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• I’m disappointed, too, to see trees removed because of careless driving (on Virtue Road). It just doesn’t seem to make sense to take the attitude that we will just remove whatever obstacles there are. I wonder if there had been a building there on Virtue Road where the trees were cut down, if the city would have insisted that building be moved? Or if there had been a telephone poll, I wonder if the pole would have been moved to accommodate drivers who drive foolishly?

• This Terri Schiavo thing that we’ve just been barraged with in the past couple of weeks, is so ridiculous. I mean, there are families all over this country that are confronted with this dilemma weekly, daily, all over the country. So why all of a sudden is her case so monumental? And the fact that (President George W.) Bush stepped in a couple weeks ago to make his opinion known. The American people are sheeple, they follow any direction the government/media wants to take them. Bush can use this as another smokescreen to fortify his efforts heading to Iran, which will be our next dilemma, as he did prior to the election, when every week there were a couple of different changes in the homeland security rating to keep people frightened. But as soon as the election’s over, you’ve not heard anything about homeland security. I guess it all went away when he got elected. Another smokescreen. Wake up America.

• I noticed that the trees on Virtue Road were going to be cut down because drivers can’t seem to navigate the road. I suppose that we need to do this (inaudible) … I don’t understand why we don’t take that fence down also.

• Well once again we (came up) on election time. And once again it seems that not a single candidate for office, whether it be an incumbent or a new person wanting to bring new ideas to the city of Farragut, has bothered to come visit the people who live in the subdivision of Bel Air. Now granted, (inaudible) Bel Air is now owned by First Baptist Church of Concord. But still, there are many families and people here who live in Farragut, who are a part of Farragut, and we should be included in decisions concerning Farragut and our community. We already know that Mayor Ford is not going to do anything that might upset the people who vote from the church. But, this is inexcusable that not a single person running for office care about the people in the community of the Bel Air, the oldest subdivision in Farragut.

• In the March 31 edition there was a photo and article about a fence on Grigsby Chapel Road behind the Holly Oaks subdivision being knocked down twice since December. The fence was knocked down by drivers losing control of their vehicle. Will the town of Farragut “leaders” apply the Virtue Road solution to the problem. That is — take the fence down. It is known that they cannot say drivers are responsible to maintain control of their vehicle in all weather conditions. It’s the trees or fence fault because they jump out in front of some vehicles.

• I want to congratulate those involved with organizing (the recent) arts and crafts festival. Certainly a very wonderful event for our town … .

• I just got through buying my tags and I noticed there was the Wheel Tax on it. It’s kind of ironic because the very next day, here I get my property tax. My assessment has gone up by $15,000. Now if you talk to the folks up there in the City-County Building, they’re simply going to tell you: “well, the rates will stay the same because everybody went up so we will drop the total amount so that you will pay no more” — until next year. Thank you Mr. (Mike) Ragsdale (county mayor), thank you Mr. (John) Griess (county commissioner, fifth district). It was because of you that we’re going to have to see a property tax increase anyway. Who in the world in their right mind would think that a politician was going to do anything to help us out? If you don’t believe it, look at our sheriff (Tim Hutchison). For a couple thousand dollars he spent thousands of dollars in taxpayers’ money needlessly to help protect him from doing what he’s supposed to protect us from, and that being illegal activity. TVA, while you’re talking about selling property along the Tellico River that you stole from farmers to start with. He goes on and on and on — hmmm, makes me wonder about the trees down along Virtue Road. I guess maybe the only people that need to worry about this correction are the people playing golf. Heaven only knows, buy I hate to see people come flying out on the golf course and hit them. Maybe we just need to slow down. Maybe the second thing we need to do is very simply, let’s get rid of the politicians we’ve got in office and let’s start anew. Let’s get rid of ’em all, from local all the way up through Washington and send a message. We’re tired of all this stuff, we’re tired of increased taxes, and for crying out loud, we’re sick and tired of people not representing us the way (we) want to. Thanks again Mr. Ragsdale, Mr. Griess, for cramming another tax down our throat.

• I am calling to encourage everyone to eat at Fat Mo’s, where they have fresh homemade hamburgers on Kingston Pike in Farragut, and support this new restaurant. It is delicious. Homemade and much better than the golden arches across the street.

• I’m calling in regards to all of the discussion regarding the bicyclists traveling Turkey Creek and Virtue roads. I wanted to comment that I, at one point, was following behind a group of bicyclists when one of them crashed in front of my vehicle. Her water bottle went flying and she was laying in the middle of the road, the bicycle was off on the side. Extremely dangerous situation in a curve where there was low visibility. She was very fortunate, as am I, that the accident was not more involved and that, as a driver, I did not look away for a split second and run over her. So, I would encourage the bicyclists to ride where there is adequate shoulder on sidewalk in Farragut, which is all over the place in Farragut.

• This call is regarding the recent notification in respect to property and appraisals. The notification states that the most current information available is used to review the appraised value. Where is that information derived from? What is the process to determine appraisal and assessment? Other comparisons reveal that there is not an across the board percentage increase since there’s such a difference between homes. It seems like the appraisal should be close to market value and somewhat in line with what the bank appraiser assigned when doing a mortgage. There is a difference of approximately $40,000 in this comparison. The appraisal is obviously not derived from market value, since at least four neighbors realize that there’s an approximate $40,000 to $50,000 difference. Also, we just remortgaged, and the bank appraiser’s approximately $35,000 lower. Houses sitting side-by-side identical in size and type are appraised approximately $50,000 apart. Perhaps someone could enlighten everyone regarding where the market values are derived from, and how these appraisal and assessment numbers are compiled.

• I disagree with the editor’s comment to a recent call-in to presstalk regarding the trees on Virtue Road. It makes no sense to remove the trees. Instead, let’s put some money into better driver’s education. To follow the editor’s logic, any obstacle along any roadside would need to be removed in order to protect themselves from trees and from walls and from cars that are driving through. It just makes no sense to go along removing trees and brick walls. Let’s work on focusing on better driver education.

• The people have spoken. Congratulations to Mayor (W. Edward) Ford, Alderman (Michael) Haynes and new Alderman (Thomas) Rosseel. We have heard an overwhelming mandate for fewer signs, more trees and controlled growth.

• I’m proud of our area high schools and the quality of the staff and students. I enjoy reading about the local student-athletes signing to play for a college or university. The hard work should be rewarded. However, I would also like to see the outstanding academic students get more recognition than a few group photographs. Why not take the top 10 percent of each class and list where they’re going to attend? Our area has produced some amazing students who have gone on to attend the best colleges and universities. Let’s give them the recognition they deserve, because they are the best of the best.


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