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• I think it’s deplorable that WATE-TV would allow vulgar language in its newscast Thursday [Sept. 22] night. I was under the impression that during live broadcasts a delay was used. The station should have better sense than to interview college students who are obviously drinking beer in a bar on Cumberland Avenue about a change of venue for a UT game. Lori Tucker your on-air apology is useless, you’re supposed to be professionals.

• I have read with interest the numerous comments regarding First Baptist Concord’s use of uniformed officers to shut down traffic on Kingston Pike so that their attendees can exit events easily. As a resident of Farragut I have experienced these shut-downs only on Sundays: recent letters suggest that it happens week days also. When I have been affected by these occurrences it has been a minor frustration to me, but I have always wondered “what if” someone was trying to get through one of these shut-downs due to an emergency. A call published in the Sept. 8 issue answered that question: one of our neighbors was not with her dying husband because she was stopped by the church traffic. I hope that someone at First Baptist Concord and from the sheriff’s office have done some serious apologizing to that poor woman! My curiosity comes into play here with a very basic question: what about the separation of church and state issues that seem to be ignored here? Does any religious organization have the right to use government employees to (essentially) control citizen use of state highways? If the police officers are being paid as off-duty individuals by the church, they should not be in uniform. If they are on duty and being paid by the citizens of Knox County, I would suggest they be stationed in equal numbers at all of the public, private and other church schools also — especially at Campbell Station [Road] where traffic and safety is managed by one very efficient crossing guard. It would seem that this issue is not so much one of safety but one of arrogance: the big rich guy gets to bully the many little ones. But my question still remains: is it really legal?

• The town of Farragut does not need a focal point. What the town of Farragut needs to do is to spend money wisely, and that would include paving streets, looking into the possibility of putting all utilities underground. It would really make the city come alive. Also, we do not need any more sculptures put anywhere in this town. They show that we have too much money to spend. We should be using it for something else.

• This is in regards to the town focal point [Through the Lens], is one needed? We’ve been here since 1990 and we totally agree that there should be a focal point. I think there should be one coming off the Interstate, when you come into Campbell Station Road. Something around there like a sign and maybe talking about the schools and whatever. Welcomes you with flowers and the whole nine yards. And then, also up at Lovell Road in front of The Rush, at that corner right there, or maybe across the street before the sign to Knoxville. Also, the thing about the Weigel’s store in front of Sugarwood [subdivision], I don’t understand why Sugarwood has so much pull? The Weigel’s store that there is an eyesore, it looks bad, it’s a bad reference point when trying to tell people where you live. I can’t imagine why the Sugarwood people are so concerned about the road when, I’m sure, it’s going to be taken care of — all problems solved — when they could get a nice store there right at the entrance of Sugarwood. What’s there is an eyesore. These people need to really look at this whole thing.

• I am a resident of Hickory Woods neighborhood and I definitely believe that the new stop signs have slowed the traffic. I feel much safer making turns from our subdivision now. Thank you, town of Farragut.

• For all of you who claim to be First Baptist Concord members and complain about things, shame on you. Actual members know the church has had semi trucks collecting items for Katrina for weeks. The church has done more than just step up to the plate during this crisis, they have made a difference in many lives. We have collected tons of things; and honestly, if you were a church member and attended church regularly, you’d know that.

• I have a suggestion for an area to welcome people to Farragut in response to the [Through the Lens] question in the farragutpress on Sept. 22. It would be nice if the town could buy the parcel of land beside St. Mary’s and Farragut Primary [School] that’s currently for sale on the corner of Grigsby Chapel [Road] and Campbell Station. [It’s] a beautiful area for a park, it could have a lovely way of welcoming folks to the community. It has beautiful trees and it would be awfully nice to see that area be maintained rather than taken over for yet another parking lot or business.

