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ē I just wanted to call and say that lately Iíve been very disappointed in the behavior of employees of different fast-food restaurants and gas stations. It seems like customer service has just gone downhill completely. Every time I walk into a gas station or a restaurant and I say ďhiĒ to the employee behind the counter, they just look at me like Iím stupid, they donít smile, they donít say ďthank you, youíre welcome,Ē any of that stuff. So, I just want to say to the local employees, just please be nice, give me a smile and say ďthanks for stopping by.Ē

ē I was just driving down Parkside Drive again, and it just amazes me that at [the] Turkey Creek [Commercial District], there [are] so many multiple millions of dollars worth of development. And other than a bank and a Weigelís [Farm Store] on Campbell Station Road, thereís just nothing being developed on the Farragut side of the Turkey Creek Commercial District. There just has to be something wrong with why they are developing everything in Knoxville and not Farragut. Itís surprising when ex-Farragut Mayor Bob Leonard is the legal counsel for the Turkey Creek partners. And even with him involved, they donít seem to want to develop anything in Farragut. I just donít understand it, it seems strange.

ē This is a request to the Post Office department here in Farragut. We desperately need more drop boxes in and around the Farragut area, particularly the Turkey Creek area. With all the businesses that are going in and are already there, we could surely use some more drop boxes. I think that anything that you can do to make life a little more convenient for people who live in Farragut, itís certainly worth the investment of a simple drop box.

Editorís Note: Perhaps you should speak with the manager at the Farragut Post Office branch.

ē [Recently] we lost another animal in the Hickory Woods Subdivision to what is being blamed as a coyote. I donít know if a study has been done to document just how many coyotes are in the area. But it stands to reason that Farragut residents need to be aware that there is becoming an increasing problem with coyotes. People need to be aware they donít need to leave small pets left out at night because we are losing small dogs and cats. If thereís any information that could be published to help residents, I would ask [farragutpress] to do so.

Editorís Note: Weíll check with nature writer Lyn Bales on the subject.

ē This is in response to the 19-year-old who seems to think that those of us who made comments and editorials on the two girls that died are self-righteous. I would just like to tell that young [person], Iím 45 and guess what? Iím alive. Why? Because I was raised right. Nowadays you go to Farragut High School and kids are driving BMWs, Jaguars, Mercedes, theyíre spoiled. And itís terrible how these kids are not given the moral values that we were taught 20, 30, 40 years ago. I drank when I was in high school, but I drank at home on the weekends with my parents present. My dad always kept the liquor cabinet with a Master Lock on it. And it was driven into our heads that you do not drink and drive. You do not drink when you go out if you have to drive home. So itís not a matter of us being self-righteous idiots, itís a matter of we were brought up in a different society where parents cared. Parents didnít spoil us, they didnít give us $20 and say, ďhere, you go here because Iíve got to go to Ö some place, no. Yes, we feel sorry that these girls died, but we need to learn from mistakes and the only way weíre going to learn is to make society change and go back to the moral values of 20, 30 years ago. Parents, grow up, teach your kids values.

ē I am responding to the comments made regarding the non-request forms at Farragut Primary School. Every parent has the right to submit a non-request form for their child. Only one form per child is accepted and it requires both the childís and the parentsí names. Whether the form comes from a school office or a copy machine, it should not matter. As parents, our primary responsibility is to advocate for our children. It is not to give benefit of the doubt to someone we feel would be a poor match for our child simply because they are a teacher at Farragut Primary School. Just because a teacher was a great match for your child, they may be polar opposites for mine. As a parent, I should have the opportunity to make this request. If you believe just because a teacher works at Farragut Primary School automatically makes them a great teacher for every child that walks through their door, you are mistaken. Everyone is different. I honestly believe if [a FPS official] received a large number of forms that appear to bash a specific teacher, she is bright enough and determined enough that she would call these parents and investigate if a problem existed or not. This certainly can be another level of accountability for their teachers.

