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ē†Thanks a lot, Regal Cinemas, for that wonderful decision of closing your Farragut movie theaters that have served you so well for so many years. What an outrage. It was just a few months ago spokesmen for your company were saying they were going to evaluate the situation, and there were implications given that perhaps this theater might remain open in another capacity, perhaps second-run movies being shown.

ē A few weeks ago I contacted my state representatives and state senator about introducing security-freeze legislation, as has been done in over 30 other states. Neither Mr. [Parkey] Strader nor Mr. [Tim] Burchett have yet shown me the courtesy of a response, so I am unable to determine their position on this important issue. Every citizen should have the right to defend himself against identity theft, and placing a freeze on oneís financial debt is the only way to prevent criminals from making illegal use of oneís identity. Maybe if others would contact their representatives about this issue, asking them to sponsor security-freeze legislation, Mr. Strader and Mr. Burchett would tell us where they stand on this matter.

ē With respect to the Knox County School space for rent [July 14 Through the Lens question], itís being done as a public service and they get sufficient revenue on it to maintain and pay for the utilities. I think itís a public service that should be done. With respect to churches renting the space, the churches have as much right as anyone else to rent space in the schools. As far as your idea of, perhaps suggested by the comment that you have that thereís a wall of separation between church and state, thatís something thatís been invented by the Supreme Court in the last 30 and was not intended in the Constitution of the U-S. And while Iím at it, in commenting to the farragutpress, with respect to the development review process and the frustration that exists with respect to everyone that tries to do anything with it, I suggest they look, instead of at the process, look at the people who are running the town, the staff people. I think that a lot of the frustration is probably created by people who are too bureaucratic and do not have any understanding. Not only that, but as we saw in the case of the painting color down at that skating rink [Icearium], thereís absolutely no consideration of reasonableness in it. And I just think thereís been too many cases of that. I think you need to look at the people who are making the decisions and the people who are creating a lot of frustration [inaudible] by objecting to things and seeing a way to make things happen. I think thatís probably the root of the problem rather than the process in total.

ē I just wanted to comment on just churches being able to hold services in schools and rent school facilities, I am really surprised that you guys would even run a [Through the Lens, July 14] like that. I think that non-profit organizations serve the community just like schools, and they certainly should have the right to use the schools. Iíve known a lot of churches that have done this, and it actually supplements the individual school budgets. Theyíre all paying to be there, itís not something theyíre moving in without a right to do so. Itís just being used as a rental facility the same way, say another facility owned by Farragut would be. To me it seems like a natural partnership because they both serve the area. So, it almost feels like you guys are trying to stir up negative attitudes about it, and I think we want to encourage non-profit organizations of all kinds to be able to grow in the community and use those facilities. Itís a great way for that school property to be a blessing to our area.

ē Dear editor, you should just shut up about that. Just shut up about it. Just shut up about it.


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