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• I’m totally against the roundabout at Northshore and Concord roads. Please have them do anything but put a roundabout there. A red light or leave it as it is would be much better.

• I am calling to comment on the roundabout at Concord [Road] and Northshore [Drive] and the headaches it will cause. Get out your Oct. 20 issue of the [farragut]press and read along. County Commissioner [Craig] Leuthold states that Northshore is a state highway and doesn’t warrant a traffic signal. However, there are traffic signals on the Oak Ridge Highway in Karns, and if that isn’t considered a state highway I would like to know what they consider it? Secondly, Leuthold adds that the problem with stoplight is additional lanes have to be added, but there’s not enough room. There is a stoplight at Ball Camp and Amherst, which doesn’t have any turn lanes, and that is just one of many examples I can think of. On page 8 it says that the roundabout will be expandable if Northshore is ever widened to four lanes. If they can’t find the real estate to add a turn lane, where are they going to get the room to do this? Also, why do they need to widen east bridge when cars have basically made two lanes at the stop sign anyway? Finally, do they really think people will learn to slow down and be more careful around the roundabout? Think of all the tailgaters, people who run red lights, those who speed through subdivisions. Are these people really going to care about this roundabout? I for one will not drive around this death trip. How many people have to die in crashes before road crews realize they need to think through their plans more carefully?

Editor’s Note: Mr. Leuthold was relaying information as it had been presented to him and did not state his opinion about roundabouts pro or con. Leuthold said he was told it would be a roundabout or nothing.

• I am sick and tired of construction and development. The town center that is being built on Northshore and the Pellissippi [Parkway] is not only an eyesore but an earsore as well. I can hear the equipment from inside my home with the windows closed and the radio on. Also, the meeting that was held prior to construction was a waste of time. The leaders didn’t listen to the citizens, they went right on with their stupid plans. They also lied about the buffer zone between my subdivision and theirs. There is not 50 feet between us, more like 20. And they said they would not change the lay of the land. Yeah, right. They have scalped the land of every tree and are flattening out the hills as I speak. I just wish the government would start listening to its people. This is not a monarchy, this is a democracy — at least I think it is.

• Having been an ex-patriot in England for a few years before moving to Farragut, I support the proposal for a roundabout at Concord Road and Northshore Drive. Roundabouts are common in the U[nited] K[ingdom], slowing on approach and observing the flow of traffic at the roundabout. As at any street corner, it makes entering and exiting easy. It is easy on, easy off, and helps the flow of traffic. I have come across several roundabouts in this country, one in Alexandria, La. It is in a heavier traffic area than Northshore/Concord. Traffic moves smoothly.

• As far as the roundabout goes, I think it’s ridiculous. Most people don’t understand how roundabouts work. I think it will cause accidents. What we need is a traffic light on Concord and Northshore.

Editor’s Note: That doesn’t say much about the intelligence of the citizens. I think you may underestimate their comprehension level.

• In regards to the roundabout at the end of Concord Road and Northshore, how about a three-way stop sign if they can’t afford a stoplight? But a three-way stop sign works well in other places and I think that might be better than a roundabout. I don’t think the space is big enough for a roundabout, you’d be making your turn too quickly.

• I live in Farragut and I was calling in having seen the suggestion for a roundabout at Concord and Northshore. I think that is absolutely the wrong decision at that location, and to think that all the traffic, with all of the new projects going on at Northshore, will be less of a traffic hazard there with a roundabout is pretty ridiculous. I don’t know who came up with that one, but he needs to go to school.

• About the roundabout at Concord Road and Northshore Drive, we are being sold a big lie. That a traffic light would take more room than this proposed roundabout? Look at the drawing in the farragutpress, that’s ridiculous. It’s taking five times more space than putting a traffic light in would take. Yes, turn lanes would help, but you can put a traffic light in without turn lanes and if they’re saying that [Tennessee Department of Transportation] doesn’t think it is warranted, TDOT hasn’t looked at it.

• I’m calling to express my thoughts about the [roundabout] at Concord and Northshore. I’m a frequent traveler of that area and I think a [roundabout] would be a wonderful addition. I believe the American term for that type of an intersection is called a rotary. And in good ole jolly England it’s called a roundabout. If anybody would like to respond to that, I’d be interested to read it in the paper.

• I’m calling about the homeless in Farragut, people that have the signs out “work needed,” “need help.” I moved here last year from Virginia Beach and I know a girl that made $32,000 standing on a street corner with a sign and her two children. She wasn’t poor, she didn’t need help, but people would give her money and she made $32,000 in one year standing on the street corner with her two kids. She said it was an outstanding job ... Also, one time one sign said, “Will work for food” and I gave him some food and he threw it back at me. So, no, I think that they should be removed from the street. I think it’s a danger because they walk up to your car and you never really know who they are. I do not think they should be allowed on the street, there are other places to get help that they need to be going to.

• I am letting everyone know that bullying is alive and well in Farragut Middle School. And the administration does not seem to want to do anything about the fact that bullies attend that school and bully other children on a regular basis. I’m sick and tired of it. I wish the parents of children who are bullied would rise up, stand up and let their opinions be known. I am sick and tired of my child being bullied and I want to know what the administration is going to do about it because it goes on. They can sweep it under the rug all they want to, but something is going to happen in the middle school unless something is done about it.

• I just wanted to agree with the person that talked about the homeless on the corners of the freeways having serious, serious problems. These people are not mentally healthy, they do have an illness. Many of them are vets and they shouldn’t be treated with anger or nastiness. And secondly, why not have a [roundabout]? I know, that will be hard for people to get used to and they are kind of exciting when you use them down in, well, in England or down in some of the cities that have them. But they probably do move traffic a little better. Everybody does need a yield sign, however.


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