production at the consumer level. Many of our foreign competitors remove their tax burdens at their borders via VAT credits before shipping to the USA. In our own market, our tax laden products in many cases compete with their tax free products.

In foreign markets, the picture is equally distressing. We ship our products with our tax costs imbedded. Upon arrival on foreign shores, the receiving country then levies their own VAT on top of the total price (including the imbedded and hidden U.S. taxes). In effect, U.S. produced goods carry two countries’ tax burden, including to some extent a tax on a tax.

Given this situation, is it any wonder that we have a continuously expanding trade deficit and our recovering economy still has a hard time creating enough good jobs right here in the U.S.?

With globalization the most important economic trend on the planet at present, maintaining a tax system that puts U.S. producers at a disadvantage vs. their international competitors is a big mistake. The sooner we pass the FairTax, the better our economy will perform and the higher our standard of living will rise. Right now, with the current tax system, the deck is stacked against us and manufacturing jobs will continue to leave the United States.

The FairTax is a full replacement tax which eliminates income tax, corporate taxes, capital gains, alternative minimum tax, payroll, Social Security, Medicare and most other federal taxes. It eliminates compliance costs. The FairTax package has a key component designed to protect the poor, fixed-income, and middle class, where every U.S. citizen receives a rebate.

This makes it unique from any other national sales tax and it makes it fair and progressive. Check out or 1-800-FAIR-TAX to learn more; every citizen needs to be informed.

Jay Caplan


Kudos for Farragut Chess team


Farragut school chess enthusiasts, students and parents need your help in getting [a] little recognition for all their hard work they put in to bring trophies home and qualifying for [the] State Chess Team Tounament.

On Saturday, March 5, several Farragut students participated in TCA Region 1 Chess Team Tournament held at Copper Ridge Elementary School in Powell. Farragut teams as a whole participated and qualified in all four sections.

Farragut Intermediate School sent four teams, two for entry into Primary Section and two for entry into Elementary Section. Farragut High School sent two teams, one for junior high section and one for high school section. Our teams did extremely well in their respective section, brought home trophies and qualified to represent us at the State Chess Team Tournament at Cookeville Saturday, March 26.

We met great challenges and achieved great success! These students competed against some of the most talented chess players in our region.

Please join us in congratulating all of the participants for a job well done.

The students are :

From Farragut Intermediate School: Colton Paul, Ryan Jacobs, Charles Blue, Jeffrey Dannewitz, Gabe Waldrop, Tommy Owen, Teairra Moretta, Kenny Ye, Hayden Cheek, Kenneth Hsueh, Eric Dai, Richard Xu, Sanket Dahotre, Austin Paul, Sam Embury, Matthew Below and Patrick Doucette.

From Farragut High School: Jesse Jones, Cory Paul, Abraham Wang, Alex Fickey, Noel Herrmann, Catherine Graham, Matt Howell and Matthew Wickman.

Anita N. Dahotre

Farragut chess club

Glass says

vote for Ford


The mayoral election is critical to our town’s future and should rest in the hands of Mayor [Eddy] Ford. Therefore, I urge you to not vote for Mr. [Bill] Johns for the following reasons.

I am the retired director of employment for a major U.S. manufacturer and have had extensive experience in recruiting, interviewing and selecting viable candidates for professional and management positions.

As such, I feel reasonably qualified to analyze Mr. Johns’ résumé and conclude that I would never refer him to management as a potential employee as there appears to be little substance and too many questions about his background.

• His first statement of his “vision” to me is a long rambling collection of meaningless phrases for the most part.

• Among the many skills listed he professes to have acquired, there are many such as “business release methodology.” How many of you are impressed by that verbiage, which is meaningless to me.

• His work experience ap-pears to be one of “job hopping.” Except for one, all are of very short duration and the employment dates are all mixed up. Further, he just gives names with no job titles or descriptions; no locations and no reasons for leaving, which creates very serious questions.

If you listened to Mr. Johns’ eloquence at the debates — my charge to you voters is the old admonition: “Let the buyer beware.”

Edgar Glass

Sweet Briar

Johns offers

advice for newly registered voters


Many Farragut residents in the community and/or at Farragut High School have recently registered to vote and mailed their voter registrations in with a postmark of March 5 or before.

If you are one of the newly registered, please make sure you examine the “Date Registered” section of your new voter registration card. Many of the recently registered voters have received their cards with a date of March 8 placed on their cards. If your card has this date and you have mailed your registration on March 5 or before, please contact the Knox County Election Commission at 215-2480.

They will make sure that their system is updated with your correct information and that you will not have any problems during early voting or on election day. If you have yet to receive your card, please contact the Knox County Election Commis-sion at 215-2480. Make sure you let them know that you intend to vote.

Early voting is currently being held at the [Farragut] Town Hall and at the Knox County Election Commission. Election day will be April 5 and voting will be at Farragut High School. All Farragut High School seniors who are registered to vote will have the luxury of voting at their school. Please become informed on the candidates, the issues and vote!

Bill Johns

Candidate for Mayor

Girl Scout

endorses Ford


I am a Senior Girl Scout who worked with the town of Farragut and Mayor Eddy Ford on my Gold Award Project (equivalent to Boy Scout’s Eagle). While working on my project I had the pleasure of meeting and working with the town of Farragut’s Mayor Eddy Ford. The town of Farragut and the mayor worked closely with me to create the first brochure of the town of Farragut’s Greenways. Mayor Ford does many things that people in the community may not be aware of. [More than] 30 Girl Scouts received the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards this past year. The mayor recognized the award and hard work each girl accomplished and held a Girl Scout Forum at the [Farragut] Town Hall to honor each Scout.

