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Farragut Business for Bill Johns, Response to Hunter, Emory endorses Johns, Thank You and Please Vote, Mitchell endorses Johns, Haynes, Rosseel, Ritter endorses Ford, Strand endorses Johns, Willett endorses Johns

Farragut Business for Bill Johns

Iím the owner of PAKMAIL in the Ingles Shopping Center. As a packing and shipping center, I see a broad spectrum of Farragut residents, especially newcomers. I pride myself on running my business like [an] old neighborhood drug store, where everyone is treated like a good friend. I encourage my customers to just come in and chat. As a result, l get a good feel of the pulse of Farragut. Mr. Bill Johns was my very first customer and has been frequenting my business for over 5 years. I have always been impressed with his knowledge and his passion about Farragut. Bill has always taken a special interest in the health and well being of this community.

I remember one spring afternoon, Bill was in my store and we talked about how nice it would be to sit outside and enjoy a cup of cappuccino and read a book and enjoy the beautiful ambiance of Farragut. Then we both realized that itís not permitted in Farragut to have tables and chairs outside. Bill and I quickly brainstormed and came up with several ideas. Letís invite small entrepreneurs to open up small unique businesses like a bookstore, music store, coffee shops, and boutiques. Let the shops display some of their items outside to attract walkers from the sidewalk. Encourage the residents to park their cars in one of the many shopping centers and walk and shop instead. Picture Farragut as a quaint community, pedestrian friendly, with outside cafťs and unique shops. Make Farragut a destination.

When I opened my store 5 years ago, this is what I remember about the town of Farragut: you canít do that ... you canít have that ... you canít, canít, canít. I would love for the town of Farragut to encourage business owners instead of continually threatening them. The anti-business attitude is why so many businesses have left our community and why new ones are so slow to come.

I like Billís vision and his common sense approach to business. Lets help business get started in Farragut. Encourage more retail business to come in, and recover the lost tax dollars so we never have a property tax. Letís elect Mr. Bill Johns so he may fulfill his vision to provide a visually appealing community, improve our school problems, and enhance the safety of Farragut. Bill Johns is about what we CAN do. Lets use some common sense and vote out the professional politicians whose rulebooks are full of what you canít do. Please go out and vote early.

Walt Chan


Response to Hunter

You got a letter from Mr. Hunter about the way law enforcement officers drive in this county. As a member of that group Iíd like to answer Mr. Hunter.

We drive that way for really two reasons: the first being the public we serve and protect. Iím sure if Mr. Hunterís burglar alarm is going off he will want us there quickly to apprehend the people breaking into his home or business. Or, if itís his wife or child in the middle of the night calling 9-1-1 because they hear someone out side he will want us there even quicker.

Iíll be the first to admit we drive faster than the speed limit. We do that to protect the public we have sworn to protect and to try and catch that person that just broke into your home or business, or just assaulted a friend or member of your family. And even when we drive over the speed limit the first thing we usually hear is ďIt took you long enough, where have you been? Their long gone.Ē

The other reason we drive faster than the speed limit is our partners. It doesnít matter if itís a shooting in progress, an assault, an auto accident with a child thatís hurt or that silly barking dog call, which we get daily, I'm going to hurry to back up my partner because we all know and accept that at any second of any day we could be killed doing what we do for that big $30,000 salary a year and we accept that. But we also know we are going to do ANYTHING we can to make SURE that we go home, after our shifts, to our families, safe and sound.

Mr. Hunter I understand your concern and itís valid. The best answer I can think I can offer is for you is take advantage of the ride-along program. The Knoxville Police Dept. and the Knox County Sheriff both offer them. Get out and ride with us and see why we have to speed at times, see that assault victim weíre trying to get to, see and talk to that homeowner that just found their house broken into, see the parents weíre trying to console as they find out that the next teenager we lose to bad driving was their son or daughter.