• This is in responded to the ashamed member of First Baptist Concord who totally misconstrued the facts in the Sept. 22 [presstalks]. First of all I am a proud member of First Baptist Concord, and we did fly our flag at half-staff, and I saw this with my own eyes for several days in a row. Secondly, First Baptist [Knoxville] did not handle all the evacuees. There were several fine churches involved in that cause. In actuality, First Baptist Concord filled more than a couple of trailers. It was seven or eight trailers. We immediately sent a disaster relief team to the actual site in New Orleans. Apparently the troubled caller was not in attendance at church the morning our pastor announced that a single church member donated $2,000 directly to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I would like to know what the caller personally did. On the subject of soccer balls, that act of kindness was underway weeks before Hurricane Katrina. You ought to be praying for the souls of those children before they do blow up their families, they face a crisis of eternity, instead of calling … presstalk to do harm to the cause of Christ. It is true we do spend money on our Christmas production — which, by the way, is out of the music budget. But how can you put a price on the soul of a man? Too bad you didn’t tell how many people will be in heaven because we spent hundreds of dollars on them. How can you say First Baptist Concord isn’t worried about anyone in Farragut when they are the largest Christian outreach in Farragut and surrounding community? Their care has reached so far that the present building has trouble containing all the people we care about. First Baptist Church isn’t asleep, we are very much awake. As for the consignment sale, that has been going on for at least a decade, so why are you picking on it now in light of Hurricane Katrina? How do you know that some of the moms who participated didn’t donate their proceeds to the victims? I think the person that made this call is obviously very bitter. If they are so ashamed of being a member and do not see the eternal value of what we do at First Baptist Concord, they should find another church. Maybe they should examine their heart and ask forgiveness for the unkind and untruthful words ... shame on you.

• I’m just replying about the town focal point, and I say, yes, we definitely need one. Since moving to Farragut two years ago, we absolutely love it here. But we have thought there should be a large community area [or] amphitheater for Sunday night concerts. I know they have some at The Cove, but just something right at Farragut with picnic areas and some of these sculptures and flowers. I just thought it would be nice for either spring fairs or fall festivals. Just one place where people could gather. I thought it would be awesome.

• I’ve noticed the many gas station on Campbell Station Road have [recently] gone up 20 cents a gallon and the Hurricane hasn’t [as of this call] hit the Gulf Coast yet. When is Congress going to start investigating these obscene profits that these oil companies are racking up? This is an outrage.

• Yes, I was calling about the presstalk. I think that you ought to rename this thing, appropriately, the coward’s corner, because it seems to be a place for people to write in and say things that I’m sure they wouldn’t have the courage to speak to someone face-to-face. My name, if you would like to publish it — I’d be happy that you did — is Greg Harper.

• I’m calling about the presstalk in [the Sept. 22 issue] that talks about the Farragut High School Education Foundation raising money to pay for air conditioning. I find this quite absurd. I have a freshman at Farragut High School, and two of my child’s four classes this first semester have no air conditioning. Why is Knox County Schools not providing air conditioning in some of the classrooms at Farragut High School when schools like Austin-East and Fulton high schools have had major renovations and don’t have near the number of students in those schools that we have at Farragut High School? And we’ve got students sitting in classes today with no air conditioning and it’s 90 degrees outside. The Knox County School Board needs to quit expecting the parents to take care of everything. They need to provide air conditioning to our students. This is absolutely absurd. We need to recall the school board and the school superintendent.

• I would like to thank Mayor Eddy Ford and Vice Mayor Mike Haynes for approving the sign in Spencer that was placed on Turkey Creek and Red Mill Road. This was a result of the accident that my son, Greg Palmer, was killed in a year ago on Sept. 29. I’d also like to thank our engineer, Darryl Smith, for making sure that was implemented and got placed. I just would like to say that I hope it helps in reducing or keeping accidents from happening there in that area. And I please would beg adults as well as youth, to heed the speed limits and even though some of them don’t seem to be correct around some of our curvy roads, just be careful and watch for others because, as a parent who’s lost her 17-year-old son, I can tell you in a moment they’re gone and you’re never promised tomorrow.


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