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• I am appalled at the behavior of some Farragut Primary School parents. A group of concerned parents has made numerous copies of a negative teacher request form. They are soliciting parents to complete them and negative request certain first- and second-grade teachers for the upcoming school year. I feel sorry for these teachers because a few bad parents can tarnish their careers [inaudible]. These parents are the ones that need character counts lessons, not their children. Shame, shame on you Farragut Primary School parents. Give all the teachers a fair chance. They wouldn’t be there if they weren’t good teachers.

• This is about the dilapidated [convenience stores in Farragut]. … I suggest you update your pumps to come into the 21st Century. Or, at least have signage, and that’s on there so people understand what they’re doing when they pull up to the pump. I had never pumped gas there but chose to do so, and pulled up to the pump which is “pay inside only,” and pulled up to a premium pump and I didn’t realize it. I had to pay premium because that’s what was run on my credit card, it could not be changed. I will never go back to [this particular store] because it was so frustrating that I had to pay for premium gas. And I might actually consider changing my patronage to [another business], if they would just get those cool ice cap cappucino drinks I would do it in a heartbeat because I think they’re doing better for the customers. Not everyone who lives in Farragut can afford to put premium gas in their car.

• I was calling about the article on Cook’s Grill closing [May 12 issue] in regards to the sign ordinance of Farragut. I think that the owner of the restaurant was not looking at the real facts. The real facts were he was undercapitalized, you could tell from the building, it still looked like a Burger King building. He changed his food menu about eight times in the period of a year, which doesn’t help. Blaming the Farragut sign ordinance, I think, is the wrong thing to do. The sign ordinance protects our property values and makes Farragut a nice place to live. So, instead of blaming somebody else, he ought to just move on and try to be successful somewhere else.

• I’d like to comment about Cook’s Grill closing, it was in the farragutpress. I just wanted to say that I don’t think it had anything to do with the signage. I had eaten there and quite frankly the food was not very good at all. And I had tried it a second time, thinking that maybe it was just per chance that it was not a very good meal, and the second time it wasn’t very good. So, I don’t think people can complain so much about businesses not doing well because of the signage. I think that if they have a good product, that people will find them and come.

• I think the county needs to look at putting red lights, or stop lights, at the bottom of the exit ramps on Westland Drive coming off of Pellissippi Parkway. Maybe they could blink all day long except during the rush-hour traffic time in the mornings and evenings. Whether you’re coming down the ramp, going either direction, when you get to the bottom and want to turn left during the morning or evening hours when traffic is real heavy, it’s just almost impossible to turn sometimes, particularly if you’re a little squeamish, don’t want to get out in that traffic. It sure would help to have traffic lights at the bottom of ’em.

• I’m calling in response to the restaurant closing in Farragut, Cook’s Grill. It was a great restaurant and so many people have complained about not bringing business into Farragut and everything going outside of Farragut and buildings being left empty. This is why, because we don’t support our local businesses. I’m really sorry to see that place go.

• I want to comment on the proposed clean water ordinance that the town of Farragut is looking to amend. The mayor [W. Edward Ford III] made a big point that the town has to do this because of Federal law. But if you read the act, it’s entirely discretionary whether the town does it or not, and it seems to me it’s just another example of the town wanting to have more control over people’s property. And I think this is a big mistake.

• I am only 19 years old and my family and I are acquainted with both of the families that have recently lost young girls in car accidents in the Knoxville area. And I‘ve been reading the comments in the presstalk and I am basically appalled that so many people are self-righteous they are blaming the parents or blaming the kids themselves. And I think that they should take a good, long look at their own lives before they start judging other lives and other people without knowing their situation and without knowing, first of all, how experienced these girls were, how involved the parents were in their lives. It is very saddening to have to read these self-righteous people talk about people that I was close to, and they were not related, they do not know them, and they don’t know the experiences these parents are going though, and this is not making it any better. I think that what these people are doing is awful, and I think the only thing you can do is just pray that it doesn’t happen again. Blaming people is not the answer, and blaming kids and parents is not going to get you anywhere. Blame does not get anyone anywhere.

• Once again, with the time changes for mail drops at the Farragut Post Office, it just goes to show how uncustomer friendly they are. I think that Farragut probably needs a little bit more customer friendly service and also workers that are willing to work. Apparently, it seems like, they don’t have enough staff, there’s never enough lines open in the post office. And now they want to cut down on when they do mail pickups.


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