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ē Iím calling about the latest Farragut High School newsletter that went home to all the parents. I find it real disheartening that in the principalís portion, the principalís letter, that thereís two typographical errors, two grammar errors, in his letter. Is this the example we want from the leader of the largest high school [in East Tennessee] and a blue ribbon school? Itís a real embarrassment to the school system, to Farragut High School and to the community. And I believe something needs to be done by the administration, the school, to ensure that the principal at Farragut High School doesnít create such errors in the future.

ē This [presstalk] is in response to high-speed autos. Am I wrong ó is there anywhere in the United States that itís legal to drive over 80 mph on our highways? This being the case, why do we allow the automobile companies to manufacture autos that register 120 mph on their speedometers? Iím told the [Chevrolet] Corvettes display 160 mph on theirs. If all autos were restricted to not exceed 80 mph, just think of all the lives that could be saved each year, not counting the less danger to innocent people. Think about it. No more drag racing, showing off, high speed police chases, drunk drivers not realizing their speed. ... And also, less gasoline wasted. Even our insurance should be cheaper. We have organizations like [Mothers Against Drunk Driving] and others; why not agree to lobby the auto makers to do the right thing and stop building faster and faster cars and making them enticing to our young people when itís illegal to speed anyway? Itís like theyíre encouraging people to speed. If they donít want to do the right thing, then maybe we need to turn to our lawmakers for Federal controls once more?

ē I would like to say that I donít want a few residents to be vocal about the proposal of the YMCA at Concord Park [to] dictate to our community that we should have such a wonderful organization, like the YMCA, sit up there. I know that when the Smokiesí ballpark was proposed at Lovell Road and Gilbert Road, that there was about 150 or so residents that were very vocal about whether or not that complex should be built. And of course we all know we let it get away from us, and the Smokies went to Sevier County, and I think a lot of county residents are sad that happened. I being one of them, and my family, we would have loved to have had something like that so close in West Knoxville. And I think this is another opportunity for Knox County residents, especially West Knoxville, to have something of value to the entire community. The YMCA has an open door policy. If you canít afford a membership, they will help you belong there. They are geared toward children and families and community and I think it would be a shame if [Knox County] mayor [Mike] Ragsdale and the others allow a few residents that live in the neighborhoods around there to complain loud enough about traffic problems, because we experience traffic problems all over West Knoxville. To allow them to dictate, a few people, that this is going to happen. I support the YMCA ... and I hope Mayor Ragsdale makes the right decision.

ē Iím a resident of Fort West, and Iím calling to express how ridiculous it is that nothing is done about all the people who park their vehicles on the street. I donít know why anyone would buy a house in a neighborhood where every time you leave or arrive, your life is at risk? All because these people believe that the best place to park their vehicles is in a curve at the bottom of a blind hill.

ē Iím calling about the constant presstalk comments that keep appearing about First Baptist Concord and the police officers who are directing the traffic both on Sundays and for Concord Christian School. I donít understand what the problem is? If you go to Farragut High School, Farragut Middle School or Farragut Primary School, there are police officers out stopping traffic on Campbell Station Road for the primary school, Campbell Station Road for the high school and on West End Avenue for the middle school. Also, the presstalk ... about the woman whose husband died of a heart attack [Sept. 8 issue], I donít believe that story simply because being a member of First Baptist Concord, we donít have Saturday events. She cited an event that happened on a Saturday when traffic was being stopped on Kingston Pike ó that just doesnít happen. So, I would encourage her to reveal her real identity, and Iím sure the church would be more than willing to help her in the grieving process.

ē Does anyone know why all the trees have been cut down along Turkey Creek Road where the train track is? Iím quite sure it was done by Norfolk and Southern, but does anyone know why? And if theyíre going to leave those horrid tree stumps along there? Are they required to replace them or is it just going to be left like that? It was looked like it was stopped in the middle of a process. Iím just wondering if anybody knows why this was done?

ē I do not live in the town of Farragut, but I do work in the town of Farragut and I read presstalk every Thursday when the paper comes out and I sit here and just laugh at myself with all these complaints that everybody is complaining about, and, you know, worried about a Weigelís. Sure, that stuff may be an issue, but that is petty stuff considering whatís going on with the victims of Hurricane Katrina. You know, people need to wake up and realize that weíre fortunate ó complaining about gas prices, complaining about what signís posted where. At least youíve got your life, you know, youíve got family. These people have nothing. And itís going to take weeks, months, years to even get back to something [compared to] people that have not lost their lives.

ē As a person who was very concerned about what the [American] Red Cross did in holding back during and after 9/11, I would like to know who they are held accountable to? They are in charge of millions and millions in donations in cash, and thereís never an accounting as to money spent out, and only an estimate of how much is taken in. Everybody handling money should be accountable to someone. But we never hear figures from this non-profit agency. Even the workers volunteer for free. It seems like every time anything happens, large or small, they canít even hand out a donut without getting donations, and always want cash. I donít mind giving and helping others as God intends us to do, but is it asking too much to show the figures on whatís being done with our money?

ē Isnít it interesting that after one and two other callers pointed out the illegality of the Pilot sign, that (Farragut) Mayor Eddy ó W. Edward Ford III, excuse me ó and company decided that maybe they should take action. It would appear to the casual observer that they didnít have a clue as to the non-conformance until presstalk pointed it out. Why? Or perhaps they did know, but hoped the problem of enforcing the sign ordinance for Pilot would go away, thus not inflaming one of this areaís most powerful families. Which way was it Eddy? Signed me, ďJim-Bob.Ē


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