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ē Instead of spending the money to cut down the trees on Virtue Road, maybe we should spend money on helping parents educate their kids on safe driving. Itís not the treesí fault that these children are wrecking, itís the parentsí fault for not teaching them the consequences of reckless driving.

ē I agree (inaudible) the Virtue Road area. Twenty years ago my parents taught me how to drive and I have never once hit a tree on Virtue Road traveling that road every day since then. Donít blame the trees for all the accidents, donít cut them down. Farragut is supposed to be a tree-hugging town and you want to destroy them Ö Parents tell your kids to take an alternate route when theyíre traveling. If they canít travel safely on Virtue Road itís not the trees fault.

ē Eddy Ford and his supporters seem to be civilized people who do not resort to dirty politics. He is running an ethical campaign. His background and achievements are absolutely clean. He has a lot of experience and has done an outstanding job for Farragut. Just look around. This is a very nice town to live in that did not happen by accident. We will vote for him because we want to keep Farragut that way.

ē I would like to thank the farragutpress for printing the transcript of the recent candidate forum. I did notice that the transcript showed that Bill Johns had worked for 30 years at I-2 Technologies. This seems odd since Bill Johns is only in his mid-30s. Did Johns actually say that, or is this a typo on the part of the farragutpress?

Editorís Note: The quote is accurate to the transcript.

ē The purpose of this call is to correct some misinformation that showed up in the last issue (in presstalk). The land being developed behind the town hall, currently called Park Place, was not Mayor Eddy Fordís personal property. The (caller) seemed to think that the mayor was profiting from that property, and he is absolutely not.

ē Iíve been reading all the comments about Bill Johns as a candidate for mayor and agree that he is very well spoken, smooth and charismatic. However, having experienced his leadership in Fort West, I feel itís only fair to say thatís where it ends. He does not produce. As president of the Fort West Homeowners Association, he avoided confrontation at all costs, attempted to change the by-laws that were uncomfortable for him to enforce, and when it got too hot in the kitchen, he resigned mid-term. I fail to see how that approach is positive for Farragutís future.

ē In response to all the people who called in to the (farragutpress) planning to vote for Bill Johns for our next mayor, I have this to say: Bill Johns talks a good talk, but his actions say different. As a resident of Fort West, Iíve seen him in action. Yes, he was president of our homeowners association and almost destroyed it. He came in with big plans but was never able to implement them. He alienated many of the residents. He even called (inaudible) on one association meeting because he did not like what he was saying about our rules. His answer to making residents abide by the rules was to pay them off, ignore the infraction or rewrite them. I think we live in a beautiful community, of which Iím very proud, and I would like to keep it that way. Would I vote for Bill Johns? Never. If you do you may regret the results you end up with. His lack of leadership is not what we need.

ē This call is about litter. Have you ever sat outside a store like Wal-Mart and watched smokers as they approach the door? Ashtrays are provided, but 99 percent of íem will just flip or throw their butts on the ground. This is the most disgusting, nasty habit I have ever seen, and reflects on the type person you are. Also, have you ever stopped at a light at Lovell (Road) and Parkside (Drive) and glanced out the window at the mountains of cigarette butts dumped on the street? Why use an ashtray in your car if youíre going to empty it on the street? Do you realize how many years it takes for one cigarette butt to break down? Itís disgusting to see birds having to dig through cigarette butts trying to find food under them. Come on smokers, do your part. Itís also the law, same as a gum wrapper or candy wrapper. And somebody has to clean up your mess ... I called earlier (this year) about the idea of using the Kmart building across from Farragut High School for an annex or addition to the school. I think itís a great idea and would save the county a lot of money. Also, itís got an ... auto repair shop inside that the county could use, or the city of Farragut could use for their vehicles. And also, if theyíre dead-set on building a new high school, they should buy less land and build a school (and) when more room is needed, all they have to do is add another floor to it and go up, like they do in cities, instead of spreading out everywhere.

ē Hooray, the people of Farragut are intelligent individuals who have gotten wise to Eddy Ford and realize we need some new blood. It was embarrassing when a woman was allowed to endorse a candidate and a man was downright rude to Bill Johns (during the candidatesí forum March 7). The moderator should have shut them down. Bill Johns showed control, respect and composure. Bill Johns should be our new mayor.


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