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• I was calling concerning the new ZIP Code. Isn’t it kind of a defeated purpose that we have to add numbers to our ZIP Code and yet we still go by Knoxville, Tennessee? If my friends were coming through town and I told them I lived in Farragut, is this something that really needs to take place or is this just something else that causes people to have to change address labels and soforth? If we’re going to get a new ZIP Code, then why don’t we go by Farragut, Tennessee, instead of Knoxville, since we do not live in Knoxville?

Editor’s Note: As in the past, residents of Farragut may post mail with Farragut, Tennessee, as a return or primary address. The mail will be delivered.

• In response to the former educator with Knox County schools, while I agree that non-request forms are a negative practice that should be discontinued, I must take exception to the comments regarding the parents. I have no idea about that form; and yes, I did observe in the classroom, and what I observed were antiquated teaching practices being implemented. The attitude that just because you complete an accreditation means that there are no problems and every teacher is good is naïve. Not every teacher is good for every child. Furthermore, the children also deserve respect and should not be made to feel inadequate by the educators. I encourage all parents to be advocates for their children and never let anybody make you feel that you don’t have a say in your child’s education.

• Of course we need aquatic buffers. We need them as long as we are developing our uplands. The vegetative buffer zone as proposed is common sense if we are to avoid environmental dysfunction in the future. Creative property owners, developers and town planners will eventually see how advantageous these stream-side buffer areas can be as landscape and open space amenities, and in maintaining or increasing overall property values in the long-term.

• I live in Village Green subdivision off Campbell Station Road, and I’m just wondering why the town of Farragut takes garage sale signs down after a couple of hours, but the sign for the Knoxville Open, and other signs for the Knoxville Open, can stay up several days. It seems as if there must be some double standard here.

Editor’s Note: The Knoxville Open signs were presented and approved by the Farragut governing boards to be placed on town property. Garage sale signs are not.

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