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• July 7: A vehicular burglary was reported at O’Charley’s, 11820 Kingston Pike. The complainant advised that while she was leaving work at O’Charley’s, she noticed glass on the ground around her vehicle. The complainant advised that upon inspection, she noticed that unknown persons had forced entry into the listed vehicle by breaking out the back passenger window. The complainant advised that she noticed that various items were stolen. The complainant advised that she does not have any suspects at this time.

• July 8: An Oran Road resident stated that he and his wife got into a heated argument and that she slapped him in the face. She stated she slapped him twice after he called her a bitch.

• July 8: A Falling Waters Road residence was the site of a reported class D felony. The complainant stated that while moving from her residence, her landlord, the suspect, entered the residence and “cleaned out” some of the complainant’s property. The complainant said she asked the suspect about a wedding dress and stated the suspect said she would not return the dress, that it would be applied to a deposit. The complainant said she had been in contact with the suspect several times to recover the dress and to give the suspect a copy of bankruptcy paperwork. The complainant located the dress in a consignment shop in Joyce Christian Fashion Showcase, Lenoir City. The proprietor stated a deposit had been made on the item, and it was not in the store. Reporting officer later contacted a store representative, who advised the dress was being delivered back to the suspect. The dress is valued at $2,200.

• July 9: A complainant at Goodwill Industries, 141 West End Ave., reported a class A misdemeanor theft, stating that two females entered the business, with the dark-haired suspect stating that she had brought in some clothing items approximately two weeks earlier for a donation. The manager approved for the dark-haired suspect to locate a particular suit and that she could leave the store with it. The blonde female suspect then began to gather a cart-full of clothing. The complainant stated that she began to deal with another customer when she saw both suspects and the manager leaving out the front door. The blonde-haired suspect had grabbed the clothing from the cart and left the store without paying for it, leaving in a black Honda Accord with the dark-haired suspect. Stolen items are valued at $265.

• July 9: A complainant at Amoco gas station, 10855 Kingston Pike, reported the theft of $20 worth of gas. The victim was able to get a tag number on the suspect’s vehicle.

• July 9: A simple assault was charged at an Anchor Court residence. The suspect was placed under arrest for assaulting his wife. The victim stated the suspect choked her with his hand and shoved her to the ground and destroyed a large number of items in their home, including their telephone, preventing her from freely calling for help. Victim stated that suspect would go crazy and violent once he found out she called for help. The responding officer said the victim was very obviously scared of suspect’s violent actions, presently and in the future. Victim stated the problem started over his drinking problem and anger issues. Suspect stated that all of the victim’s statements about him were true. Victim was advised of his rights.

• July 9: A dead body was discovered at a S. Williamsburg Drive residence. The victim’s son stated he found his mother lying in the living room. The son further stated he felt for a pulse at his mother’s throat as he’d been taught in school, but felt none. He stated he tried to blow in her mouth but she had thrown up. The victim was on disability for depression and anorexia. The reporting officer found the deceased lying on her left side near the front door.

• July 9: A vehicular burglary was reported at the Icearium along Kingston Pike. The complainant advised that while she was at the parking lot waiting on one of her daughters to finish an ice-skating lesson, she noticed one of her friends and went to talk to her. The complainant advised that the windows to the vehicle were down, but she had left her other two kids in the vehicle. The complainant advised that when she was through talking to her friend, she noticed that her other two children had joined them, leaving the vehicle unattended with the windows down. The complainant advised that when she went back to the vehicle, the purse with the listed contents had been stolen out of the front seat. The complainant advised that they didn’t see any suspects at the time of the incident.


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