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• What a terrible shame, Eddy Ford has been re-elected. I believe the only people who will benefit from these sad results are Eddy Ford himself and [his friends].

• An individual in law enforcement? Number one, (inaudible) a private assault weapon to their place of employ(ment) to clean it. And the only reason that would be done is, with a gun cleaning kit on your desk would be to give the impression of an accident. Where with the described assault weapon, the only way to clean that weapon is to have the chamber open, which would reveal a live bullet.

• Today, Wednesday, April 6, I prevented a serious T-bone crash when a teenager pulled out in front of me in his black SUV at the west end of Concord Park on Northshore Drive. I had to swerve twice to avoid him, risking danger to myself. I had to swerve a second time to avoid the guardrail at the bridge. I righted my vehicle and I traveled on my way down west Northshore Drive. By then my adrenaline was pumping and I was smelling the burned rubber from my tires. But the teenager escaped and I escaped, and everyone else in our pathway escaped injury. I was driving 40 mph, the speed limit. I get down to the intersection of Choto Road and south Northshore, close to it, when I notice a blond adult in a small white SUV with the big tire on it flashing her lights. I thought she was a helpful, kind woman who had seen the accident and she wanted to offer some information, and I waved at her. But that was not the case; she was angry because I was not traveling at the speed she wanted, which would be over 40 mph. I was still shook up. I made my left turn to go onto Choto Road at that flashing light and she blew. Still being shook up, I looked back at her and I pulled into the neighborhood there … and the guy behind her was shaking his head like I was an idiot. … I’m just sorry that I have neighbors like that in West Knoxville. … I’m sorry I was driving so slow if I offended them, but if I hadn’t been there it could have been their turn with that young man, and perhaps they would learn to be a little more appreciative of people who follow the speed limits around here. I am known as a good driver, I have good reflexes … the affluence side isn’t worth a dime when it comes to their character, a lot of ’em aren’t worth a dime.

• In regard to the kids in Farragut who are learning to drive, or who are driving, some of their parents need to be aware of their actions and what they are teaching their kids. (Recently) I was in a mass of traffic on West End (Avenue) as school let out. Behind me was a lady in a silver blue jaguar with three teens and she was putting on mascara from Buddy’s Barbecue past Turkey Creek Road. I turned off of Turkey Creek Road, and I don’t know how much farther it continued. Also, a father was driving an SUV and the teens in the car were not in their seatbeats. So, what are the parents teaching their children?

• Your article in the April 7 sports section on Farragut-Bearden baseball was unfairly presented. About 80 percent of the storyline dealt with Bearden and their losing effort, their players and their coaches. The balance of the story dealt with Farragut in whole or part, but included no comments by players or coaches. Regardless of the sympathies of your paper or its reporter, a game between these two teams, which you present as rivals, should provide some semblance of fair and balanced reporting. You provided no Farragut coverage of this game anywhere else in your paper. This is disgraceful.

Editor’s Note: We dropped the ball on this one. We apologize to Coach Pharr, his staff, the team and the fans.

• I just wanted to be sure everyone is aware of the newest Japanese restaurant, in the middle of Village Green Shopping Center, Gohan-Ya. It is really an asset to our community. The food is not the typical … fare, but authentic Japanese home cooking with such offerings as meat loaf, curry and noodle dishes, along with sushi and teriyaki. The atmosphere is very relaxing; there are private rooms if you wish with sliding doors, and they even have a movie of the day playing behind the bar. They are open both for lunch and dinner. I encourage folks to give it a try, you will definitely be glad you did.

• I was just wondering why Bettye Sisco’s been absent from the farragutpress lately? Even her column has disappeared. Where’d you go, Bettye? Come back.

• I tried to call the (Knox County) Animal Control about loose dogs that are in the neighborhood that are aggressive, going after children and making people so they can’t even walk down the street safely in our own neighborhood. And unless you leave your full name, which is going to get you in conflict with your neighbors in the neighborhood, they will not come out. I told them, “can’t they come out and check it and at least see before … the kids get home from school and their kids are out walking in front of the bus stop so nobody gets attacked?” And the guy hung up on me. So, I really want to say, “thank you very much, the Knox County Animal Control, for being completely useless.” The good use of our taxpayer dollars. Maybe when a kid gets killed out here, you may get off your butts and decide to run out here and do something about it.

• While everyone appreciates the 163 days [as of Thursday, April 14] that you keep publishing in the paper about the wheel tax for the new school, there needs to be some questions asked. Since the wheel tax went into effect, where is the money for the new school? Who has it? What account is it in? How much? And also, the superintendent [Dr. Charles Lindsey)] and the representative from this end on the school board [Karen Carson, District 5, and Chuck James, District 6] needs to be held accountable as to why this new school has not been started. When is land going to be bought? When are the plans going to be submitted? We need dates, we need accountability, especially where the money is concerned. And I would hope that (farragutpress) would do an in-depth article on this. We need some answers as to where this money from the wheel tax is actually being spent if it is not being spent on purchasing land for the new school. Also, why cannot we have schools that have more than one floor on ’em? Big cities have schools with five, six floors on ’em, and everybody is happy. We’ll look forward to reading the article that you do in-depth on the wheel tax and the school that is to be built from it.

• I was calling in regard to the trees on Virtue Road and everyone writing about them. I think it’s ridiculous that so many people are angry about cutting them down. It’s not from foolish driving, and everyone’s saying, it’s from inexperienced driving. The people that have died have been 16 and 17 years old. They’re young teenagers, they’re inexperienced. They’re not foolish. So basically, everyone’s just saying, “Oh, save the trees, kill the kids.” They’re trees. That’s it, and we’re talking about human life. I really wish people would stop talking about it and just have them cut down because all these young teenage kids are dying from them.

• Enough is enough about the trees on Virtue Road. My children will be driving down that road someday and I’m glad the town of Farragut is taking action to keep their citizens safe. Of all the problems in our world, cutting down a couple of old trees should be well down on the list. Maybe I’m one of the few, but I believe possibly saving a human life is far more important than a couple of trees. I think it’s time we all get our priorities straight. I agree that drivers should slow down and be more careful on Virtue Road. However, why aren’t we worried about protecting our children instead of protecting our trees?

• I recently picked up a copy of the Metro Pulse, and was shocked to see the pornographic nature of this publication. Doesn’t Farragut have decency laws that prohibits this type of free publication distributed so closely to our schools? In that publication I saw ads for prostitution, pornographic, suggestive ads. I suggest that people pick this up and look this publication over and stop the spread of this kind of magazine in our community. … I also wanted to add that I think a lot of people don’t realize the nature of the pictures that are displayed in there. And a lot of the ads are so pornographic in nature. And classifieds are extremely pornographic. … I don’t think people read it. So I encourage concerned citizens to pick one up and just look through there and see exactly the type of material that’s being presented to our community and distributed freely for children or anyone to pick up.


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