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• July 27: Police were advised by a Dineen Drive man that a vest the complainant ordered by mail was missing. The victim stated he called the delivery company to check on delivery and was told the item was left on his doorstep the prior day. The victim stated that his mail had on occasion been left at a suspect’s door. The victim stated he questioned the suspect who allegedly told the victim that the package had been delivered to the address and the delivery company was notified to pick up the package. The suspect stated he left the package on his front porch and left. Upon his return the package was gone.

• July 28: Police were advised by a Heathland Drive resident that he had driven off the pavement and struck a Bell South junction box.

• July 28: A Powell man reported to police that his front headlight was broken out on his truck as he was driving past Wyndham Hall Way on Grigsby Chapel Road. The complainant stated that someone threw a lock from the shadows, striking his vehicle, causing the damage.

• July 29: Police were advised by a Russfield Drive resident that his mailbox had been destroyed by what he believed was an explosive device. The victim stated that remnants of the bomb were found near the scene.

• July 29: Police were called to a Pony Express Drive address when the resident discovered that his $2,000 set of tires and rims were missing from his vehicle. The victim stated the vehicle was parked in the driveway next to the garage.

• July 29: A Sailview Road woman reported to police that two suspects had come into her home and taken medication from her bathroom medicine chest. The complainant stated that the suspects each went into the bathroom and stayed extended periods of time. On investigation, the complainant found her medications missing.

• July 29: Two Red Canyon Road residents reported to police that their vehicles had been burglarized. One victim found items missing from his vehicle and damage to the sunroof where entry was attempted by breaking the glass. The other victim found his vehicle on blocks with the wheels and tires missing.

• July 29: Police were dispatched to a North Campbell Station Road trailer park in response to a domestic dispute. The dispute was between two brothers who were arguing over their living situation. One brother locked the other out of the trailer when he left the trailer to smoke. Police were called at that point.

• July 30: A Turkey Creek Road woman reported to police that the driver of a white SUV left the road and struck her mailbox causing damage.

• July 30: Police were advised by a Windham Hill Drive man that his marine radio had been stolen from his boat that was parked in his driveway.

• July 30: Police were dispatched to a Fleenor Drive address in response to a simple assault. When officers arrived at the victim’s address, the investigators were told by the victim that she and the suspect, her husband, were at a strip club and upon returning home the victim stated she became upset. The victim started breaking the suspect’s belongings. The victim stated the suspect then struck her in the face with his open hand. The victim attempted to leave the residence and was tackled by the suspect in the front yard. The victim stated she was able to free herself and run across the street to a fire station. Both parties called 911. The suspect claimed the victim destroyed the trailer and chased him around the house with a knife. The suspect also claimed the victim attempted to get a rifle. Both victim and suspect were taken into custody for public intoxication.

• July 31: Police were called to a Lost Tree Lane residence in response to a harassment report. Police were told by the victim that his ex-girlfriend has continued to come to his home and harass him over their past relationship. The victim stated he has made several attempts to end all contact with the suspect however, she refuses.


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