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ē (Recently), two judges in this country have experienced either death personally or family members (dying). We have a local judge, Stansbury, who I saw on a news broadcast (recently) that stated that the judge that was murdered in Atlanta was not likely to happen in this area because we live in a different world. Well, he must live in a different world because he was on the news with his children on the broadcast, also, and he has to know that our society is becoming fed up with the judges/lawyers, and he needs to wake up because he is in a different world Ö We have an upcoming mayoral election in the town of Farragut. I donít understand why our political arena is any different from that of the national. The president (of the United States) can only serve two terms; why is the mayor of Farragut any different? Two terms is plenty; anymore just makes you much too comfortable with your friends and the surrounding favors that you certainly have to repay.

ē All the candidates talk about how badly we need growth. Thatís wrong. Donít they realize growth brings more traffic and crime, crowded schools, a need for more roads and more maintenance, crowded parks, more speeding, more accidents, a larger city government and lots of problems that costs a lot of money. People (inaudible) that Farragut was going to be a ghost town when Wal-Mart closed. And look what a wonderful store took its place. The good restaurants have been here for years. We spend enough money that more businesses will come. Be patient.

ē I just wanted to add a comment on Charter Cable. Theyíve increased their prices once again in February. Yet their service continues to deteriorate. They never tell you when they switch channels around. WGN from Chicago, they moved from Channel 7 to 98 and they never tell you. Youíd think (if) they send us a bill they could include a channel listing when they move channels.

ē (Monday, March 6) we listened to the Mayor and Alderman (candidates forum) debate. We know many of you watched and listened. It was evident to me, my wife and several neighbors (who) noticed how arrogant Mayor Eddy Ford was with his comments. Thinking back on several things we wanted to discuss with him and some of the aldermen. We know immediately (when he) takes the floor and that (he) analyzed with a blunt answer. This is the way Mayor Ford handles things. We noticed when the former mayor, (Bob) Leonard, he was very pleasant with the old mayor when talking. We feel Mayor Fordís age is getting him, and a younger person should vote for Mr. (Bill) Johns along with some of fine older people who have some new ideas. We cannot understand why former Mayor Leonard always gets the business from some of the contractors to get their plant completed with Mayor Ford and Alderman. This will be watched very careful in the future and a record kept.

ē Buzz Peterson (recently fired UT menís basketball head coach) was really not given an opportunity to pull that program up. Not that that programís that essential to UT. I canít believe that UT spends the money they do on athletic programs. How ridiculous. As far as (UT Athletic Director Mike) Hamilton, weíre going to spend $1 million for all of his mistakes? Put that money to good use. Get rid of Hamilton if thinks Peterson should go. Send íem both.

ē I am disappointed in the knee-jerk reaction taken by the (Farragut) Board of Mayor and Aldermen with regard to the beautiful 100-year-old trees along Virtue Road. Let me see if I understand this. Young, inexperienced drivers have a problem in wet conditions on a curvy road, and they lose control of their cars and hit these trees. So now itís the treesí fault, and they are the ones to be removed? And this will solve the problem? I just donít get it? Why not invest more money in Driverís Ed and encourage drivers of all ages to slow down in wet weather, especially along curvy roads? This seems to offer a more common-sense solution. But of course, itís certainly not as easy or as politically expedient as just saying, ďcut down some wonderful old tress.Ē

Editorís Note: In fairness to the town, the town is cutting the trees down in order to perhaps save a human life. The trees donít kill people, itís vehicles slamming into the trees that cause the fatalities. Without the trees, out of control vehicles will slide off onto the golf course and the driver will probably walk away.

ē I want to urge our state representatives to sponsor legislation permitting the individuals to place a security freeze on their credit history. Similar legislation has been passed in California and Texas, and is under consideration in 20 other states. Once frozen, an individualís credit history cannot be reviewed by merchants, thus greatly reducing the possibility of identity theft. Security freeze legislation would greatly reduce the number of cases of identity theft and thus reduce the cost of enforcement and restitution. I would greatly appreciate it if our representatives would support this legislation.

ē Eddy Ford is enriching himself at the expense of Farragut taxpayers. The Campbell Station Road extension is simply a ploy to increase the value of his property and no one elseís.

Editorís Note: The Campbell Station Road extension is about 1,000 feet from the Ford property and front on Kingston Pike.

ē I just finished reading the (Farragut Municipal Election candidatesí forum transcript) and I was disappointed to hear Mike Haynesí response about the Zip Code status of Farragut. Iím wondering if the farragutpress might do a little follow-up article on the status of that request. Mike Haynes said the application was put in late last year, is the wording ó and I recall reading something in the paper last summer that this was in process. Iím interested and I think a lot of people in town would be interested, too, to find out what the status of that application is.

