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ē Iím calling in regard to the Norfolk-Southern Railroad in Knox County Ö in your farragutpress newspaper [Through the Lens, Oct. 27 issue]. I donít think that the underpass should be widened at all. Iíve been traveling through that underpass for many, many years, two vehicles passing under there at a time and Iíve never seen anybody come close to hitting each other under there. If anything, it should be higher.

Editorís Note: The underpass is clearly posted as single-lane. For two vehicles to pass in a single lane is not only a law violation, but a question of liability when two other vehicles collide.

ē We donít know how the Knox County School[s] System thinks they could be a world-class school [system] when they canít even get the over-30-plus playground at Farragut Primary School fixed. It has had yellow caution tape on parts of it going on two years. Nine-hundred-plus kids canít play on parts of this playground because of the yellow tape and not getting the playground fixed.

ē Iím calling about the roundabouts proposed for Northshore. I am 100 percent for them. If I were king I would make all the intersections in the world roundabouts and get rid of traffic lights and stop signs. Americans will love them once they know how to drive them.

ē In reference to the proposed roundabout at Concord Road and Northshore Drive, I have communicated with [Tennessee Department of Transportation] in the last two weeks and learned that they have not assessed that intersection in five years-plus. The traffic has exponentially increased at that intersection in the last five years. So, Knox County is unadvisingly and non-prudently forging ahead with an idea that is outdated for the information current for that intersection. TDOT needs to reassess this intersection with the current traffic conditions.

Editorís Note: Knox County Commissioner Michael Ham-mond has asked for a study from the county engineer.

ē Iím calling to support the roundabout on Northshore, and also to support cameras for red lights. Iíve seen them work in a lot of places and itís the thing to do.

ē I just cannot believe all the hoopla about the Weigelís [near] Sugarwood [subdivision] on Smith Road. I gave it some thought and I think that that little store ought to be preserved, and that we should be contacting the Save the í60s Society in regards to this matter. I saw 16 cars parked there [on a recent Saturday]. I think that building is a great, historical monument and it ought to be preserved.

ē I would just like to see more coverage of the CBFO football. Thatís part of Farragut. And I understand that high school football pretty much rules with the older kids. But these younger kids work really hard and I just havenít seen a whole lot of coverage on the CBFO football for the younger teams.

Editorís Note: We publish everything submitted to us about CBFO as soon as space allows.

ē Iím in favor of extending the size of the Norfolk-Southern viaduct off of [Boydís Station Road and Harvey Road]. I think it should be a shared cost because the county has expanded and tax dollars ought to go into that to assist [Norfolk] Southern Railroad for work that should be done. So, my vote is yes, letís do that. The community is growing, it is a traffic hazard and it would be great to see that as a regular-sized bridge with the same kind of clearing that other viaducts have.

ē Well, once again Iíve taken my child to school, and had to cross Kingston Pike twice, and Iím just amazed at how fast so many people drive on Kingston Pike. I was ready to pull out on Kingston Pike and there was a, what looked to be a high school student in a little blue sportscar that had to have been going 60 or 70 mph down Kingsto Piken, I guess trying to get to school Ö I donít know what time they have to be there on this Friday morning, but this particular individual was really going fast. But then thereís also all the other people who are trying to get to work, who are driving from the West Knoxville area toward Knoxville ó all of íem driving too fast, I donít understand what the deal is. Why donít they leave a few minutes early, drive a little bit slower, be a little bit safer Ö?

ē Please do a story on the Wheel Tax. And this story is to be in dollar amounts and not percentages. The story should include, one: Amount the Wheel Tax has collected since it began. Number two: Amount of that tax that has been allocated for the new [West Knox County high] school. Three: Amount that has now been spent so far for the school; this includes land, architecture. Four: Projected collections for this coming year for the Wheel Tax. Please do this in actual money amounts and not percentages, we need to know where the Wheel Tax money is going and if the money allocated for the new school is actually somewhere in a bank account.

ē†Did you hear about the [U.S.] Senate approving the opening of the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge to drilling? Why not just hand over Yellowstone or Yosemite while weíre at it? To destroy one of last great wilderness areas for a few drops of oil is crazy. This administration needs to get their heads out of the sand and focus on alternative sources of fuel. I canít wait for 2008 if there is a planet left by then.


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