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College students Ďgearí up for school

Itís time to go back to campus. Youíve got your paper, pencils and calculator. Youíre ready! Right?

You may be in good shape if your school specializes in finger painting and the pinnacle of your academic career so far is a shiny, gold star.

If thatís not the case, you may want to change your approach. Luckily, there is some affordable gear for every college student returning to campus this fall. Here are some tips for every college studentís 2005 back-to-school list.

The Student Body President

For the student with more commitments than the University of Tennessee football teamís legal council, keep the chaos in check and in the palm of your hand. Dellís Axim X50 palm pilot will give you the most bang for your buck if youíre looking for a light, mobile handheld PC run by Microsoft Windows that will keep you in touch by letting you save numbers, go online and keep tabs on even the busiest of student schedules.

The Jock

For those hitting the gym or the running trail to sweat those chemistry blues away in between classes, donít you dare plan on doing it quietly. Pump up the volume while you pump up your physique with the new iFP-790 from iRiver. This sleek MP3 player will not only win you style points in the gym, but plays up to eight hours of music with 40 hours of battery life so you wonít lose your beat in the middle of a set.

The Book Worm

Donít try to hide it. Just be glad that technology is finally catching up with your innate commitment to your immaculate study habits. Before hitting the books this fall, pick up the new C-Pen 20. This handheld scanner pen works on-line with a USB host to input text, number or barcode data into your computer (donít worry jocks, they know what that means, even if you donít). With just a stroke of the pen, you can put any material from your textbook right on to your computerís word processor or spread sheet.

The Frat Daddy

Lord knows its all you can do to keep yourself alive while living in the fraternity house, so it goes without saying your appliances donít have a chance. Until now. Take a break from color-coding your seersucker shorts collection and run to the store to pick up the Uniden WX1377 phone. With its durable design encasing the phone in tough rubber side grips, this cordless phone can handle even the wildest Saturday night at the fraternity house. Also, itís waterproof! So it can even survive when you accidentally drop it in your weekend Ďsoda.í

The Gadget Guru

You know who you are. For the guy or girl who always has to have one mega pixel more than the other guy, feast your eyes on this. Stick with your computer, cause you know youíre obsessed with it, and toss out that stone-age television your watching after you buy the Nu-View 1024. The newest twist for melding TV and PC by Alltek Vision, Nu-View is a specially designed tuner that will hook right into your PC to give you all your favorite shows without having to create space for a television in that shoebox of a dorm room.

Escape the Dorm-Norm

Your pad doesnít have to be party central, but it doesnít have to look like Martha Stewartís cozy bungalow on cellblock E either. There are plenty of locations on your side of town and online that can help you affordably dress up a dorm room that everyone from your friends to your parents and even Martha will appreciate.

You may be studying in the in the snow, but you can go to bed in Hawaii every night with Linens ín Things Hawaiian-print bed sheets. For something a little less flashy, you can go with Nauticaís Malibu Floral or Malibu Stripe prints.

Join the iPod revolution by purchasing the newest in Apple technology, the iHome clock/radio, which allows iPod fanatics to wakeup to their favorite iTunes and listen to you iPod headphone-free while in your dorm.

If youíre a coffee drinker, and college students magically are come finals time, you can get your caffeine fix from Black & Deckerís Home Cafť for your best quality for the best price.


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