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• Has anyone else noticed that the post office in Farragut has gone from six pickups Monday through Friday to two pickups Monday through Friday, which are right together (at) 1:30 and 4:30 so that the mail gets off by stuffing the mailbox? At least if they were going to cut back, they should do it on a 9 a.m. pickup and a 4 p.m. pickup, something like that; instead there’s 22 hours between pickups. And on Saturday they’ve gone from three pickups to just one pickup. Is there any reason for this? I think that they should at least have one in mornings during the week, and one in the afternoon as a minimum.

• According to the farragutpress it’s now been [191] since the Wheel Tax was passed in Knox County. So far we have seen nothing concerning when the new school is going to be built in West Knox County, nor have we seen any accountability towards this. I want to thank the last (caller) who (called) also urging e-mails and calls to the school board and to the county commissioners. However, I believe these will not do any good. I would like to urge your readers to call WATE-TV 6 and ask that they do an in-depth investigation into the Wheel Tax and what has become of the money and the school, and why it has not been built. Also, encourage the farragutpress to start their articles on these subjects immediately.

• WATE-TV News 6 made the right decision, they moved John Henry from sports to weekend news anchor. The switch in weekend news anchors was long overdue. WBIR-TV can’t win for losing. Read the sign hanging on the newsroom wall during the 11 o’clock news, it reads “Accuracy First,” then start counting the errors in their stories thereafter.

• Not only does the University of Tennessee have football players who get in trouble with the law, they also have six ... six Tennessee Highway Patrolmen accompany them on out-of-town games. Last week we learned that six state troopers had been spotted drinking beer — presumably out of uniform — last fall on a sports trip out of town. Two of the troopers in question involve a lieutenant and a captain. One of the troopers reportedly drove a state van after drinking a beer. What kind of example does this set? State troopers need to be role models.

• I would like to express my agreement with the person who was disappointed by First Baptist Concord’s decision not to lower the flag in sympathy over the death of the Pope. I’m a Catholic who has been attending First Baptist for over a year now, and I even made an attempt to contact the church to find out why the flag was not at half-staff. I was told that the facilities manager would be contacted, and if she deemed it necessary the flag would be lowered. Obviously, it was not. I want First Baptist to know that they made a huge statement to other Christians in Farragut when they made the decision not to show deference for a fellow Christian. No matter what the doctrine of each church, we had a great opportunity to unite and show respect for our fellow Christian brothers and sisters. But instead we’ve perpetuated the belief that there is a division between the denominations. I wonder if they recognize what kind of statement they were making to non-Christians, Christians and other denominations in light of the fact that car dealerships, banks, corporate offices and the farragutpress showed their condolences, and they did not. Was this the intention? I know it was not an oversight, especially since they were contacted. Maybe someone could address this.

• I was just reading [through the lens, May 5] about the speeding on Virtue [Road] and Kingston Pike, and we didn’t realize we had only one police officer patrolling 24-hours-a-day. I think it is ridiculous. It’s no wonder no one stops at stop signs or speeds completely in the town of Farragut. I live in Saddleridge, and the speed limit is 25 and cars are running 45 to 50 up and down the street all the time. So it’s not just a matter of the town of Farragut, but also in the neighborhoods. I think it’s ridiculous, and I think they do need to do something about it. They’re so involved in trying to do other things, keep the area clean and this and that, but what about killing kids or just speeders or joggers or bicycles, anything? I think something should be done about it as soon as possible? If we start now, maybe within 10 years it’ll be ready.

• Farragut does not need its own police department. That is, [this is] about the fastest way I know of for us to end up needing a property tax in Farragut in order to support a police department, which is going to be a very expensive venture for a town this size. We do not have enough crime to merit a police department, and a few officers here and there are not going to slow down the teenagers or anyone else, for that matter, that’s driving too fast down on residential streets. They may ticket a few people occasionally, but it isn’t going to have a tremendous effect on speeders either. At the very most, Farragut should sign a contract with the Sheriff’s Department in order to put several officers out here at a time, instead of just the one plus the one backup that I read about in the paper. So, that would be my suggestion, do a contract with Sheriff [Tim] Hutchison and have a few more officers. We should definitely not have our own police department.

• I’m responding to the personal [rebuttal] to my comments about Metro Pulse. I suppose the reader that (called) in thinks it’s OK to write the “F” word and the “C” word in a newspaper as written by the Metro Pulse, issue April 14, 2005. This magazine is distributed free in the Subway across from the Farragut Middle School. In addition to the obscenities in this paper, the feature cover is of a drag queen in Knoxville. The last seven pages are women in thongs and bras and couples in sexual poses. The classified ads are of prostitution and phone sex ads. You call me closed-minded, are you kidding? I’m addressing the dignity of our community and the protection of our children. I’ve lived too long as a mother and a wife to ignore the vulgar materials thrust on our community. Metro Pulse is free and available for anyone to pick up, and I made that mistake and I was totally shocked and no one is bringing this into my home ever again. I hope others will support me [Inaudible final sentence].

• I have to disagree with the two letters [May 5] regarding the recent tragic car accident. As a parent, my heart aches for these families. I think this could have happened to any one of our children [or any adult]. This night was a series of bad choices that led to a terrible, terrible tragedy. I don’t think saying, “If they were given the right moral values when they were growing up, this would not happen” or putting the parents’ pictures in the paper would solve anything. I don’t know either of these families, but I know they are hurting. Instead of judging, what we should be saying to them is, “I’m sorry, how can I help?”

• This past week, one of Farragut’s oldest and most used businesses came tumbling down. The Concord Laundro-mat, I have been using it off and on for 37 years. And there was always a flow of people coming and going with their laundry. Surely, some industrious person could fill one of Farragut’s empty buildings with this much-needed business. We have enough restaurants and banks. Hoping Ruth Hawk [town of Farragut community development director] would allow this to happen.


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