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FHS band marches into a new season

Farragut High School’s Marching Admirals band has a season of intrigue planned for this fall.

FHS band director Ron Rogers said, “The name of our show is called ‘Elements of Intrigue.’ It’s put together like a detective novel, like you would find at a drug store.”

Rogers added, “All of our music is from a detective-type movie or has that kind of theme, but it’s music that we thought would work well in this show as far as the sounds and everything.”

The show opens with music from “Taxi Driver.” Then, it moves into chapter one, “The Plan.”

Rogers said, “The name of the piece is called ‘The Chase Scene.’ It’s very, very fast, not very subtle. We tell the kids that we want the crowd to think like we’re coming into the stands after them at one time or another. That’s the kind of intensity the piece has.”

Chapter two is titled “The Job,” and it uses a piece called “Michelangelo.”

“It’s actually a tango written for a string quartet, but once again, once you hear it, if you didn’t know what the original character was, you’d never know, you’d think it was written for something along these lines,” Rogers said.

The band will perform a love scene for chapter three to “Cinema Paradiso,” from an Italian movie. This chapter is titled, “Regret.”

Rogers said, “It’s just this beautiful melody in which we use various soloists and everything and it’s a real nice part of the show.

“The final thing is the getaway and the piece that we’re using is called ‘The Death Hunt.’ That pretty much sums it up for this.”

Rogers added, “There was a composer named Bernard Herman who wrote music for all of the [Alfred] Hitchcock movies. The thing we’re opening up with, ‘The Taxi Driver,’ and the thing we’re closing with, ‘The Death Hunt,’ are both Bernard Herman films, of course, and so, it lends itself very well to a show like this.”

The band will perform at 8:45 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 20, at South Doyle High School for the Knox County Exhibition, which Rogers said would be broadcast on the Knox County Schools channel on TV.

Rogers said Sept. 20 is an early date and “everybody’s going to be in pretty rough shape, everybody’s going to be having some problems with some spacings, with some tempos, things like that because it’s still early in the season, just like a football team, a football team in game one is going to make some mistakes that hopefully they won’t make in game ten. So, it’s the same with us.”

However, Rogers said he is pleased with the band’s endurance.

“We rehearse on asphalt everyday, and just from an endurance standpoint, with all the heat and everything, it’s been a tough fall, but I’ve been very pleased with the endurance and the toughness that the kids have exhibited.”

The band members are moving throughout the performance.

“They’re marching to all of this music. We only stand still about maybe eighty counts of the whole show in a maybe nine-and-a-half-minute show. It’s a pretty good workout,” he said.

Rogers said the band is slightly smaller in numbers this year than previous years with a total of 192 band members.

“This is our first year under two hundred since 1991,” he said.

Rogers added, “I think there’s probably a thousand different reasons all the way from the number of choices kids have to make in regards to classes at the high school to society in general, the number of hours we have to put in, I mean, it could be any number of things, it may just be a fluke, a small freshman class, too.”

Rogers said playing in FHS band gives students life-long skills. “We also try to impress upon the fact that a lot of the leadership skills and work ethic skills that we teach here, they are going to be able to apply somewhere along the way when they get out of high school. It may be a job at Taco Bell or it may be a job at an engineering firm they get.”

Competition dates for the FHS band are: Saturday, Oct. 8, at Heritage High School for the Volunteer Classic; Tuesday, Oct. 25, TBA; and Saturday, Oct. 29, TBA.


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