I hope next time you see one of us speeding and your daughters ask you about it you can tell her itís because someone needs help.

Jeff Dell


Emory endorses Johns

Bill Johns would be an excellent choice for mayor of Farragut. I encourage all citizens who desire new leadership for the town to cast their vote for Bill on April 5. Bill has established a passionate vision for the future of Farragut; one where the leadership listens to the ideas of the citizens.

Bill has set forth an agenda similar to the "broken window" approach of Rudolph Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City. This approach stems from the desire to have a good appearance of care for the community. Having a business with a "broken window" demonstrates a lack of pride in the area. There is no sense of passion or safety unless that broken window is fixed. Billís agenda stems from his desire to fix the current "broken windows" that are not being addressed by the current administration.

I have formed a good working relationship with Bill through various professional societies and economic development events. His ability to lead has been demonstrated through his efforts in those organizations.

Again on April 5, I encourage all Farragut citizens to vote for Bill Johns.

Ralton B. Emory

Ten Mile

Thank You

and Please Vote

We are now in the final week of campaigning for the Farragut 2005 election. Over the past six months, I have had the privilege of meeting so many of you and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and your hospitality. In addition, I would like to also recognize all the candidates and their families for their courage and interest in serving our community of Farragut.

I have enjoyed meeting so many of our Farragut residents in the neighborhoods, schools, businesses, athletic events and forums. I am quite pleased to see so many residents concerned about their community, its schools and its future. I am proud that my campaign has strictly focused on the issues of providing community safety, protecting our tax base, supporting and improving our schools, making our community visually appealing and strengthening the rights of homeowners.

This election is solely about the issues and the future of Farragut. In some elections, third-parties intervene and unfortunately, conduct negative campaigning in the last 72 hours of an election. No one appreciates or respects early morning mailbox stuffing and rumors from cloaked third-parties. Machine politics has no place in Farragut.

I request that anyone who receives anything personally negative about me, to dismiss it and/or give me an opportunity to address it with you one on one. You may contact me at or 671-6905. I invite you to visit my Web site at for more information on me, the issues, and the trends impacting Farragut.

We are fortunate to live in a country that allows us to express our views by casting our ballot. Our country currently has military forces deployed around the world protecting and enabling democracy. Please do your part and vote. Early voting ends on March 31 at the Farragut Town Hall and Knox County Election Commission. Voting takes only five minutes and Election Day is held at Farragut High School on April 5. Again, please vote and I hope to see you at the polls!

Bill Johns

Candidate for Mayor

Mitchell endorses Johns, Haynes, Rosseel

Will this be the best election in our townís history? We have had an excellent ďMeet the Candidates ForumĒ at the Farragut Town Hall. The farragutpress has published many letters to the editor and presstalk features that express the viewpoints, passions and concerns of our residents. The only question left is how many of the 14,690 voters in the town of Farragut will support our community by making the commitment to vote. In the last town of Farragut election, fewer than 10 percent of our registered voters made the time to vote. What message does this send?

This past year I have spent much time working with other residents and town leaders to help make Farragut a safer place to live. I have lived in Farragut since 1981. Farragut is the best place I have ever lived. This is why it is so important to work to keep our roads and highways safe for the residents that live here and the people who pass through our community.

I endorse the following candidates: for mayor, Bill Johns; for alderman from the south side, Mike Haynes; and for alderman from the north side, Tom Rosseel. Each has made a commitment to making safety a priority in our town government. It is too easy to say that traffic safety is only a matter of personal responsibility and that the town of Farragut is not in the traffic enforcement business. The truth is that we are all involved in traffic safety. I want to thank Mike Haynes, Tom Rosseel and Dot LaMarche for the many hours they have spent with me and my neighbors working to make Turkey Creek Road a safer road for my family, friends and neighbors.

