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FBMA set to hear Stormwater Ordinance

The Farragut Municipal Planning Commission approved the Stormwater Ordinance moving it to the Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen for review at its regularly scheduled meeting Thursday, July 21, at Town Hall.

The commissioners unanimously voted 8-0 — Commissioner Edward St. Clair was absent — for approval of the ordinance, stipulating that the town attorney Thomas Hale would review the language of the ordinance before FBMA reads it.

The Commission decided the Stormwater Ordinance sufficiently covered erosion problems from wet weather conveyances and decided to take all language relating to wet weather conveyances out of the Aquatic Buffer Zone Ordinance, which was also on the agenda for voting.

Farragut Mayor W. Edward Ford III said, “The aquatic buffer ordinance does not deal with the management of stormwater, and that’s addressed in … the Stormwater Ordinance …”

He added, removal of wet weather conveyances from the aquatic buffer is important, otherwise “… we’d have to pick up the phone if we lived in one of these new subdivisions that had a wet weather conveyance, or come to the Town Hall to make an application to mow our yard … .”

However, the Commission decided to defer voting on the Aquatic Buffer Zone ordinance for two more weeks so the Commission can vote from a “clean copy” and review a list of Tennessee Valley Authority approved natural grasses that would be required for planting in buffer areas.

Commissioner Fred Jones, concerned that Campbell Station Road Park would lose its aesthetics because of the aquatic buffer’s requirements to leave native vegetation in its natural state, asked town development director Ruth Hawk what the area “would look like along the stream if we implemented this requirement.”

Hawk said, “As we discussed two weeks ago, the town does not have to comply … .”

FMPC Chairman Robert Hill said, “I really don’t think … that the town ever ought to take the position that it cannot do something that it requires its citizens to do just because it’s the town … We ought to be the model and not somebody that’s seeking a way out.”

The Commission also elected officers at the meeting, re-electing Hill as chairman, St. Clair as vice chairman and Commission-er Carol Evans as secretary.

In other business, the Commission:

• Unanimously approved a resubdivision of parcel 123, tax map 142, 11315 Sonja Drive, fronting on Woodland Trace and Sonja Drives, 2.17 acres, zoned R-2, to create three lots.

• Unanimously approved a resubdivision of lots 133-136, Fox Run – unit 12, located on the south side of Brochardt Boulevard, 2.22 acres, zoned R-1, to move interior property lines.

• Unanimously approved a variance from the Farragut Municipal Code., Title 16, Chapter 4, Driveways and Other Access Ways, Section 16-406, (1)(b) distance between driveways, for access to Union Road, 12415 Union Road, zoned R-1, Union Road is classified as a Major Collector on the Major Road Plan.

• Unanimously agreed to defer a request to rezone 11235 West Point Drive, parcel 5, tax map 143HE, 1.13 acres, from C-1 to O-1 at the applicant’s request.

• Unanimously approved a site plan for the construction of a TDS substation, parcel 32, tax map 142, 722 Smith Road, zoned R-1.

In workshop, the Commission:

• Discussed a site plan for a building addition to the M & M Development Office, 11235 West Point Drive, parcel 5, tax map 143HE, located behind Taco Bell, zoned C-1, 1.13 acres.

• Discussed a preliminary plat for Sheffield – unit 1, parcel 52, tax map 152, located on the north side of Turkey Creek Road and surrounded by Brixworth, Turkey Creek Woods and Kingsgate subdivisions, zoned R-1 and OSR 66.06 acres, 100 lots.

• Discussed a request to rezone parcels 88 and 89, tax map 151, 104 and 106 S. Hobbs Road, 5.5 acres, from R-2 to C-1.


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