ē I am calling about the comments the last couple of weeks about the Farragut Post Office only having two mail pickups per day. I donít know whether the people in Farragut realize, but it appears to be a countywide situation, not just Farragut. And letís not complain to the folks that work so hard at the Farragut Post Office. The main office on Weisgarber Road only has two pickups on the drop boxes in front of their post office. One other thing: I know that they do try to keep everything lawn-mowed around our Farragut Post Office, but it desperately needs to be weeded. If this is not in the budget for Farragut Post Office, possibly the post office could post a day or two a season that volunteers could come and do some weeding around the post office. Make it a community effort.

ē†Iím calling about the negative-teacher request form conversation presstalk information. If that many parents are turning in negative-teacher request forms, there must be a problem. And the principal has a right to know that she needs to be looking into this. I donít think most parents at the primary school want to just get a teacher in trouble just for fun. There must be a problem. Even professors at the university get student evaluations at the end of the semester. Maybe thatís what the primary school needs to move to if this is what a person is so concerned about that theyíre just trying to smear a teacherís name.

ē†I have had no problem with the police officers in Farragut. However, I have noticed that every time I stop at Pilot, there are at least one or two police cars out front and police officers inside. Has anyone else noticed this? What is going on? Why are they at Pilot and not at Weigelís?

ē Iím just reading the farragutpress regarding replacing the pool at Concord [Park], and it says that ďthe public has an opportunity to express themselves by May 20Ē but then itís ended and it doesnít say where. Todayís May 20 and Iíd just like to say that weíre very much in favor of a family YMCA, I think itís good for the community, I think itís good for families. I see a limited number taking advantage of boat slips. But I think this is something that could be a healthy addition to the Farragut community.

ē Iím calling about the parent [inaudible] negative-request forms, targeting specific teachers in Farragut. The [May 19] caller seems to think Farragut is just too perfect to have a bad teacher or two. Well, most of our teachers are great. But our child had one that was just awful. The school administration said she should be removed but they canít because sheís tenured. Well, Iím sorry, but teachers like that have had their fair chance and then some. I think the parents circulating the forms should be applauded for taking action instead of just whining about it. I sure wish someone had done that for my child.

ē I certainly hope that the farragutpress is sending a reporter to Hawaii in July to verify that our Knox County commissioners do actually attend the NACO meetings. I for one would like to know everything they do for the duration of the trip. Who goes with them, where they stay, where they eat, where they go and what they do. Everything should be for the benefit of all of Knox County and not for their own personal enjoyment and leisure. Your reporter can find out what our commissioners may learn that will ďhelp their community.Ē Maybe your reporter will discover the problems that our commissioners are having which require them to travel all the way to Hawaii to search for solutions. I donít recall them having a workshop at any local hotel to search for solutions to these unmentioned predicaments. I would like to know what they are. I might have a suggestion that would not cost as much as a trip to Hawaii. Wanda Moody is the only commissioner with a legitimate explanation of why she is planning to attend. At least she is paying her own airfare. Mary Lou Horner doesnít feel bad at all because as she said: ďWhat I find out, what I can bring back and help my community ... things that Iíve been able to get for my community, I learned from going to the national conference of NACO.Ē That quote really says it all, doesnít it? ďYou bring in people from all over the country with different problems and solutions across the nation:Ē Billy Tindell says. ďItís that simple and we get a lot out of it and itís worth the bucks.Ē Thatís because itís not his bucks he is spending. Itís ours and I donít want mine paying for their ďprofessional development.Ē Let them pay for that just as any of us would have to do, from our own finances not the taxpayers. Larry Stevens says what heís learned at past conferences has helped his constituents and he isnít worried about what others may think. ďEverything we do, thereís a perception. Iím not concerned about perceptions. Iím going for the right reasons.Ē Maybe your reporter can find out what Larry Stevens learned that help us so much. I would like to know specifically how his attending the conferences has helped me! Frankly, Iím concerned that he ďisnít worried about what others may think.Ē Who are these people and why do we continue to elect them?


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