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Junk yields treasure for Farragut entrepreneur

Junk Bee Gone owner Mike Such left the corporate world to begin his own “unique” business.

“It was important to me that the name said what we did, which I think it does, I think it’s pretty self explanatory,” Such said about his professional business licensed to remove residential and commercial “junk.”

“The name is wonderful in that it describes exactly what we do, the name isn’t so wonderful because it conjures up the image of a broken down pick-up truck. You hear the word junk and think ‘Sanford and Son,’” Such added.

Junk Bee Gone has four “uniformed” employees and two trucks to remove unwanted items from people’s homes, storage facilities, “anywhere.”

“We’re putting professionalism behind something that hasn’t been very professional,” Such said.

Such added he was searching the Knoxville market for a unique business idea and came up with Junk Bee Gone after a conversation with his neighbor, who was helping his mother downsize her home.

Such recalled his neighbor said, “You know, I’ve tried to call people [to remove the junk], but I can’t find anybody who would show up, and when they did show up, I didn’t want to let them in my house, even if I was selling it.

“And actually, that’s how the whole thing came up,” Such added. “And there are a lot of companies in other parts of the country [where] this type of service existed, and it didn’t exist in Knoxville. I was like, ‘Well, O-K, let’s work on this a little bit more,’ and the more I researched it, it’s a twelve month a year business.”

Such opened Junk Bee Gone in April and said he worried business would slow down in the fall, but business is actually getting busier.

Such said as people prepare for the holidays, they want to clear out space.

“You know, when it gets cold and you can’t go outside anymore, what do you do? You clean, you clean out and clean up, so it’s all very, very consistent,” Such added.

Junk Bee Gone offers “free up-front estimates on everything that we do, we go, it’s all in one swoop, but we go and look at everything that everybody wants to get rid of. We tell them exactly how much it’s going to be, I believe in no surprises. There’s no extra fees, there’s no gas surcharge, no anything else. It’s all free, so it’s a free up-front estimate,” Such said, adding pricing is based on the “load of the truck” and the average person pays about $150.

Upon removing the junk, Such said one of three things happens: 70 percent of the items are taken to a landfill, other items are donated to the Compassion Coalition or the Mission of Hope and as much as possible is recycled.

Such said the business is rewarding.

“No two jobs, no two things are ever the same, I’ve had a lot of fun. I’ve had people hug me when I leave because they can now get the car back in the garage.”

Such added he is able to spend more time with his children, Courtney, 11, and Abigale, 9, who are Farragut students, taking them to school every morning and studying with them at night.

Such said his daughters went from saying, “Dad’s never here,” to “Dad’s always here.”

Junk Bee Gone is not only rewarding, it’s growing.

“Really the marketplace can handle a lot more trucks than I have now. Really, we’re just getting started, it’s a nice start, but my goal is to expand into East Knoxville sometime, Chatta-nooga, I’d like to get into the Tri-Cities,” Such said. “My hope is to hopefully be successful enough to someday franchise it. That’s down the road. I’m one of these people that’s convinced you need to be successful in what you do before you sell your idea to somebody else, and that takes a while to be sure that you’re successful.”

Junk Bee Gone is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday.

For more information or to schedule a pick up, call 865-693-5880.


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