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ē I do believe that all this talk about silt in streams in Farragut is a politically contrived fiasco to halt commercial development in Farragut. To abscond land, privately held land, for political gain ó and is based solely on opinion with no scientific basis. May I say that silt from the WWPS and industrial pollutants are more likely the real culprits of the deplorable conditions of our waterways than someoneís backyard spring. Do the politicians of Farragut want to look into the real issues? Please discuss. And I just have one other question: Whenís the last time you couldnít eat a fish ícause it had clay silt in it?

ē I am calling about this town of Farragut and the town ordinance. I was driving on Campbell Station Road [recently] and there were some garage sale signs at 10 a.m. in the morning. So, we had workers from the town of Farragut yanking up peopleís garage sale signs who couldnít have been out there more than two hours. Now, I realize that this is a high-falutiní area now, but a lot of us have lived here for a long time and thereís a lot of older people in this area who like to go to garage sales; and a lot of us younger people that just need to get rid of junk. So, having a garage sale is a good thing. The individuals that I spoke with ó there were two workers on the town of Farragut picking up garage sale signs, and I said to them, ďwhy donít you leave us alone?Ē They tell us, ďitís the town ordinance, we cannot have garage sale signs.Ē That is absolutely ludicrous. Now I could see if the signs had been up there a week, or even three days, but if youíre having a garage sale on Friday and Saturday, why can the town of Farragut not let stuff alone and let people have garage sales? I do not understand where these people think they get off being so holier than thou and not allowing people to put a freaking sign up for a garage sale.

ē This is in reference to the ZIP Code for Farragut. I called the number listed on the paper, and they said, ďwe are very welcome to use Farragut because the mail will come to Farragut whether it was to Farragut or Knoxville,Ē as long as we use the new ZIP Code [37934]. And by the way, did you know that that post office over there across from our [town hall] is not Farragut, itís Knoxville, because itís 37922. But they said that our mayor [W. Edward Ford III] asked for a ZIP Code for Farragut. He didnít specify he wanted it to say Farragut, I guess.

ē Iím calling about the water buffer in the town of Farragut. I personally have lived in this town since the town of Farragut existed. We own property on a creek, have just built a home, and I do not understand why they think they need 50 feet on either side of this buffer. In Knox County and Knoxville City, they have 25 feet. They expect us to just pretty much turn our land over to them, 50 feet on either side of this stream. And I have to continue to maintain it. Now if theyíre going to come in and act like theyíre some big hotshots, and theyíre going to lay down all these laws and stuff from people, mind you, who most of íem have never grown up here. This isnít their home, theyíve moved here. You know, you guys need to just stand back and take a breath, because a lot of people who live here, this has been their home, and we donít need you guys coming in and telling us what we need to do. If there is a problem with water quality, maybe you guys should look at all the industry thatís going in and around Turkey Creek for that reason. Itís not the homeownersí fault that itís all backed up. We havenít done anything to this water system. If you think you need to come in and tell us what we can and cannot do with our property that we purchased with our money, then youíve got another thing coming. I think youíre all crazy.

ē Iím responding to the non-request forms for teachers at the [Farragut] Primary School. There was a [presstalk] in last week from a former educator, and I think thatís great and that the teachers go through rigorous training. Everybody in a profession usually does. However, I have a mother volunteering for three years at that school, and when you are outside in a hallway and you can hear teachers screaming through the door at children, you know what ó I donít want my child to have that teacher, to be a student in her classroom. There are great teachers down there, but there are a few that are not good teachers. And because teachers can get tenured, once you have a teacher in there thatís not good, then you know what, itís real hard to get them out, Iím sure. We donít want a screamer. My children get that at home, and we donít want it at school. And for parents who never volunteer, you know, and are never there to observe and just go off on what their sons say, thatís one thing, but those of us parents that are there and involved, we know what constitutes good teaching and not. You can tell when you first meet a person if theyíre there for a paycheck or if theyíre there for the children. This past year, we had a teacher who was only there for the paycheck. Sheís nearing retirement, couldnít have cared less what was going on in her classroom. So, anybody that ever asks me about her, yeah, Iím going to tell íem what kind of experience we had and what I observed from being there in the classroom.

ē This is in regard to the Turkey Creek flow into the town of Farragut. I think that since we do have this Turkey Creek flowing through the town, that everyone, no matter where it comes from, needs to take responsibility. It does impact the view of the town when you go by and the waterís standing there and itís green and brown and very dirty looking and filthy. I think that itís just another environmental thing that we canít blame on someone else, but if itís in our town, I think we need to step up to the plate and take care of what we can take care of. If parts of it can be fixed in other places, then maybe a group of people need to get together and talk about it. Just like cleaning up the litter: It may come from people from other parts of the town that throw it in our town, but I think that itís our responsibility to clean it up. If youíre taking walks or bike rides or whatever and you see trash, I think that we should take it upon ourselves to make the town as beautiful as possible.

ē This is about the schools, and it is wonderful that we are going to get a new high school. I was looking at my sonís album the other day, his yearbook, and noticed an overview picture from the air taken of Farragut High School, and it seems like why donít they add a couple of more stories to the current school? They could also add onto the back of the school, that is that horrible hill thatís all muddy that goes out to Campbell Station Road, where there also needs to be a left-turn light for people turning into the school in the morning. Itís horrible that they have to sit there for so long. But [concerning the building issue] I just donít understand ó either that or build another school in Farragut. But it seems like that would be really a neat way to do it, is to go up instead of out.

ē For two weeks [during a recent stretch] the streetlights have been off on Kingston Pike from BB&T bank east to the Weigelís. Makes it a little difficult driving that stretch of Kingston Pike. And it appears the reason for that is because of the upcoming construction at the site where Concord Produce was. I donít feel like the public should be inconvenienced because a private enterprise is going to put up a new shopping center. They should have to shoulder the expense to have those lights turned on and off by the utility folks every day and not inconvenience the public.


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