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FMPC takes up Parkside/Lakesedge traffic signals

While discussing plans for Lakesedge Drive, the Farragut Municipal Planning Commission paused its regularly scheduled meeting Thursday, Oct. 6, at Town Hall, to review previously discussed traffic signal points on Parkside Drive.

Lakesedge Drive will serve as a connector street between Parkside Drive and Campbell Lakes Drive.

Upon town engineer Darryl Smith’s recommendation, the Commission wanted to add a traffic signal at the intersection of Lakesedge and Parkside drives.

Jim Nixon with Farragut Land Partners said plans for Home Federal Bank, located at the intersection of Parkside Drive and Campbell Station Road, were approved allowing a traffic signal to be installed at the second entrance to Home Federal Bank, one block west of Lakesedge Drive. At that time, the Commission agreed to install traffic signals at every other “crossover” on Parkside Drive, which would skip the Lakesedge intersection.

Nixon added UT Medical Center withdrew plans to locate on Parkside Drive based upon traffic signal placements.

“There’s never been any discussion of any kind about having a traffic light there at Lakesedge, and it would really mess us up to the east and to the west to try to have two together there,” Nixon said.

“We really need one where we promised it to Home Federal where it’s been previously discussed going, and with all due respect to Darryl’s suggestion, we really need to skip Lakesedge,” Nixon added.

FMPC Chairman Robert Hill said, “The question, I think, is going to be whether we can have two together.”

Smith said a traffic study shows a traffic signal is warranted at Lakesedge and he will talk to Barbara Hatcher, traffic engineer, about the possibility of having “back to back crossovers.”

With a traffic signal added as a “subject to” to Lakesedge plans, the Commission will vote on the connector road at the Oct. 20 meeting.

Discussion on the need for more traffic signals on Kingston Pike prompted the Commission to ask Smith to invite personnel from the Tennessee Department of Transportation to give a seminar at a future FMPC meeting so the Commission and the town can understand the criteria TDOT uses to approve the installation of traffic signals.

“I will certainly extend the invitation,” Smith said.

A new addition to the meeting, Teresa Willis, town administrative assistant in the engineering department, officially began her role as the FMPC minute keeper.

In other business, the Commission:

• unanimously approved, 8-0 (Commissioner Carol Evans was absent), a resubdivision of parcel 34, tax map 142, 12415 Union Road, zoned R-1, 4.81 acres, to move an AT&T easement.

• unanimously approved a resubdivision of parcels 6 and 7, tax map 142JA, 12000 Congressional Point, zoned R-2, 1.04 acres, to dissolve an interior property line.

• unanimously approved a resubdivision of parcels 1 and 2, tax map 142EC, and parcels 125 and 126, tax map 142, located on the southeast corner of N. Campbell Station Road and Sonja Drive, zoned R-1, 11.9 acres, to dissolve interior property lines.

• unanimously approved a request to rezone lots 125 and 126, tax map 142, and parcels 1 and 2, tax map 142 EC, 11.9 acres, from R-1 to R-1 and OSR, located on the corner of Campbell Station Road and Sonja Drive.

• unanimously approved a request to extend the preliminary plat approval of Summer Oaks subdivision for one year.

The Commission also


• a text amendment to the Farragut Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 3, Section II - Buffer District, Part B - Permitted Uses and Structures. Applicant wants to add a fourth item that will specifically allow driveways and entrances through the B-1 Buffer District.

• a request to rezone a portion of lot 16R-R2 from B-1 Buffer District to O-1 Office District and from C-1 General Commercial District to O-1 Office District, located on the northwest corner of Loudoun Road and Roane Drive, 1.94 acres.

• a site plan for a new John Deere Dealership, parcel 49, tax map 7, located on the north side of Kingston Pike at the Knox/Loudon County line, 1.23 acres, Zoned C-1.

• a site plan for Parkside Station, parcel 191.04, tax map 130, located on the northwest corner of Parkside Drive and Lakesedge Drive, Zoned C-2.


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