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• As I attempted to mail some coloring books and puzzle books to my 4-year-old granddaughter [recently], I was told that I could not get the book price unless I wanted them to open the package. I would just like to know, what’s the deal with the post office? How many more rules and regulations are they going to try to put in effect? Can’t they take someone’s word when they’re mailing coloring and activity books to small children? I find this very wrong and I was told that I could get the book’s price if I wanted them to open it up. No, I don’t want them to open it up, I spent a lot of time wrapping it. What’s the next thing with the post office? Is there an increase in stamps coming soon? (Inaudible).

• Has anyone noticed the big, new Pilot sign on Campbell Station Road? I’d like to know how that sign passed our Farragut ordinance and why so many other small businesses in Farragut cannot seem to get a sign half the size passed through Farragut? Was there special attention given to the owner of the Pilot station?

• What’s wrong with some of Farragut’s grass cutters? They mow their lawn shooting grass out into the street for five or six feet. Week after week we have to drive through this mess. Then it rains and guess what? this mess washes down in front of residents’ houses who have taken the care to sweep or blow their curbs clean. All you have to do is turn your mower so the grass shoots inward for two-to-three rotations; or after you mow, sweep or blow the grass off the street area. I think, perhaps, at least some of these mowers don’t realize all this grass is ending up in front of others’ houses for us to clean up. If just a few begin shooting the grass in when they’re sweeping that curb, we’d appreciate it.

• It just amazes me — it seems like every time I turn on a news program, likely as not, I’m going to see a report of another female teacher having had sex with one or more of her male students. And, generally they get penalized with a very short incarceration, normally months, and then on probation. What’s the double standard? If a male teacher is responsible for the same criminal act, he’ll go away for [who] knows how many years. Generally 15 or more. What’s with the double standard?

• My confusion is why you continue to miss the real story — I’m not sure you’re missing it but refuse to print it. The business climate in Farragut is because of one person, that’s Ruth Hawk [town community development director], an unelected position who’s been in that role forever. Do a Ruth Hawk story and the people that work for her and talk to any developer, anybody selling new property or doing anything in Farragut — and all problems go back to this one lady who is not elected. And none of the elected officials will deal with her. It’s been that way since the town was formed and it’s not going to change until she’s out of there.

• Just so you know, we who live on Smith Road see the cars that run our new stop signs. It will be too late to be sorry when you have killed someone.

• In the Aug. 4 presstalk, one of the callers mentioned that they’re proud of the development of Parkside Drive. They also mentioned that now the people in Farragut don’t have to go to Knoxville anymore. Well, they should also notice when they’re driving down Parkside Drive, that development doesn’t start until you leave the Farragut city limits. So all the tax dollars that are being spent there go to the City of Knoxville. So, it’s not just a coincidence that at the Farragut town limits, nothing’s being developed on Parkside Drive. People don’t want to build or open businesses in Farragut. The word’s out, they’re not gonna do it.

• With respect to your continued campaign about using Farragut High School for worship services, also other schools are used for it as well, so why don’t you extend this campaign of all of Knox County? That way, we can make of all of it a very unfriendly and unreceptive place to do things. You guys are just contributing to unfriendliness of the whole area. If you want to do something effective for the community, why don’t you figure out why Farragut can’t keep businesses in it, OK? But you need to get off of this thing about the use of Farragut High School. People resent it, and they resent you for it.

Editor’s Note: We’re not knocking the use of schools during off hours. As a matter of fact, we just asked a question and didn’t state an opinion one way or the other. We’re trying to find out what the public perception is of school facility use — pro or con.

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