Bill Johns has shown me that he has the commitment and the courage to say that our town government must do more to make traffic safety Job 1. Virtue Road and the bridge at Turkey Creek and Virtue roads must be moved up to the top of the priority list of road projects. It is time for change. Before new multi-million dollar road projects are considered, our community needs to focus on the older roads that need improvement.

Please make the commitment to vote in this election.

Mike Mitchell


Ritter endorses Ford

Bill Jones [sic] has an untested MPA degree and wants to make this a ďbusiness town.Ē Eddie [sic] Ford has a thoroughly tested track record and has done an outstanding job over the years. Bill Jones is offering to do ďhis bestĒ to keep out property taxes. Eddie Ford has done it year after year by always being fiscally responsible. Bill Jones ďbusiness growthĒ might bring some extra revenue, and surely add to bustle and traffic and lower property values. Eddie Ford is going to keep this a nice town to live in, property values will grow as newcomers will want our peace and quiet as has been the case for years. I formally support Eddie Ford. He has been good for us, and will continue on the same track.

Martin Ritter,

Fox Den

Strand endorses Johns

In less than a week, we will know who will be the Mayor of Farragut. This year, the race is a 40-yard dash. I am writing this letter to challenge the citizens of Farragut to invoke change in the community. Get out and vote to change the Status Quo and deliver a wake-up call to the rest of Knox County.

Voting in this election is about ending 25 years of ďOur Way is the Best WayĒ mentality that has alienated the town and the citizens from others in Knox and surrounding counties. It is time to look up to a government that meets the needs of all the residents. Most importantly, this election should be about creating a new understanding of the respective roles of citizens, neighborhoods, businesses and government.

Talking with people throughout the Farragut community, I believe most are living lives beset by anxiety and concern; the overcrowding of our schools, increased traffic, higher density neighborhoods; and the upheaval brought about by youth fatalities and disappearing businesses.

People also talk of the stagnation that occurs when an elected official overstays his time in office. These comments suggest widespread distaste for careerism in politics, as well as a conviction that continual infusion of fresh blood into an elected office will be good for both the town and the citizens. In short, the best way to reinvigorate local government is to change leadership. Change promotes fresh outlooks, new ideas and broader vision.

Communities must constantly evolve to improve their ability to meet citizenís needs. Each change is another step in the process of adapting to todayís opportunities and challenges. That is one of the reasons the town of Farragut needs a change in leadership. Now is the time for a new generation of leadership. Itís time for a change in the community culture, a change that harbors growth for our youth and security for our residents and businesses.

Change will remove the barriers that stand in the way of unleashing entrepreneurial creativity and expansion. Change will renew communication with local boards and governing bodies to solve long standing issues surrounding schools and utility districts.

We must adopt change, so we as a community can map out the future based upon sound proven principles that are brighter and more compelling than the landscape we live in today.

Change canít be accomplished by one person. Change is a community effort and starts at the voting booth.

I believe change is healthy, I cherish and exercise my freedom to vote, I endorse Bill Johns for Mayor of Farragut.

Garry Strand


Willett endorses Johns

Iíve been reading the coverage in your newspaper of the upcoming mayoral election in Farragut. The one thing that strikes me is the amount of attention that seem to be focused on the current mayorís longevity in office and the challenger, Bill Johnsí supposed lack of experience. Quite frankly, career politicians protecting the ďstatus quoĒ are not what this town needs. I would rather elect someone new who recognizes the need for change.

I am very impressed with Mr. Johnsí interest in issues such as education and how we pay for it. I have school age children and I have been concerned about overcrowding in the schools and astounded that the situation could get as bad as it has without attention from local government.

I recently moved back to this town after living 17 years in California. Iím surprised by the lack of progress in town government in Farragut, despite all the growth in this area. This is not going to be a bedroom community forever. This town is going to grow whether we like it or not and we need a leader who can accept reality and deliver a plan to guide this town into its next evolution. Iím voting for Bill Johns because he recognizes that change is inevitable and that change can be a good thing when properly managed.

Hugh G. Willett



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