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Aquatic Buffer moves to FBMA
FMPC approves 25-foot zone 5-2; Evans, Hildebrand cast dissenting votes

The Farragut Municipal Planning Commission approved the 25-foot Aquatic Buffer Zone Ordinance, moving it to the Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen for review at its regularly scheduled meeting Thursday, Aug. 18, at Town Hall.

Commissioners voted 5-2 – Commissioner Holly Kelly and Alderman Joel Garber were absent – to approve the aquatic buffer after making more changes to the language of the ordinance.

Commissioner Stephen Hildebrand, chair of the ABZO committee, and Commissioner Carol Evans voted against the 25-foot buffer.

Hildebrand told farragutpress after the meeting, “I voted it down because I didn’t think that the twenty-five-foot buffer was going to be good enough down the road to achieve objectives … .”

Evans added she voted against the proposed buffer because “the ordinance was probably the best we could do, however it does not accomplish the goals that were set.”

FMPC Chairman Robert Hill thanked the ABZO committee for the work it did to prepare the proposed aquatic buffer and Hill added that he appreciated the input from the citizens of the town of Farragut.

“It’s how the town is supposed to work,” he said.

Town staff also received praise and thanks during the meeting.

Noah Myers, Myers Brothers Holdings, said, before the Commission voted unanimously to approve a rezoning of 104 and 106 S. Hobbs Road from R-2 to C-1, “I would like to point out that the staff have been most helpful in trying to determine exactly what the current zoning of that location is and I do appreciate their assistance.”

The Commission also voted to approve a site plan for Comcast to attach its lines to existing Lenoir City Utilities Board poles located behind Baptist Hospital West.

Town development director Ruth Hawk said, “Comcast is going to be extending service to the businesses located on Parkside Drive. … there is not going to be any heavy equipment on that slope, and so that takes care of our concern, and they anticipate the entire process to take less than five business days.”

In workshop discussions, Farragut Commons residents said they were concerned about an increase in traffic on Grigsby Chapel Road that may result from a proposed plat for a Chapel Grove subdivision. The residents said they already have trouble entering traffic from their subdivision.

Farragut Commons resident Dolline Baer said, “Actually it would be a big help there if the speed limit could be reduced. It’s impossible to cross that street. The cars come so fast, as it’s already been voiced, that we’ve had some bad accidents there. … The speed limit is just too high there. If we could have that reduced, it would be a big help.”

“Not only reduced, but enforced. Especially through there,” Hill responded.

The proposed subdivision includes 34 lots, but town engineer Darryl Smith said the added traffic “really shouldn’t create any hardship on Grigsby Chapel Road.”

The Commission also discussed amending text to the Farragut Zoning Ordinance on creating a neighborhood commercial district.

Hawk said, “As you recall, two years ago we revised our neighborhood service district … so it basically eliminated a neighborhood commercial district at that time.”

Hill said, “I personally don’t like a neighborhood commercial zone because I think it fragments the community and it leads to really undesirable looking things in a place where you’d rather not have them. Once you pass an ordinance that’s a neighborhood commercial district, it can appear all over town, and uh, that’s not on my screen at all.

“The consensus is that we ought to just shove this thing way back in the background. … We’ll take this off the table permanently.”

Farragut Mayor W. Edward Ford III said, “If and when an opportunity presents itself in a location that might be truly acceptable to the town of Farragut, then we would have the option to resurrect the concept of a neighborhood commercial district.”

In other business, the Commission:

• Unanimously approved the platting of the private street located within Ramsgate subdivision to be accepted as a public street and to change the suffix from Applegate Way to Applegate Lane.

• Unanimously approved a resubdivision to dissolve the interior property line, parcels 92 and 92.04, tax map 141, 701 Everett Road. Located on the west side of Everett Road across from the Oakley Downs subdivision, zoned r-2, 17.20 acres

• Unanimously postponed a public hearing on a request to rezone 11235 West Point Drive, parcel 5, tax map 143HE, 1.13 acres, from C-1 to O-1 at the applicant’s request.

• Unanimously postponed a public hearing on a request for a site plan for a building addition to the M & M Development Office, 11235 West Point Drive, parcel 5, tax map 143HE, located behind Taco Bell, zoned C-1, 1.13 acres, at the applicant’s request.

• Unanimously approved a preliminary plat for Sheffield – unit 1, parcel 52, tax map 152, located on the north side of Turkey Creek Road and surrounded by Brixworth, Turkey Creek Woods, and Kingsgate subdivisions, zoned R-1 and OSR, 66.06 acres, 100 lots.


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