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Weigels deferred at FMPC

Action by Sugarwood residents caused delays on Weigel’s plans to rebuild at 12001 Kingston Pike..

At Weigel’s request, the Farragut Municipal Planning Commission postponed voting on Weigel’s proposed site plan at the regularly scheduled FMPC meeting Thursday, Sept. 15, at Town Hall.

Former Farragut Mayor Robert Leonard, who represents Weigel’s, told farragutpress in a telephone interview, “The main thing is we understand the Sugarwood Homeowners [Association] is going to put out a survey among the residents of Sugarwood, and we are anxious to see what that shows, and work with them to see that it’s a fair survey.”

Leonard added that Randall Roberts, a Sugarwood resident, put out a survey to Sugarwood residents that was not signed.

“The opinion of probably everybody in Sugarwood was it came from the Homeowners board, but it did not and it was cited heavily in its wording, of course. He’s the one that’s been sending all the e-mails as if they were coming from the board of Sugarwood Homeowners Association, and none of them have.”

Leonard said he believes the Sugarwood Homeowners Association will put out a fair survey, “stating the facts as they really are.”

He added, “When that happens, why we are interested in seeing what the results are. We believe it will bolster our position.”

Leonard said he does not know when the results of the survey will be available or when voting on the Weigel’s site plan will reappear on the FMPC agenda.

He said he does not believe Weigel’s will hold another discussion with Sugarwood residents over the controversial site plan that includes an access easement located directly across from the entrance to Sugarwood.

He added Weigel’s does not mind postponing its plans another few weeks.

“We’ve been on a game show for about a year and a half, so another few weeks aren’t going to hurt us all that much,” Leonard said.

In other FMPC business, the Commission:

• Unanimously approved a preliminary plat for the Outlet Drive extension, parcel 154, tax map 130, zoned C-2, 27.59 acres.

• Unanimously approved a resubbivision for Myers Brothers Holdings Subdivision, located on Kingston Pike from Way Station Trail to S. Hobbs Road, parcels 60, 63, 63.02, 63.03, 63.05, 63.06, 88 and 89, tax map 151, zoned R-2, C-1 and O-1, 26.53 acres.

• Unanimously approved an amendment to the site plan for CVS Pharmacy, 11946 Kingston Pike, located on Kingston Pike at Smith Road, zoned C-1.

• Unanimously approved an amendment to the concept plan for McFee Farm Subdivision, lots 1-455, parcels 25, 25.01, 26 and 2, tax map 152, 151, zoned R-1 and OSR, 133.31 acres.

• Unanimously approved a preliminary plat for Chapel Grove subdivision, parcels 100, 100.01 and 101. Tax map 142, located on the south side of Grigsby Chapel Road and east of Wyndham Hall subdivision, zoned R-4, 10.1 acres, 34 lots.

• Unanimously approved an amendment to the text of the Farragut Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 4, Section XII. Landscaping, to modify landscaping requirements, moving it to the Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen.


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