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FHS resident upset by teenage vandals; Whereís the sheriff, Andover resident asks; Congress must end Medicare policy

FHS resident upset by teenage vandals

Hello, we are very frustrated with the Bearden Football players. It is one thing to talk trash about each other. It is another thing to trash a playerís personal property.

On Saturday night, around 12:45 a.m., Nov. 6, a gray truck full of football players were in front of my house smashing pumpkins in our yard and driveway. First of all, it was very terrifying. Second of all, that is very dangerous because somebody could have gotten hurt.

We called the police and reported the vandalism. Also, we called Bearden High Schoolís principal to report their unacceptable behavior.

We should not tolerate that type of action from anybody because of a game. When the game is over; it is over.

I hope those boys realize that their lives could have been in dangerous. Also, they were putting their parents in a situation of a lawsuit.

Just venting!!!

Renita Smith


Whereís the sheriff, Andover resident asks

And you said the purpose of the stop sign at Hickory Woods and Smith Road was to SLOOOOW DOWN traffic because people were speeding. Come clean residents of Hickory Woods. You really wanted a stop sign there because you were too lazy to crane your necks to look both ways. Now that I have that off my chest, letís discuss the facts. The discussion in early June was how to curb the speeders on Smith Road. Speed bumps and numerous other idiotic ideas were brought up. NEVER ONCE was the idea of a sheriff enforcing the speed limit ever brought up. Why Not? Iím new to the area so please explain.

Never have I seen a sheriff staked out with his/her radar gun. I can attest to the fact that most people (more than 75 percent) are going 40 MPH or greater on Smith Road Ė EVEN TO THIS DAY! The back yard of my property is on Smith Road in Andover Place. Where are the sheriffs to enforce the speed limit? I havenít seen one.

Now someone has added a flashing yellow light at each end to alert drivers of the upcoming stop sign. The emphasis has definitely changed from slowing people down to enforcing a stop at the stop sign. Hypocritical? If the original complaints were about speeding, why werenít the flashing yellow lights placed by the 25 MPH signs?

Now letís see. What can we do about those nasty lawbreakers rolling through our precious stop sign? How about placing a gate across the road like they do at toll stations? This sounds as logical as the solutions already in place.

I want my own illogical stop sign placed at Andover Place. Iím having trouble getting out due to all those speeders and people rolling through the Hickory stop sign.

Letís all unite Andover Place residents! We deserve our own stop sign. I can even build our own designer stop signs to save the town any further expenditures.

Roger C. Legako

Andover Place

Congress must end Medicare policy

Unless Congress steps in and repeals legislation due to take effect Jan. 1, I am going to be a witness to real suffering among some of our frailest citizens, our elderly.

This is when Medicare patients will come under a $1,700 cap on all speech-language pathology and physical therapy services combined.

As a health care professional, I serve older Americans with degenerative neurological diseases and disabilities stemming from strokes or head trauma.

While many of them would simply like to carry on, attempting that is usually very difficult. The people I see have a hard time swallowing, talking or communicating.

The return of the therapy cap will leave many elderly facing a cruel ďtalk or walkĒ choice ó in order to stay under the cap, they will have to decide if they want to receive speech-language pathology or physical therapy services.

For our seniors under Medicare, this development will be senseless. The cap could easily force those who hit the financial limit to need more dependent and costly care, and likely hospitalization.

None of this will happen, though, if Congress would end this arbitrary and irrational Medicare policy.

Congress canít delay. Time is running out and we must avoid giving our elderly a choice that cuts them off from critical services. They deserve so much better.

We need to adopt health care measures that ultimately reap benefits for society instead of fostering indirect but significant costs that everyone will have to pay for years to come.

Suzanne Lawrence,


West Knox County


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