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• Some of the [homeless] people you see out there actually look like they could use help and need help, and sometimes I feel like in my heart I should help them. At other times, I don’t, so I go both ways based on what my heart tells me. I think some of them could be working, but some of them are sorta pitiful.

• This is very funny but very true, and it’s going to be very funny to anyone who’s heard the [convenience store] radio commercials about “Convenience, Not Inconvenience.” [Recently] I went to the [convenience store]. The first thing the thing did [was] it prompted me for a car wash, which is something they specifically say they will not do in any of their commercials. The next thing that happened was the little thingee on the pump that holds it in place and lets it pump without you having to sit there squeezing it, which they also talk about in commercials will never happen at [this convenience store], it was broken and it was non-functional. The third funny thing that happened, which they also say in the commercials will not happen at [the convenience store], was the receipt thing was out of paper. Those are three things they talk about in that commercial will never happen at [this convenience store], they all three happened [recently], and it cracks me up. Go figure.

• Here is what I foresee concerning the cameras at red lights. I’m cruising along, driving the speed limit, everyone behind me are mad because they are being forced by my actions to obey the speed limit, and of course are tailgating. Two car lengths before the light turns yellow and I come to a screeching halt. What we have on our hands are several rear end collisions because I wanted to avoid running a yellow light.

• I’m calling because I just found out that Concord United Methodist Church will open the first adult daycare center on the west side this month. It’s going to be called Concord Adult Day Enrichment Services, and this will be a place where older adults with Alzheimer’s or dementia can go for the day and be safe and entertained and uplifted by a caring group of professionals as well as volunteers. The number, for more information, is [865]-966-6728.

• When I drive my daughter to the [Farragut] Primary School I’ve enjoyed seeing the sheriff’s department out on Campbell Station to help control the traffic.

• I see the homeless at the ramp of I-40 and Campbell Station Road weekly if not daily. I generally give money to the homeless when I get off the interstate on my way home to my cozy safe home in Farragut and I pray each time for my lucky stars that I live where I do and don’t have to worry about living on the streets. I have even given people there work and food. I have witnessed the county police pick them up and take them to who knows where. Who are these people? Well, most people don’t know this but at least one third are Vietnam Veterans. That’s right: experts estimate one-third of all the homeless in this country are Vietnam Era Veterans. Another one third are people who have mental problems and have been sent to the streets out of hospitals because they don’t have health insurance. The other one-third are people down on their luck. No one wants to live on the streets. It is so amazing how this so-called compassionate government of ours treats our Vets and our poor. Halliburton gets sweet heart contracts and the poor get a bums rush out of our town. Most of us in Farragut should count our blessings and not look down on these poor people. Maybe, just maybe those people who believe the poor should be unseen and not heard need to look in their heart for compassion instead of contempt.


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