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FMPC talks ‘subject to’s’
Developer questions town staff speed on ‘subject to’ items

Farragut government got back into the swing of things after the customary fifth-week-of-the-month hiatus the town observes as the Farragut Municipal Planning Commission gathered for its April 7 meeting.

Developer Fred Leonard got things started during the Citizen Forum when he quizzed the Commission about standardizing turn-around time for “subject to” items from town staff.

Leonard said, “I just wanted to see if we could adopt some type of ordinance on the ‘subject to’s,’ I’ve had a set of ‘subject to’s’ turned in since March ninth and still haven’t gotten them back.”

The Farm at Willow Creek developer added that he was waiting to get that development started.

“I just ask that as a developer that a fair system be in place,” he said, so, “we know that when we turn something in that we’re going to have a reasonable amount of time to be turned back to us because we have to schedule our bids and our contractors starting. I’ve already lost one contractor on the project because he thought he was going to be able to start by a certain date and was not able to start.

“I just ask that if we could adopt a policy so that we know where we are on the front end of this thing.”

Farragut Community Devel-opment Director Ruth Hawk said, “We actually have a policy … When plans are resubmitted to the town there is a minimum of two Fridays for review … however, it’s a first come; first serve basis and there’s a lot of resubmitals,” adding that in Leonard’s situation, “basically this is the third or fourth review on these plans and the ‘subject to’s’ have been gone over several times.”

Commission Chairman Bob Hill said, “Mr. Mayor, this is an administrative matter … it reflects on how fast you can get the work done … if you can’t get the approval to get started; you can’t start. I personally would like to see matters turned around on a ten-working-day basis. That’s what I had to do at work; I don’t see why I can’t get it here.”

Mayor W. Edward Ford said that town administrator Dan Olson was vacationing through Friday and would tell Leonard Monday, upon his return, when he could expect a reply from town staff.

Leonard said he had spoken with town engineer Darryl Smith and had resolved when the plans would be back, but added, “I would just like to see some type of policy because I’ve run into this problem on both of my developments.”

Ford said, “Mr. Chairman, I think some good points have been raised … I think your suggestion of a time frame is very applicable.”

In Public Hearing the Commission approved 9-0 a site plan for Jefferson Federal Bank, 11916 Kingston Pike.

Representing Jefferson Federal was Clint Harrison who informed the Commission that the Farragut branch was being referred to as “The Little Big House” since it closely resembled the Morristown home office, which is called “The Big House.”

“It’s basically the same,” Harrison said, “only a little smaller.”

The Commission also passed 9-0 a site plan for grading on the north side of Parkside Drive at the town/City of Knoxville limit line.

Hawk said a small portion of the development site on which Proffitt’s is being built falls within the town limit and a grading permit must be issued.

In the Workshop, the Commission postponed as per the developer’s a request by Partners & Associates, Inc. to rezone 11400 Parkside Drive from O-1-3 to O-1-5.

The Commission agreed to move to the Public Hearing agenda a site plan for an expansion to National Health Care, 120 Cavette Hill Lane.

Ed Whiting, treasurer and spokesman for the Sugarwood Homeowners’ Association, recapped a meeting between Sugarwood residents and NHC concerning issues raised by the adjacent subdivision.

Whiting said that NHC had addressed the concerns of the Sugarwood residents and agreed that Sugarwood Drive would not be used as a construction access to the project.

The Commission also heard comment on a plan to amend the text of the Farragut Municipal Code, Title 14, Land Use Controls, to add requirements regarding sinkholes.

Issues were raised as to what body of town government would oversee appeals concerning building within sinkhole boundaries.

Commission agreed to hear the matter again in four weeks.


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