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ē I just have a comment about what was in the newspaper about the church being able to rent from Knox County [July 14 Through The Lens]. I think itís great, itís income for the county and a good cause and it promotes community in the area. I think itís great and should be done more.

ē Regarding Two Rivers Church utilizing Farragut High School, first of all I know that Two Rivers Church has given resources in the way of chairs and lighting to the school for their use, and their moneyís as green as anybody elseís. Letís take advantage of anybody that works in conjunction with the purposes of the school and partners with them.

ē Regarding the rent of schools to other organizations, I love the idea. It seems to be working well. It seems like a win-win [situation].

ē This is in response to your Through The Lens Thursday, July 14, Knox County Schools Space for Rent?: Absolutely, the school space should be utilized by upright organizations within our community that are able to take care of those facilities, provide funds to the schools, etc., religious or not ó that has nothing to do with anything in the Constitution and you are misusing the question of the separation of church and state as so many liberal causes do.

ē You are stirring up a hornetís nest in your fourth sentence of the paragraph [July 14 Through The Lens], which asked what limits should be placed on churches and other groups and organizations wishing to shell out cash to the school system for operating space? Thatís a question filled with attitude to stir up a heated discussion for sure. Just because I sell black clothing to a particular group, does that mean I endorse what they do? No. The schools do not dictate the philosophies of the religious groups, so I donít think the majority of church groups should be regulated. If there were some cults trying to rent from churches, yes, but youíre just giving a lot of food to bigoted people who hate religious groups, even middle-of-the-line religious groups. I know some mainstream people that hate conservative people. Iíve read letters to the editor in newspapers from people from mainline churches that hate evangelicals, so I think youíre stirring up a hornetís nest. Shame on you, the politically correct group. Those who dislike people who practice any religion at all would certainly use this issue to complain and fuss and try to get changes made so that churches cannot worship anywhere. They would seize the land that churches are on because they hate them so much. So, I donít think this is a very good topic because the churches are helping the schools out by paying the rent period, and just because you sell a space doesnít mean you endorse what they do. And just because I sell candy to a child abuser doesnít mean that I approve of child abuse. Or, likewise, if you sell a heart monitor to someone on death row, it doesnít mean you approve of killers, either.

Editorís Note: Discussion is just that ó discussion. To not discuss a topic because someone might not share the same opinion as you is what is shameful. Open discussion is healthy. You mention cults and not allowing them to rent but some of these groups are also protected by the Bill of Rights.

ē I recently read [July 14] Through The Lens on Knox County School space for rent about Two Rivers Church and other churches using schools for rent. I think itís absolutely fine, and I donít think it should even be mentioned about separation of church and state in here, itís ridiculous. Any time the school needs to make extra income, whether it be religious or other, it should be just fine.

ē Iím a former Farragut resident who recently moved from the town and supported Bill Johns in the last election. I was worried theyíd heard the last of Mr. Johns; I was pleased to hear him on the radio [one] Saturday listening to channels on the way to work. His show [inaudible] deals with business and economic ideals for the area. I urge Mayor [W. Edward] Ford [III], his supporters and fans of Billís ideas to tune into his show on 1180 AM at 8 oíclock on Saturday mornings. Youíll see why his [inaudible].

ē Iíd like to ask where Farragut draws the line on its sign ordinances? I continually hear stories about how the town will pull a garage sale sign on a momentís notice, but for months now they have permitted a [company truck] to park next to the road in [a Farragut supermarketís] parking lot. And the townís already acknowledged that this has been reported to them. And [the supermarket] said the truck doesnít belong to them, either. And surely there are better places where it can be parked out of sight. This is clearly an attempt at advertisement whenever the truckís not being used. So, the next time I want to advertise a garage sale I guess Iím going to have to make sure my sign is big enough that it canít be picked up and thrown in the back of one of the townís trucks. I just want to tell you I think youíve got a great newspaper and I really appreciate all the articles, especially the cop beat, to let us know whatís going on in the neighborhood.

ē I recently had a conversation with some friends, teachers, that teach in Knox County. It is so discouraging to read and listen about the budget cuts that will be taking place in the Knox County School[s] System. It is pitiful to see what our teachers make yearly; not only is their salary low, Knox County is cutting positions in assistants, field trips and other areas that benefit our children and teachers. Iíve heard it said that, quote: ďteachers get out all summer, two weeks at Christmas and a week at Spring Break.Ē What most people do not know is that teachers are not paid for this time off. Most of them spend a large sum of money out of their own pockets each year for their classrooms, especially in the lower grades. Did you know that high school teachers receive a 90-minute planning time daily; middle school teachers receive a 45-minute planning times, and at the primary school [level], they get 30 minutes but are not guaranteed that they will get a break daily? It seems to me that if Knox County is going to cut assistant time, it would be better to cut them in the middle of the high school areas, since they do have a planning time. Or better yet, not cut them at all. Taking away from teachers is taking away from students. As the new [school] year starts, I would encourage you to be a support system for your childís teacher. You entrust your children to these people every day. Hold them in high regard and praise them for being there for your child. I would not want to be a teacher, but I am so glad that there are people to do that job. Think, where would we be without them?

Editorís Note: Teachers in Knox County are salaried. We are told their pay plan spans either 12 or 9 months ó their choice ó which would cover summers and holiday breaks.


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