Mayor Ford coordinated a community wide “Walk In the Park on Our Greenways” to celebrate the new community Greenway brochure and celebrate a healthy way of life. Mayor Ford and the town of Farragut work diligently to coordinate with Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts for projects that assist the town and develop character in our future leaders.

My experience during these activities above shows our mayor portrays a lot of characteristics above and beyond being the mayor of Farragut. I witnessed his leadership skills, hard work, dedication to the community, and above all the care and concern for the youth of Farragut. He wants to know our opinions and welcomes our input. Mayor Ford goes out of his way to work with youth and help us to become successful leaders of tomorrow.

Mayor Ford continues to develop a plan to maintain our parks and he continues to work with the town of Farragut to enhance Mayor Bob Leonard Park, Anchor Park and the Library [Campbell Station Road] Park.

Mayor Ford is very supportive of our Farragut schools.

• Contributed over $200,000 to Farragut Primary School, Farragut Intermediate School, Farragut Middle School and Farragut High School over the past nine years, including $60,000 to Farragut High School alone.

• He has contributed $1,000 per year to Project Graduation for the past six years. This program is all about students celebrating in a safe and fun way.

• He serves on the FHS Education Foundation Board of Directors thus, keeping FHS and the community networking to make a better school for all students.

• Mayor Ford has also been on the Business Education Advisory Committee since the committee was chartered.

• The mayor also volunteers to participate in Senior Speech reviews to assist the school and stay attuned with our future leaders.

Thanks to Mayor Ford for allowing me to serve my community by creating the town of Farragut Greenway brochure for my Girl Scout Gold Award. His concern for making my project a success and allowing me to give back to my community portrays a Mayor that believes in youth and our Scouting programs. I recently turned 18 and registered to vote. I consider voting an honor and duty of the American people and hope you cherish the privilege to vote as well. I encourage you to vote early at the Farragut Town Hall and show your support for Mayor Eddy Ford. He has taken the foundation of this young town and developed a wonderful community for every family. Remember: Voting is an American Privilege!

Katie Lawson


Town signage laws too restrictive,

resident says


Mayor Ford said in the Candidate Forum that taking down trees on Virtue Road is a proactive decision. In reality, it is not. Designing the road properly in the first place is the proactive decision. This decision was hasty and 100 percent reactive, not proactive.

Tearing down trees because drivers have to contend with a road that was designed poorly to begin with is not the solution. Fixing the root-cause of the problem is.

I have driven down Virtue Road several times in the past few weeks and common sense says that the solution is to remove the natural acceleration lanes heading into that curve.

The trees are not to blame here, we are the ones to blame when we drive faster than the posted limit, but the town is also to share that blame when they design a road, which leads you to step on the gas rather than maintain your speed.

A wise man once told me: “get involved or don’t complain.” Well, my wife and I are definitely going to vote in this election. The town should have a waiting list of businesses wanting to move in rather than the “revolving-door” of businesses coming in and then leaving that we currently have. Unfortunately, this is due to the business’ perception (and we know that “perception equals reality”) that the town is unfriendly to businesses. I remember when Carmax built on the Knoxville side of the Turkey Creek Development; they said that they built there because of the perception that Farragut was not willing to work with them (they even said so during the ribbon-cutting ceremony!)

Another point, I don’t mind our restrictive signage laws; however, if you make them so restrictive that the residents don’t know a business even exists, then how do the residents support that business? There are small businesses on Campbell Station Road that are not listed on the signage (like Master Jewelers and Lea’s Natural Health Solutions) because the owners of the development believe that they can’t change the names (of businesses that no longer exist, by the way) that are on the current sign without having to bring the sign to current standards and the owners have told the lessees of those businesses that they can’t afford to deal with it, so those businesses have to do without.

Voters, it is time for new leadership and fresh ideas. Invest in the future of Farragut and vote for a change. Urge all your friends and acquaintances that are registered to vote in Farragut to do so as well.

This is my endorsement for Bill Johns for mayor. Mr. Johns has communicated that he’s willing to listen, to be proactive, and to do something positive to contribute to the overall betterment of our premier community, as opposed to just keeping the status quo.

Michael Merginio

Farragut Commons

Farragut resident backs Ford


As a lifetime resident of Knox County and a 20 year resident of Farragut, I find it truly amazing how little many of our residents know about the town of Farra-gut. After reading some of the letters and calls that were printed in the March 16 edition of the [farragutpress] regarding the mayoral debate for the town of Farragut election, it is evident that many residents of Farragut are totally unaware of what is the purpose of the town of Farragut government.

According to many of the calls and letters, these people, and mayoral candidate Bill Johns feel that the town fo Farragut should do something about overcrowding at Farragut schools.

For these uninformed people, including Bill Johns, the town of Farragut nor the City of Knoxville, have no say in what the Knox County Schools do in regard to zoning, building projects or anything else. The Knox County School[s] system is totally run by the Knox County School Board. While I feel that some of the citizens do not realize this due to not taking the time to do the research, Mr. Johns should be fully aware of this. He apparently feels that he can get the votes of the uninformed by making totally untrue and misleading statements. If this is the method that he will use to get elected, what will he do to our town if he is elected.

Fred Newman


Schlank for Ford


I love this town. My name is Fares Schlank, and I chose to relocate my business to the town of Farragut three years ago for the following reasons:

• Friendly neighborhood community,

• Responsible/non-intrusive government,

• Responsible development,

• And a beautiful place to live and provide for my family.

Mayor Eddy Ford, through his personal commitment and love of this town, along with the support of his wonderful wife, Linda, has tirelessly worked for the good of this town and the welfare of its citizens.

Thank you Mayor Ford for a job well done, and I enthusiastically endorse your candidacy for reelection as mayor of the town of Farragut.

Fares Schlank



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