Editorís Note: farragutpress has addressed the Zip Code situation in a previous issue. At this point, the townís request is still being considered by the U.S. Postal Service.

ē As a (high school) senior I was offended by Eddy Ford when he judged the senior speeches at Farragut High. He asked one of the speakers, ďwho are you going to vote for, lad?Ē Iím a teenager but Iím old enough to go to Iraq and Iím old enough to vote. Iím going to vote for Bill Johns as are all of my friends. I canít relate to someone who treats me like a little kid Ö I met Bill Johns in Tijuana Taco and I thought he was so cool. Someone called him ďMr. JohnsĒ and he said, ďhey, Iím too young for that name, call me Bill.Ē I heard about the T-shirt design contest for his campaign. My friend and I are working out our entry, I hope it gets done before (before night falls on the day of this call). I was one of the last people to register to vote and Iím so excited about voting. I had to even tell my parents about the election. They didnít know about it at all.

ē On his Web site, Mayor Eddy Ford has a page to the young people. He tells us not to be misled. He calls us ďlisten to the talk but always keep your eye on the walk.Ē Thatís just not right. Mayor Eddy Ford says Farragut canít do anything about school overcrowding. His solution is to bus my friends over to Karns. I only get to go to high school once. We have four lunch periods and some of us have to eat in the hall. We are young but we are smart. Like the song says, ďWe wonít be fooled again.Ē My friends and I are voting for Bill Johns.

ē Iím calling in concern to the trees on Virtue (Road), and I see the signs up (saying) theyíll be removed. And I was just wanting to make a comment. If people would just take a second and look at these trees. They have been shaved because they are too close to the road, or they have taken up all the (inaudible) Ö you canít tell theyíre trees. It looks like a big mess. As far as cutting them down, the golf course has planted pines on the side of their golf course to make things where they canít see the road. Iím sure theyíll do the same thing. Also, for the person who called in about the young girl who was killed recently. I think itís extremely disrespectful that they have called in to a hotline like this about possibly this girl going too fast. They have no clue how this young girl was driving. And this family is grieving. I do not know the girl, nor do I know the family. Thereís a tree stump just beyond where the dentistís property is, that has the big gate. This tree stump is within, I would say, 6 inches if not closer on the street. This is a very big hazard; itís on a curve. And if anybody wants to complain, they need to complain about the dentist. I understand heís a dentist when I called up the town of Farragut about íem; the parking in the middle of the road, opening up his gate. Parking in the middle of the road to close his gate. His gate needs to be off the street enough for him to pull up and use some type of electronic opener to get him in there. This is the type of thing thatís hurting the people. Iíve almost hit íem twice, and I donít want to hit him. And people need to look at things. Look at these trees. Is the trees worth a child? No theyíre not. Is the view worth a child? No, itís not. Is the ugliness worth a child, or anyone? No, itís not.

ē Iím voting for Bill Johns and I hope youíll join me. Having lived here since the town was formed, Iím appalled at how dangerous our roads have become. With two children at Farragut High School I can no longer except the excuses that the town of Farragut does not have responsibility for school overcrowding. In that respect the town is the cause of the overcrowding. (With) these new subdivisions, with the houses crammed next to each other, it makes me furious. We must have new vision in order for this community to move forward. I feel strongly that that vision is Mr. Bill Johns.

ē I donít have anything against Eddy Ford, but you know what? (At) 65 years old heís looking at 69 at the end of his next term. I think itís time for a change, 12 years is enough. The president of the United States only gets eight. Mayor Ford should be like a sports figure and retire at the top of his game, because thatís where heís at. Heís hit the home runs, holds the title of best mayor ever, molds himself to the community. He should go out at the top of his game. Donít go out like Babe Ruth who could hardly get around the bases; or Pete Rose, who was pushed out by scandal. Mr. Ford has done great things for Farragut in his eight [sic] years as mayor. And we can learn from all those great things. But itís time he hangs up the spikes and has a ballfield named after him. Put the rookie (Bill) Johns in and let him to swing. Letís see what he can do.

ē Iím the one that called in in response to the letter from the guy that lives on Old Stage Road about Farragut not having a police department. I saw his response in the paper today and I certainly agree with him, 100 percent. Iím a Farragut resident, and if takes a residential property tax to form a police department for Farragut and take the revenue to help get the Kmart store occupied again, that me and this guy are in total agreement. So I thought I would let him know.


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