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• This concerns the new [Farragut] ZIP code that we just received at 37934. I don't know if anybody else has had problems, but everyone does not accept Farragut 37934 because "379" is a Knoxville prefix. And my question is, what happened? Where is Farragut's own ZIP code? Why are we not a town, Farragut, Tennessee, like Lenoir City, Powell — they have their own prefix and are not connected to Knoxville. This is a concern because I'm proud to be here and I like living in Farragut. And everybody's very, very confused. We even had our insurance cancelled because it didn't even recognize 37934, then it didn't recognize 37934 connected to Farragut. And it just popped us into a whole new PPO thing that we ended up having to pay upfront for pharmaceuticals and it just really made a big mess. I hope that other people kinda look at this and stand up to the plate and maybe, you know, get the mayor or somebody to re-figure this and question why did the post office do this when we are not Knoxville. We are Farragut and I think we deserve our own special ZIP Code.

• I'm calling in response to youth athletics. I'm a Ph.D in sports psychology and thought I might have some thought-provoking tips for parents: No. 1, traveling year-round to sporting events does not make an athlete better, especially under the age of 14. Burnout and disinterest are the most likely outcome of this practice. No. 2, you cannot purchase athletic talent for your child. Athletic talent is born, not bought. The more likely outcome of purchasing constant lessons for your child is growth plate injuries and overuse injuries. This is a sure sign that you child needs a break to heal and grow. No. 3, parents, please be realistic about your child's talent level and accept the fact that your child, at best, is probably average to above average. There are really only a few children that talented enough to excel to the level of Division I college athletics. Unless your child has placed in the top three locally, the top 10 regionally or the top 20 nationally, Division I schools are probably not considering your child for a scholarship. No. 4, parent,s please save your money and your child's study time after school so that they can get a good education. It is no athletic prize to receive a scholarship to an unknown, weak academic school just for the sake of saying your child has a scholarship. Please encourage your child to study hard and get into a good college. The payoffs for a good education far outweigh an athletic scholarship.

• Congratulations to all of those that attended the [18th Annual Farragut Independence Day] Parade in Farragut. I rode my bike four blocks from Fairview to Campbell Station Road after the parade and was surprised with the small amount of litter that the folks left. The only thing I really found was four water bottles, one Coke can and one banana peel and just a few Tootsie Roll wrappers. I think that's great representation for the Farragut folks.

• Once again the adult children — and I do mean that facetiously — of Rockwell Farm disobeyed the law and had several nights of huge, loud fireworks. When the police were called the dispatcher said they had received a lot of complaints about Rockwell Farm, but once again no law enforcement showed up. What a great example these adults are setting for their children, breaking the law in Knox County and the HOA rules. Why not attend an organized fireworks display and have some consideration for neighbors that have to get up early the next day for work?

• I'm calling about the lack of police protection in Farragut. I'm not for one minute saying that the county police don't do the best they can, it's just a matter of manpower and whether or not the town of Farragut will coordinate with the Sheriff's Department and work out a more detailed plan for covering Farragut. If the mayor and the board say the town can't afford it's own force, couldn't the town agree to "hire" a couple extra deputies exclusively for Farragut?

• Farragut's Fourth of July Parade, or Independence Day Parade, I think they call it, was great. We had our lawn chairs lined along Kingston Pike like so many others, and we saw a little bit of everything. Bob Kesling [Parade Grand Marshal and The Voice of UT Football and Vol Men's Basketball] in that big boat, having the "Mayberry" cast on hand, the Sheriff's helicopters, the many colorful floats and old-time cars. There was a lot of energy among the crowd, and we all just had a big time. Unless there's an emergency in our family next July 4, we'll be back.

• Somebody last week mentioned about the old Texaco station and eyesores and how come the town of Farragut is so strict about signage yet allows property owners to allow "weedage," if you will. I second last week's opinion about asking, "what's the difference?" Why can't the town crack down and demand property owners keep up a minimum level of appearance? My goodness, there's a small tree that's spung up where the pumps used to be at Texaco.

• So, the land issues seem to be settled for the new West Knox County high school. Will there actually be a building in place for the fall of 2007, as I've heard? I sort of doubt it, just because construction delays and petty politics always seem to get in the way. Is the money really there? I'm not saying the money isn't there, folks, I'm just saying I hope I don't have any gray hairs by the time the new school goes up.

• I'm calling about your soccer mom's issue from a couple of week's ago [Affording the cost of youth sports traveling, the ThroughTheLens question in the June 30 issue]. I'm glad to see that Spring Fling high school thing moved to Murfreesboro, but there's something I never see written or talked about in any local media: Do the Middle Tennessee schools get a free ride, pun intended, concerning travel when so many of these state tournaments are in Murfreesboro or Nashville.? How much of the cost does the [Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association] pick up for the Knoxville, Memphis — and especially the Tri-Cities schools — concerning travel expenses? Shouldn't all TSSAA schools have equal mileage expenses to all state tournaments venues? Don't the Middle Tennessee schools have a big expense advantage? Just a thought or two I wanted to throw in because all I hear is how great having state tournaments in Middle Tennessee is.

• I'm calling about parents and their selfishness. Parents just love to carry around their children to all these summer baseball and soccer events. My only question is this: Do the children themselves really enjoy it also? [Heaven help us] if the children are being carried around the state, and to Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, North Carolina and any other state while they're miserable. Or at least they'd rather be on the lake hanging out with friends, or on a "real" vacation somewhere just being a kid.

• I read in one of your recent presstalks about someone calling about how UT has these big tuition hikes every year yet the athletic department keeps popping up new buildings for the Vols and Lady Vols. And that doesn't even consider the issues of low pay for professors — higher pay would mean a higher quality of education because excellent professors would be less likely to leave UT for greener pastures, literally — and less that outstanding academic facilities. Can't we get more of these "yahoo" Vol Football fans who own fancy skyboxes at Neyland Stadium to show more pride for The University of Tennessee as a school. Not just if they're throwing around a football or dunking a basketball.

• I enjoy your [Neseman} cartoons about Farragut and Knox County issues. Who is this [Neseman] anyway. Is he local? I would like to see his or her cartoons more often in the [farragutpress].

• I'm looking forward to Jessica Simpson's appearance at the Parkside Drive Regal Cinemas [Sunday, July18 for "The Dukes of Hazard"]. Does anybody know how close the general public can get to the Ms. Simpson and the other stars? I was just wanting an autograph, I'm a big Jessica Simpson fan. I think's she's great. Anyway, I was hoping someone could tell me and other fans how that works with getting close enough for an autograph.

• People in and near Farragut should be proud of the growth of Parkside Drive. It's really wild how businesses, hospitals, movie theaters and hotels have just shot up in just the last few years.

• I would like to point out an error in one section of PressTalk. The section about the new theater at turkey creek states that the theater lacks WEX. I think it is DOLBY EX.

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