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Reader calls for unbiased coverage and Rosseel offers thanks

Reader calls for

unbiased coverage

It’s the media’s job to report the news in an UNBIASED way. Please, do your job, and report the facts — most Americans supported SAVING Terri Schiavo’s life, and they supported Congress taking action to help save her.

It’s now been shown that the polls that were widely reported in the mainstream media leading up to Terri Schiavo’s death were BIASED polls with “leading” questions. Why aren’t we hearing about that?

The latest UNBIASED polling from Zogby show the nation clearly supporting Terri and her parents and wanting to protect the lives of other disabled patients. By a whopping 79 percent — 9 percent, Americans responding to the poll said that disabled patients like Terri Schiavo should not have food and water taken away.

In addition, the new polling also shows support to members of Congress who passed legislation seeking to prevent Terri’s starvation to death and help her parents take their lawsuit to federal courts.

By a 42 percent - 18 percent margin, respondents believe that elected officials should order that a feeding tube remain in place in cases like Terri’s.

Trudi Neubeck

Cedar Bluff

Rosseel offers thanks

On behalf of my family, I wish to express my deep gratitude to the citizens of Farragut’s North Ward for their trust and confidence in my ability to represent them as their new Alderman. I especially wish to thank all of our friends and current and former neighbors who actively supported my campaign and who commented, questioned, and made suggestions on how best to address the issues we face as a community. Without them, I would not have been successful. And perhaps most importantly, I wish to thank all those residents, homeowner associations, and homeowner boards who, having never met me before this campaign, invited me to their meetings and into their homes to discuss their concerns for a better Farragut. I truly appreciate your gracious hospitality.

I wish to congratulate my opponent, Mr. Ron Honken, his family, and supporters for their efforts and desire to serve Farragut. I hope Ron stays involved in the town and its future. I also wish to congratulate all the candidates for their hard work and deeply held concerns for the future of our community.

With the rapid growth in the population of Farragut and the surrounding communities, I believe that the town should initiate a series of actions to address the issues of growth and the impact on our quality of life. These include working with the County to ensure that we have great neighborhood schools; addressing traffic congestion and safety on our collector roads and speeding in some of our subdivisions; continuing to improve our parks and greenways; and working with the Chamber to strengthen our business community on the Kingston Pike and Campbell Station Road corridors.

During the campaign I proposed some possible solutions to the issues facing the town, but I know that they are not the only solutions. I believe, however, that solutions can be found and implemented within the framework of the town’s finances, which is why I oppose a property tax for Farragut. I also believe that planning for the future is the key to a great community. I look forward to working with the mayor, my fellow aldermen, and all the citizens of Farragut to help implement the best solutions that will improve our quality of life and continue to make Farragut a great place to live and raise a family.

I look forward to representing you.

Tom Rosseel

Alderman Ward 1


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