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Former candidate for mayor addresses presstalk caller

There are a couple of things I would like to address from the Oct. [13] presstalk that discussed our community and mentioned my view on political contributions:

First, the Farragut election was [MORE THAN] 6 MONTHS AGO and for those who voted, the contest resulted in the re-election of Mayor [W.] Eddy Ford III. He is Farragut’s mayor and is my community’s mayor.

I support the entire Board of Mayor and Aldermen. They have Farragut’s interests at heart and volunteer their time away from their families, etc. to serve. Likewise, the political process works in Farragut and many of the issues addressed during the past spring campaign are now being incorporated by the current Board of Mayor of Aldermen (i.e., review of town’s development processes, safety, etc.). In summary, get behind your elected officials and support your community.

Second, if you do not like how a current elected official is managing your taxes or feel they are not representing your or your family’s best interests, then campaign against them and/or seek office yourself. However, most importantly, vote and participate in the process. Next election for us is just around the corner. Knox County’s general election is slated for Aug. 2006, but that process begins next month in November.

Finally, I appreciate all the developers and concerned citizens of development who took the time to meet with me during the past spring to discuss the development of our community. For those who supported my vision and thoughts, I appreciate the support and the gestures of making a political contribution. However, it was my choice not to deposit or accept donations from developers as it was my choice to list all sources of political donations even though it is only required through campaign disclosure to name those donors who contribute [more than] $100. It is just my opinion and what I gained while studying public administration and city planning that there needs to be some larger degree of separation with local elected officials and developers. It is also my opinion to list all sources of political contributions.

In conclusion, please get involved and always strive to continuously improve our community of Farragut and Knox County.

Bill Johns


Bluewater Consulting


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