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• I’m calling in regards to the boater safety [Through the Lens question] for the summer. I personally own a jet ski and I think that kids should be able to ride on ’em, but not operate ’em. I think maybe they should be 16 and have a driver’s license. Same for adults too, in order to operate one, because there’s just too many accidents happening.

• What I’d like to know is, if they’re cutting teacher jobs and all kinds of school positions in the existing schools, and the county has $50 million-plus to build a new high school, how on earth do they expect to staff this school if they’re having to cut positions in the existing schools? This is just too much to believe. It’s ridiculous. Tell those people to get their act together.

• This is in regard to your [Through the Lens] questions about wildlife resources and this boating safety. We have some personal watercraft that comes spinning through a very small cove where children swim. It’s at the 610 mile marker and it would be greatly appreciated if that was patrolled a little better, or put up a sign of some sort. But it seems to be quite deliberate. There are many children who swim in here all the time.

• I just wanted to publicly say “thank you” to the nice gentleman who took time out of his morning to help a stranded motorist (me!) while I was parked at Walgreens in Farragut a couple weeks ago. It is nice to know that there are still people in the world like this man who cared enough to notice I was in a bind, offered to jump start my car and did it with a smile on his face. I should note that a woman also asked if I needed help. She saw the hood of my car open and didn’t just look away like others did. I don’t know this man’s name or anything about him except by the soccer references on his T-shirt and vehicle. So if anyone knows a soccer dad out there who recently helped a damsel in distress, please give him a pat on the back for me. His kindness saved my day and made my week.

• I didn’t grow up on the water like so many other people around here, but even so, I’m appalled at the young children swimming in the busy waters and driving boats and jet skis seemingly without any parental supervision. I can’t imagine parents being OK with their kids making area lakes one big, dangerous playground. Driving on the water shouldn’t be looked at any differently than driving on the roads.

• I want to voice my opinion concerning the current threat of tuition hikes at UT. If we are forced to pay a raised tuition cost, where is our money going? It seems that every time I am down on campus a new recreational or athletic building is going up. All the while, many of the educational buildings are falling apart. Though recreation is important to the college experience, UT should refocus itself on the true reason it exists: education.

• I can’t believe [Knox County Schools] superintendent Charles Lindsey would even consider cutting teachers and increasing class sizes as the answer to necessary budget cuts for the schools. We’re building a new school because classes are already too crowded, and we’re practically begging for teachers off the streets. Knox County doesn’t exactly have stellar marks in national rankings. I don’t see how putting more students in a classroom with teachers who have decreased morale could improve learning.

• Is the U.S. Supreme Court kidding? How can it justify allowing government taking private property and selling it to developers for commercial means? The Founding Fathers of our country specifically designed the Constitution to eliminate that possibility. [Thomas] Jefferson must be turning in his grave.

• I think it has become somewhat tiresome that the national media has determined that the “runaway bride” or the “Tom Cruise assessment of psychology” is the “story everyone is talking about” or the “story everyone wants to know.” The national media is no better than the supermarket tabloids. They jump on anything that the “Jerry Springer” crowd relishes. Whatever happened to real journalism?

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