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Sidewalks, stormwater top FMPC discussion

Discussions on the Stormwater Ordinance and plans to construct a sidewalk on Smith Road raised concerns from Farragut townspeople at the Farragut Municipal Planning Commission meeting Thursday, June 16, at Town Hall.

Ruth Hawk, town development director, went over the differences between the current ordinance and the proposed ordinance.

“Primarily, the differences being the first flush and using the ‘Duct Management Practices Manual’ and also with the piping … [it should] be concrete pipe so that the life of the street and the life of the pipe are more comparable,” Hawk said.

The Commission decided stormwater appeals would go to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen rather than going straight to court.

Former Farragut Mayor Robert Leonard agreed with this decision.

“It is in my opinion that our town, which is still small, and was created much smaller than it is now, was always more comfortable if appeals went to the elected officials,” he said. “They can either accept the responsibility and the pain of going against the community, if that’s what it is, or the very good pride in going with what the community believes is right.”

FMPC chairman Robert Hill said, “I think most of the commission, if not all, shares your concern and idea that the elected officials are appointed to do things like this, that’s why they get paid a lot.”

Farragut town engineer Darryl Smith said, “The biggest difference between these requirements and what we have in place now, as I said, are that the fifty-year storm post developed … must be detained back to the pre-developed ten-year level.”

Farragut resident Chester Cardwell said, “I really believe the Stormwater Ordinance is a knee-jerk reaction to get out of hot water … It’s like the pendulum swung from one end to the other and missed the middle.”

Cardwell asked commissioners to reconsider the 100-year storm volume, stating that the detention size for a 100-year storm is only 10 to 15 percent as big as a 50-year storm container, which is not a significant increase in size.

Noah Myers of Myers Brothers Holdings, asked how his already approved hydrology plan would be affected.

Smith said, it is “not the intent to retrofit basins already approved.”

Hill said the Commission will vote on the issue at the Commission’s next meeting.

The commission did not vote to approve the proposed sidewalk on Smith Road; instead, they decided to defer the decision to FBMA.

Three Smith Road residents attended the meeting to address the commission on the proposed sidewalk to be located on the north side of Smith Road between Grigsby Chapel Road and Andover Boulevard.

Smith Road resident Robert Harrison said he was concerned about losing trees on his property.

“One of the things we’d like to add here is keeping the trees, which, in addition to their beauty and contribution to our environment, allow both visual and sound barriers,” Harrison said.

Hickory Woods Drive resident Roger Casteel said he wanted to present the Commission with a signed petition from 28 residents affected by the proposed sidewalk in the Hickory Woods subdivision.

“Concerning the action of Board of Mayor and Alderman to commit to the installation of stop signs and flashing lights at the corner of Smith Road and Hickory Woods Road, we the undersigned greatly appreciate your decisive action that we believe will help in addressing the traffic safety problems that plague the residents of Hickory Woods subdivision and those that live along Smith Road,” he said.

“We the undersigned also request further action by the [FMPC] and the Board to vote against the proposed widening of Smith Road. We believe that widening the road will significantly increase the amount of traffic on this road as it will give further incentive for more and more people to use Smith Road to bypass Kingston Pike … simply stated, we want to keep our community. We do not want a major thoroughfare alongside our homes.”

In public hearing,

the Commission:

• unanimously approved (6-0, Farragut Mayor W. Edward Ford III was absent, Commissioners Carol Evans and Edward St. Clair abstained) the final plat for Park Place submitted by Fred Leonard, located behind Town Hall, zoned R-4, 16.91 acres, 56 lots.

• unanimously agreed to defer a hearing on a preliminary plat for Inverness - Unit 5, Parcel 21.06 and a portion of Parcel 21, Tax Map 153, 10.21 acres, zoned R-2 and R-3, 30 lots.

• unanimously agreed to defer a hearing on a preliminary plat for Inverness - Unit 6, Parcel 21.06 and a portion of Parcel 21, Tax Map 153, 24.94 acres, zoned R-2, 46 lots.

• unanimously decided to postpone a hearing on a preliminary plat for the Outlet Drive Extension across Parcel 154, Tax Map 130, 23.02 acres, zoned C-2.


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